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Fuji Residence

Fuji has been waking up at 5:00 AM for quite awhile now. He was making lunches for 2. Although he doesn't need to wake up so early, he wanted to make sure his cooking was perfect! It was well worth it. Fuji decided to turn on the living room TV while he's preparing the lunch boxes. Closing the lid on the container, Fuji couldn't help but smile at the tiny octopus shape hot dogs. Ryoma had asked him to make it this way. 'So cute!'

A name on the news caught Fuji's attention. On the news was the picture of the president of the Atobe Corporation. One of the wealthiest man in the world. Fuji instantly felt a thrill run down his spine.

He was making a bento for the second son of one of the wealthiest man in the world... Fuji want back into the kitchen and rechecked everything he made. 'Saa~ this should be alright...'

"Syuusuke?" Fuji turned to the sound of his sister entering the kitchen. She gave him a morning hug.

"Making lunches or 2 again?" Yumiko smiled and brought her hands together in a giddy manner. "oh! I miss those high school days!" Fuji gave a soft laugh.

"Excuse me now, sister. I have to get ready"

"Okay, Syuu. I'll call you when breakfast is ready"

Outside the School Entrance

FUji was walking towards the gate when a limo stopped next to him. The window rolled down.

"Good morning Fuji" Greeted Yukimura while the driver went out to open the back seat door. Yukimura stepped out and walked with Fuji inside the school.

"Have you made him lunch again?" Yukimura asked, an amused glint in his eyes. Fuji understand how he feels.

"Yes i have. He especially asked to have the mini hogs shaped into an octopus" FUji replied, amusement in his voice. Yukimura laughed.

"So unexpected!" Then Yukimura's voice went a little but serious.

"I know its none of my business but do be careful alright? If anyone at school found out that the prince has a favorite, you'll be bullies mercilessly." Fuji nodded.

"Thank you for your concern. I'll b careful" They parted ways when they reached their floor. Yukimura had to go see the teacher so Fuji went ahead to class.

"Good Morning FUji!" A female said. He returned the greeting.

"Oh, you made lunches again! Who is it for?" She asked in a playful manner. Fuji just smiled.

"Its a secret"

"Aww~ But still, I think its sweet! I wish my boyfriend would make me some!"

"Why don't you try making him some?" The girl blushed

"I- er, have never cooked before"

"Its quite easy when u get the hang of it" Her eyes glittered as she stared at Fuji.

"Will you teach me sometimes?" Fuji nodded.

"Sure. Just tell me when you want so i can make time for it" The girl gave fuji a hug for thanks and skipped away talking to someone else. Fuji went back to his seat and since Eiji or Yukimura wasn't around, decided to review his homework to pass the time until lunch break

Lunch Time

Fuji made sure no one saw him when he entered the old science lab room of the 3rd floor. It hadn't been used for awhile now and no one was allowed to go inside. Once, a teacher had caught them eating inside the room but when he saw who Fuji was with, he apologized and left them be. It was fun. No one to disturb them. Lunch time was when Fuji had Ryoma all to himself. This has become his ritual for a week now and Fuji hopes to keep it going for as long as it can.

When Fuji entered the room the first day they would eat together, he was surprised to see a small round table with two chairs in the middle of the room. Other than the white board and wall clock, the room was empty. Ryoma said he had the table prepared and had the room cleaned up a bit so they could eat lunch more comfortably. Fuji didn't bother asking.

"Ne, Ryoma. What club will you be joining?" Fuji asked.

"None" He said with no hesitation.

"Eh? then want to join the cooking club?" Ryoma, who was happily chewing on his hot dog, looked up to fuji in surprise.

"Cooking club?" Fuji nodded.

"I thought it would be a good chance to improve my cooking, ne?" Ryoma gave a smirk.

"How dedicated you are." Fuji's smile widened. 'Honestly, it surprised me too'

"Fuji, give me some of yours"

"Eh?" Before he could react, Ryoma had reached across the table and took a somewhat large piece of meat from Fuji's lunch box and popped into his mouth. Fuji waited for what he knew was to come.

Ryoma's chewed a few times before he went still, he opened his eyes wide and stared into Fuji's smiling face. Instantly he reached for his drink and downed it in a heart beat. He wiped his mouth and glared at Fuji. Fuji just shrugged.

"I couldn't tell you in time"

"You... Tsk, my mouth still stings, how could you eat something so spicy!" Ryoma complained in an irritated voice. Fuji's smile widened as he opened his eyes to look at Ryoma. His face was flushed and his already pink lips were beginning to turn red from the spicy food. Fuji felt his mouth start to water.

"Saa~ Ryoma, i'd like to be graded now" Ryoma started a slow sexy smile and tilted his head to the right.

"Hmm?" He said, feigning innocence. Fuji could have jumped him right then and there.

"Oh, you forgot?" Fuji stood up and walked to where Ryoma sat. He placed both hands on the table, trapping Ryoma. Fuji then lowered his head until they were inched from each others.

"Let me remind you" And their lips touched. Fuji slowly licked Ryoma's lips till he opened his mouth willingly. Fuji dived in. Ryoma was surprise at first because Fuji's mouth was SPiCY! Fuji held him still, eliciting a moan from Ryoma who was now clutching Fuji's clothes tightly. Fuji slanted the kiss more to and to go even deeper but too soon, Ryoma ended the kiss. Their lips parted, leaving a thin trail of saliva. Ryoma looked away, getting his bearings back while Fuji kept on staring at him, not letting go. He was panting, his eyes hazy and lips luscious after their kiss. After just a short kiss, Ryoma had looked totally ravished! Fuji swallowed. 'Just to be safe' He slowly let go... But not before placing a soft kiss on Ryoma's slender neck.

"Nnnh!" Ryoma bit on his lips to hold back a gasp. Fuji's eyes widened momentarily. 'So sensitive!' Ryoma stepped away from Fuji, composed now and turned to him, chin raised and looking unpleased.

"Don't do that again" This time, it was Fuji who feigned innocence.

"What do you mean?"

"I kiss YOU, not the other way around." Fuji chuckled, earning another glare from those beautiful eyes.

"You liked it thought" Ryoma pretended he didn't hear,

"Plus, you cooking wasn't that good" Fuji ignored him too and hummed happily as he cleaned up their meal.

Both of them exited the room. Both were quiet and content. Unaware they were being watched. The said person flipped open his phone and pressed speed dial.

The Student Council's Room

Atobe, the student council president, picked up his phone after the 3rd ring.

"Tezuka! How could you let your beloved wait for 30 minutes for you! I wanted us to eat together thus Am starving right now. Where are you?" Atobe held back a smirk as he could practically see the other man on the phone rolling his eyes.

"Im on the third floor's science department. I've finally found your brother and it seems you were right. He's been seeing someone." That caught Atobe's attention and he made a huge grin.

"Well, would you look at that! He's human after all! That is a relief, for sure i thought that boy wanted to be alone for his bloody life! So, who is the girl?" There was a pause on the other side.

"Its a he"

"Completely irrelevant! Just do the basic background check and if nothing comes up we don't like, let him be." Atobe said, his tone dismissive. The heard a sigh on the phone.

"You spoil him too much, thats why he's so reckless." The tone was stoic but Atobe knew him well. Tezuka was a worry wart! Especially about Atobe and his little brother.

"I do not spoil, Tezuka! I merely give what is due!"

"... Alright, i'm on my way." He hung up. Atobe stared at his phone for a few seconds and shook his head. 'Honestly, Other than Ryoma, Tezuka is the only person who would dare hang up before I!' He heard someone clear his throat and Atobe turned back to council members staring at him as if asking permission if they could continue with their discussion. Atobe raised his right hand and snapped his fingers.

"You may continue" Then, as if someone had turned on the switch, everyone started moving again. Atobe smirked, feeling damn good.

"You seem happy. Care to share?" Said Sanada, the vice-president of the student council. Atobe flicked his hair and gave a glittering smile. Some of the females in the room nearly melted.

"My little brother is growing up! Thats what" He said with pride. Sanada just shook his head.

"You and you're brother-Complex, thats why he doesn't like hanging out with you anymore" Sanada murmured. Atobe was aghast.

"Genichirou Sanada! How dare you!" But he was being ignored. Atobe fumed. 'Really now these two! (meaning Tezuka and Sanada) Just because we are childhood friends, they just say and do whatever they want!' but even Atobe it was true. He has a secret brother-Complex and both Tezuka and Sanada has been helping him keep it a secret! 'Humph, I'll just have to be more patient with them then. After all, the one on top must be understanding of those below' Atobe mentally declared sitting triumphantly on his chair.

Sanada looked at the student body president and his right eyes twitch. '... Seriously, Keigo. You're an open freakin book... ' And yet it made Sanada smile.

Later That Afternoon

"This is Awesome, Fuji! Were in the same club, yeeey!" The red head, Kikumaru said, giving Fuji a tight hug of joy. Fuji chuckled, patting the red heads arm to loosen up.

"Yes it is." There were only 3 guy members and the rest were girls who were more than a little happy at the moment that 1 of the idols, Kikumaru and the slowly rising popularity, Fuji was in their club! It hadn't even been a minute when the two boys entered that they were surrounded. Questions were thrown left to right. Kikumaru was enjoying the attention and Fuji just went along.

"Alright, alright guys, settle down." Said the president of he club.

"Oishiiiii!" Greeted Kikumaru wildly, his face flushed with glee. Oishi stared in surprise at kikumaru then cleared his throat to hide his embarrassment.

"Okay, guys. First of, to the knew comers, welcome to the cooking club! And to the old ones, welcome back! I have prepared new and interesting recipes for this year that i hope you all will enjoy making!"

"Of course it will press! You're so great!" Said one girl with a blush on her face. Kikumaru pouted and Fuji just patted his back, happy.

"Also, lets all introduce ourselves. I'll start with me. My name is Shuichiro Oishi, i am the president of the cooking club..."

Oishi was not able to finish his greeting for someone appeared on the doorway that left him speechless. Everyone turned to look where their president was looking and they too were at a loss for words. The girls in the room could not believe their heavenly luck. Fuji made a huge smile and raised a hand to another new member and pointed to the vacant chair on his right.

"Ryoma, sit here"

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