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After School

Kyouko had been thinking about it a lot. She had been thinking about it and thinking about it- and now she was certain that Ren was avoiding her. The mere thought brought Kyouko into a depressed state. It had been a week since she had moved into her neighbors house and she had yet been able to do the job Ren wanted her to do. To cook.

'I don't get it... Why wont he let me do it?'

Every time, whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks, Ren would always have a reason why she did not need to make them. Just this morning, Ren had left her a note saying he was staying at a friends house till tomorrow night so no need to prepare him anything. Ren works at night and sleeps all day and he hasn't told Kyouko what he does.

Kyouko sighed and started packing her things to leave. The bell had rang 10 minutes ago but since Kyouko no longer has any part time jobs, there was no reason to hurry. She took her time and waited till most of the students have left the classroom. Honestly she had no idea what to do now. Kyouko had never had this much free time... As far as she could remember.

'Hmm... maybe... i should just go home and clean?' Kyouko was half way out the classroom door when she heard someone call her name. She turned to look across the hallway to her right and saw a classmate wave at her. The girls name was Ruriko Gem. She was one of those positive to a fault people. She's a cute baby face girl with rosy cheeks, light blue eyes with light brown hair and a body to envy. Most of the guys in school are madly in love with her and nearly all the gils hate her. Ruriko is also a very friendly girl and the word personal space is alien to her. She also helped Kyouko get a high paying part time jobs in the past.

"Hi Ruriko, do you need anything?" Kyuko asked.

"Kyouko! Can you please do me a favor, oh please please pleeeeease!"

"Eh?Um- sure"

"Great! Thank you so much" The girl beamed a smile and gave Kyouko a tight hug. "I thought i was in trouble for sure!"

"Wha-? Wait, Ruriko. You haven't told me what you wanted me to do yet." Put in Kyouko in a calming voice. Ruriko is a bit of an air head when you talk to her but she's also one of the top 10 students in school. More reason the girls hate her. Ruriko gasped and started to laugh at herself.

"Oops! Haha, silly me!"

"...T-then what is it?"

"Oh! Well, i wanted to go to this new high class restaurant but i don't to go alone! please come with me! And don't worry, its my treat!" Ruriko said with a smile like the cheshire cat. Kyouko blinked at Ruriko, a bit nervous.

"Are you sure? Those places are really expensive..." Kyouko trailed off as Ruriko now had a glitter of euphoria in her eyes.

"no worries, Kyouko! My daddy gave me a credit card in case of emergencies!"

"Eeeeeh? But, shouldn't you only use them for when you really need them?" Kyouko said worriedly.

"But i DO need to use them now! Come one Kyouko lets go lets go! I made reservations for two!" Ruriko said with glee as she pulled a flustered Kyouko.


"Ren... What in heaven's name-" Tom Philip, the owner and bartender of a popular club, and Ren's childhood friend, Shook his head.

"I don't know what your so upset about" Ren said in a low uninterested tone. He was sitting on a barstool and pretending to read a book. Tom gave Ren an 'are- you- for-real?' look.

"Are you serious? Ren, there is a minor living in your house! My little sister is the same age as her! Thinking about it is giving me goosebumps!"

"None of your business" Was the same uninterested response. Exasperated, Tom refused to be silenced.

"Yeah, yeah. I know its none of my business but Im concerned! This is so unlike you. Did you tell her what your job is?" Ren ignored him and kept on pretending to read.

"And furthermore, why don't you just let that girl frickin cook for you already! That way you can stop disturbing me before open time. I like my alone time before open, you know that. Once it opens, i barely have time to think" Ren turned to Tom and raised an eyebrow.

"I thought bartenders were suppose to socialize with their costumers?"

"Well, yeah, of course i socialize with my customers. Its a bartenders job to make them feel at ease, you know! But don't change the subject. Were not talking about me here, were taking about you and that girl in your house!" Toms face turned serious as he leaned closer to Ren.

"You are a host! And a damn popular one at that! You've had stalkers in the past and other crazy costumers. I just dont think its a good idea for a you to be living with a kid!" Ren finally stop pretending to read and put the book down. He looked at his watch. The work doesn't start till 9pm. He had 5 hours to spare. Tom just looked at his friend and sighed in defeat. 'Once this guy had set his mind about something, there's just no budging him.'

"Fine, just do whatever you want... Like you've always done!" When Tom said that, Ren turned and gave Tom a devilishly playful smirk that would send a woman to give him a million dollars just to have him turn their way. His sign of victory. Tom was pissed.

"Just stay away from my sister, you got that?"

Ren couldn't say anything back because he himself agreed with Tom. But as the saying goes, The die is cast, there's no turning back now! Until Kyouko brings out the topic of why he never lets her cook, he'll just keep doing what he's been doing. He enjoyed her worried face when he told her not to bother making him meals. Always she looks like she wanted to tell him something but she never does. But just because Ren knew she was shy and didn't want to speak out... He'll make her talk.

Also... He wasn't about to admit to Tom or to anyone for that matter, the reason he's doing this to little Kyouko. It was very simple...

He wanted to monopolize her.

Thats right. In every single way. Ren was fiercely possessive of what he deemed his and somehow without him being aware of it , is eyes would always follow that haggard and hardworking teenager whenever he could. Not that he has any strange fetish, mind you. Its just that, Kyouko was his complete opposite. She intrigued him.

And now that Kyouko is finally within his grasp, Ren didn't want to intimidate her! Or scare her away. She seems like such a fragile girl after all.

Even still, he made it so that Kyouko wont be able to leave him so easily and that was with MONEY. And now, he OWNED her! It didn't matter how low he had to go or how many tricks he has to pull! He was not in love with her, at least Ren did not believe so, but he does likes her. Perhaps when he's lost interest, he'll just let her leave and she doesn't have to pay him back. You see? he's nice. This was Ren's true nature. He wasn't about to change. He became a host because he wanted to. This was how he grew up. He'd always get what he wants, one way or another.

The Next Day

Kyouko woke up at 7 am on a saturday. She wanted to try something she had never done before and that was being lazy... Just for a few minutes. Kyouko didn't move from her bed as she stared at the ceiling. Her thoughts drifting back to yesterday afternoon.


"Waaaaah! Look at all their different cuisines! It all sounds so appetizing, i don't know which one to order!" Ruriko said, eyes wide with glee. Kyouko sat in the other side of the table, trying hard not to fidget. She bit her lips in nervousness as she stared at the menu prices. 'Oh. my. god.'

"Ne, Kyouko! What are you getting?" Asked Ruriko who was pouting at her menu. Kyouko gave a shaky smile and gulped.

"A-actually, Ruriko, i'm not really hungry-"

"Oh! I got it! I know what i'll be having!" She said, excited and started telling her order to the patient waiter who was in charge of their table. After she was done with hers, she turned to Kyouko.

"what about you, Kyouko?"

"Um, I'Im not-" She didnt get to finish for Ruriko had turned to the waiter and told him, Kyouko will have the same order she did. The waiter nodded and after repeating their order, took their menu's and left. While waiting, Ruriko talked about everything under the sun. Kyouko mostly listened. She was glad Ruriko was a chatterbox, that way Kyouko didn't have to trouble herself to think of something to say. After half an hour passed by their orders had arrived. Kyouko gawked at all the food in front of them. There were 6 different dishes on the table... two of each.

"There is so much. we cant finish this." Kyouko said. Ruriko just waved her off.

"No worries! Well just have to bring the rest home!"

"Oh, okay" And with that, both started eating. Kyouko took small bites of each. Eager to try the many different flavors. her cheeks were pink with joy at this new experience. Ruriko ate the closest plate with gusto, stopping to drink before continuing. After Ruriko's third plate, she leaned back on her chair and gave a contented smile.

"Waaaah~ so good! Too bad i'm full, i'll just have to bring it home and eat it for dinner" Kyouko nearly choked. She was almost done with one plate and already she was feeling full! it was already 5 pm so this was as good as dinner.

"Ruriko's amazing. How can you eat so much and be so small?" Kyouko asked, honestly curious. Ruriko made a huge goofy smile and giggled, feeling a bit embarassed.

"I used to be a real chubby-chub as a kid! In middle school i worked really hard to get fit! But i also love to eat so what i did was get on a healthy diet and have regular exercise everyday and at the end of every month, for just one day, i get to eat to my hearts content! Hehehe~" Ruriko blushed as she told Kyouko this. Kyouko was awed.

"Such discipline, Ruriko. Thats really hard to do"

"Aww~ Thank you Kyouko! Im really glad your the one who came with me!" Just then, Kyouko realized something.

"Ne, Ruriko, didn't you day you had reservations for two? Who were you supposed to be with today?" Ruriko paused for a moment then gave a carefree smile.

"Well, I was suppose to go with my boyfriend but he had something up at the last moment! no biggie!" Kyouko swore there was a hint of sadness in Ruriko's voice but decided not to pry.

Later, when they had left the restaurant with both of them carrying their extra food to bring home Ruriko turned to Kyouko and gave her a tight hug.

"Thank you so much for todaaaaay~ Its really fun being with you! We should do this more often, kay'?" Kyouko smiled in ernest.

"I should be the one for thanking you. I had fun!"

"I know! *giggle* I have decided! you are my new best friend! Hey Kyouko, lets exchange cellphone numbers!"

"E-eh? Oh um~" Kyouko flustered at Ruriko's sudden declaration. "Sorry, I dont have a cellphone but er- i have a home phone"

"Eeeeh? Why don't you have a phone Kyouko? Weeeeell~ Okay, home phone is fine. But when you decide on buying one, let me know okay? I know the best places that sells the most recent and cheap phones! Ne~ Lets hang out together from now on!"

~End Recap~

Kyouko's cheeks turned red with happiness at the memories. She made a friend. Her first real one ever! '... A cellphone, huh...'

After about 10 minutes, she was done being lazy. Kyouko stood up and started making her bed. She had done all her homework the day before and now she decided to occupy herself with some cleaning. Ren was not back yet probably wont be back until tonight. It is a saturday after all, Surely he has no work to do today? Maybe once he get back, she could finally do some cooking. Kyouko was a it disappointed when Ren isn't around. She had been hoping that, since she would be cooking for him... That she didn't have to eat alone anymore. Thinking back, Kyouko could barely recall the last time she ate a meal with her mother.

By 11 AM, the house was cleaned like never before. Kyouko was quite pleased with herself! She cleaned all the rooms except Ren's of course. Kyouko made a mental note to tell Ren to let her do all the cleaning as well.

"Hmm, i wonder what i should make for lunch?" Kyouko said as she head to the kitchen. Then she remembered she had left overs from yesterday. Just before she could open The telephone rang. Kyouko went to answer.

"Hello, this is the Tsuruga residence."

"... click" Kyouko stared at the phone in confusion for a moment then placed the phone back down, probably just a wrong number.

By 1 PM, Kyouko thought of going for a walk. She was about a block away when she heard someone call her. Turning around, She saw Mrs. Croony waving her to come closer. So she did.

"Good afternoon, Mrs Croony"

"Good afternoon, Kyouko dear! I'm so glad i found you. My nephew has just arrive this morning! Why don't you two go out and have fun?" Kyouko's forced her face to remained calm and smiling.

"A-ah, okay. Then-"

"brilliant! I'll go call him out right now!" 'What harm could it do?' Kyouko thought to herself as she watched Mrs. Croony walk back inside her home. Kyouko sighed and leaned on the wall, waiting. 'Hmm~ But i forgot about this and didn't prepare anything. i wonder-'As Kyouko was busy thinking, did was not aware of the figure walking out of the gate. That was until it spoke.

"Hmmm- So you're Kyouko, huh? You're pretty cute" Kyouko snapped his head to look at the owner of the flirtatious voice. He was a few inches taller than Kyouko with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. He was very good looking with a playful smirk on his lips. Kyouko stared blankly at him for a few seconds then spoke.

"Lying isn't nice, you know" She said in a soft scolding voice, a little pout on her lips. The boy gave a surprised expression and laughed out laud. Amused.

"But its true!" He said, moving closer to put an arm around Kyouko's shoulders.

"Alright then, Kyouko. Where should we go for our first date?"Kyouko went stuff, a blush on her face.

"P-please don't say such things! People will misunderstand!" She said while trying to get the arm off her shoulders to no avail. The boy just laughed at her.

"But its true! What else do you call a boy and a girl going out together to have fun?" This only flustered Kyouko more.

"i don't even know your name!" The guy took his arm off Kyouko's shoulder, only to stand in front of her uncomfortably close and grabbing both his hands.

"I'm sorry, My name is Yuki Sumaki! Nice to meet you Kyouko...?" She blushed wide eyed Yuki brought their faces closer while clutching both her hands in his.

"K-Kyouko Mogami. And your too close!" She piped in the last bit as she tried to lean away which only made her back up against the wall. She gasped when she realized she wast trapped between the wall and Yuki. He made a playful smile and placed a hand on either side of her head.

"Hey" he said in a low seductive voice. "Honestly, I'm not interested about sight seeing... But i am kinda hungry... Think you can feed me?" Yuki said suggestively. His right hand playing with the tip of Kyouko's hair. "I wont force you if you don't want to, I just want to let you know from the start that this is the kind of guy i am." despite him looking straight into Kyouko's eyes, he failed to notice the confused expression on her face. Until finally she giggled. Raising an eyebrow, Yuki asked.

"Something funny?"

"Yeah. Why didn't you say so in the first place?" She said, bringing a hand to her mouth as she giggled a bit more. Yuki was the one confused now but he still had a smirk on his face. 'She blushes a lot' he thought 'cute!'

"Heeeeh? you're that kinda girl too?" Kyouko shot him a smile and his heart skipped a beat.

"No, i just ate but if your not interested in sight seeing and just wanted to eat, you can just eat at my place. That way you don't have to pay" At first Yuki took a step back, dumbfounded. Then when he finally understood what she meant, he threw his head back and laughed. 'Hilarious!' He thought, wiping a tear with his hand.

"Okay- okay, i get it. Lets go to your place and eat then!" He said chearfully.

"?" Kyouko thought he was a strange one but he seems nice. She only hopes that Ren wouldn't mind her bringing someone into his house without asking. She'll just have to tell him later when he gets back. That shouldn't be a problem, right?

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