~*~Kissed By Royalty~*~

~Thrill Pair~

Hello again ^_^ This story was inspired by the song 'Hands Clean by Alanis Morissette' I LOVE this song so much! I know nothing much happened in this chapter but I had fun writing it so I hope you enjoyed it too! ^_^


Being dumped was NOT how Fuji envisioned his first day in an elite high school would begin. Hurt and confused, he was more than ready leave that school and never come back! Then this mysterious boy with black hair and golden brown eyes came along and convinced him to stay a little longer~

Chapter 1: ~A Kiss From The Prince~

Fuji stood there, stunned.

"I-I don't understand… Why?" He said, his voice rising.

It hasn't even been 10 minutes since he stepped inside the entrance gate for his first day in high school and this happens. His boyfriend for 2 years, Seito Shiro, was dumping him.

They met when Fuji was working at his family's cake shop 2 years go. Seito asked him out and they just clicked. Fuji fell hard and until today, he though Seito felt the same.

They were the perfect couple! They were both from the same school. They both are fun loving and sweet to each other.

When Fuji found out that Seito was transferring to an elite high school for his 3rd year, Fuji swore he'd find a way to stay beside his boyfriend. So Fuji worked hard to have the highest grades in school (he was already in the top 4) to have a chance at getting a full scholarship that the exclusive high school offers every year to only one student of each year level. He even gave up the two things he loved so much, tennis and photography, to have more time on studying. When he had gotten the call that he got accepted, Fuji had been so happy he thought he could die. Fuji kept it all a secret from Seito to surprise him when school starts.

Fuji even came early today and waited on the front gates of the school for Seito, with two homemade lunches in his bag. He was so excited to see how shocked Seito would be when he finds out Fuji had done all this for him.

But all that awaited Fuji was bitter disappointment when he finally saw Seito walking by with a girl in his arms. They were both so lovey-dovey that Fuji couldn't keep standing any longer and leaned against a tree. That was when Seito saw him. What really broke Fuji's heart was Seito's expression when he was Fuji. It was a look of disgust.

The class bell rang signaling the entrance ceremony was starting but all Fuji could do was stand there as silent tears ran down his cheeks. Pain was eating at his chest and he wanted to disappear.

"I didn't think you'd follow me this far" Said his ex with a lopsided smile.

"Sorry but looks like you've just wasted all you're time and effort getting here. I'm not interested in you anymore. Nothing personal, just that I'm better off with someone from the same class as me" Then Seito even had the audacity to lean in and kissed him on the lips! Fuji was too in shock to do anything and Seito gave a low chuckle.

"Too easy. Syu~ well, see ya around! If you decide to stay, that is." Seito turned and he was gone.

Pretty soon the entrance was deserted as all the students headed for the auditorium. Fuji leaned back against the tree, his bag falling from his shoulders and dropping onto the grass. Fuji rubbed his lips roughly with his sleeve. 'I can still feel his lips!' He rubbed harder until it started to hurt then lowered back his hand.

"I don't understand… Was as it all an act? Was I just for fun?" Fuji said aloud to himself, eyes cast down. He tightly clenched his fists in hopes to lessen the throbbing pain in his heart.

"I can't stay here"

'Run away!' His heart cried out. 'Get away from him!'

"I… can't stay in this school…" He slowly reached down and grabbed his bag and started to walk towards the exit when he heard some rustling in the bushes. Fuji paused for a brief moment, his shoulders slumped in defeat. Opening his eyes, he laughed feeling completely miserable.

"What was I hoping? Seito to suddenly jump out of the bushes and beg me to stay, that it was all just a joke? Syuusuke Fuji, you're pathetic"

"Yes, you are" Fuji's head snapped towards the bushed again.

"… Wha?" Fuji knows he sounded dumb but it was the first thing that came out of his lips.

"You're pathetic" An indifferent sounding voice said that Fuji was sure, definitely came from the bushes. He felt so dried up of feelings so suddenly that he wished it really was the bushes talking. That way he'd just have to uproot it to shut up.

"I hate people like you the most" THAT was said in disgust, it made Fuji's anger start to rise.

"And I'm sure we all hate you!" He hissed at the bushes. What he got in response was a loud yawn. A YAWN! That response was like a spear rammed through Fuji's heart. He couldn't believe how much that hurt! Was he so insignificant? So worthless as to be tossed aside, to be used as tool and then discarded, just because he was not from a rich family? Did the fact that he was the victim no longer apply to the rules of decency? Here he was bleeding from a horrible break up and now this stranger comes along and belittles him? Fuji couldn't take it anymore! He was usually calm and never allowed anyone to pull his strings so easily but somehow this was different. He snapped!

"Why you- you-!" Fuji threw his bag on the ground and stomped towards the bushes. 'I won't forgive you!' He thought fiercely. The bushes were thick and bunched up. Fuji had to claw around looking for whoever was hiding in it. Then he heard this mysterious person sneeze. Fuji turned a little to his right and parted the leave.

And right there lying on his back with his uniform jacket unbuttoned, his right arm over his forehead and his left arm over his stomach, silky black disarrayed hair on the grass, lips parted and sleepy gold eyes staring at him, was a PRINCE!

This dazzling boy seems to be emitting a glow putting the pretty flowers surrounding him to shame. The only thing missing was a crown embedded with the most beautiful jewels, suited for a beautiful prince.

For the second time that day, Fuji was stunned! And God help him, it wasn't even 8am yet! For a few seconds, he could only stare as this enchanting boy lazily sat up and lifted his head to look at Fuji straight in the eyes. Electric blue met Golden brown eyes. Fuji swallowed and he slowly closed his eyes and put on his mask and stood up straight, composing himself. Those golden brown eyes watched every move he made. When Fuji didn't say anything, the prince's lips curved into a smirk and raised an eyebrow.

"Like what you see, Syu~?"

Fuji's expression didn't reveal a thing but that didn't mean he was not affected.

"You were eavesdropping?" The prince huffed, looking insulted.

"I would have heard you a block away, Syu~"

"Stop that!" Fuji snapped.

"Then stop looking so pathetic" Was the dry response. Fuji watched, trembling with anger as the prince stood up and fixed his clothes. He was about 6 inches shorter than Fuji.

"Thanks to you, I'm wide awake now" He said in a disinterested tone.

"Well, forgive me if my pain is hindering you from having a nice morning nap" Fuji said as calm as he could through his clenched teeth. 'He may be beautiful but his personality is rotten!' The prince seemed to have finished fixing himself and he turned to face him. Fuji had to restrain himself from checking the prince out but HE didn't seem to have a problem eyeing Fuji from head to foot. His smirk grew bigger and there was playfulness in golden brown eyes now. The prince walked towards Fuji and stopped just in front of him.

"Your lips are red" The boy said. Fuji brought a hand to his lips, Seito's kiss still lingered.

For an instant, pain was visible in Fuji's face then it was gone.

"Forget it" Sid the prince.


"Why don't you just go home now and cry your heart out. I'm sure you'll feel just heaven in the morning knowing you let him affect you so much as to transfer to a downgrade school. After all the things you did to get accepted in one of the most elite schools in the world."

Instead of getting angry, Fuji just felt tired.

"Why do you hate me so much?" Fuji asked, honestly curious.

"I hate weak people"

"Right now… I can't help being weak… I was just dumped by a man I once loved so much, a man I would have died for. It would just be… Painful for me to see him everyday" Fuji bit his lower lip. "I can still feel his lips on mine…"

Time seemed to have stood still. The wind blew in silence and the rustling of the leaves was reduced to nonexistent. The black haired prince, with half-lidded eyes and slightly parted lips, leaned up and kissed Fuji softly yet firmly on the lips.

"Feel mine instead…" He whispered

For the third time that day before the clock stroke 8, Fuji was yet again, STUNNED! All thoughts of his ex went more of less into the gutters. The lips of the prince were soft as silk, yet held the firmness of stone when pressed to his. Soft and firm, gentle and stern, the kissed seemed to be lasting longer than it really was. The moment ended with the prince finally detaching his lips from Fuji's

"You could do what I said, go home and cry… Or you could stay here… And show him who's better off without." The prince said a small sincere smile on those soft pink lips. He stepped back and started walking lazily towards Fuji's fallen bag. The two lunch boxes had fallen out of it, bending down the prince took one and showed it to Fuji.

"I'm taking this. I'll return the box later" With that said he turned and left for the auditorium.

By the time Fuji was brought out of his stupor the prince was out of sight, with what was supposed to be Seito's lunch in hand. Recalling what the prince had said it got him thinking.

'Return it later…? How can he be so sure that I'd stay…?'

Then again, perhaps he could say a little longer…

…To get back his lunch box and who knows maybe he could show Seito and the mystery prince just what he could do.

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