Location: Lanes Between

Swarms of Heartless fled from the Worlds when they sensed Xemnas' death. They chose to flee before they were trapped in the worlds. The Nobodies too scattered, splitting into small groups. A lone Shadow reached one of the boundary walls of the Lanes Between. It pressed its claw on the wall. Surprisingly, it went through. The Heartless called to its brethren, astonished by this new discovery. The last time any tried to step through, it only spat them out. Even Corridors of Darkness or Teleportation couldn't get through. The creatures sensed Light and Darkness on the other side. A Wizard used its Magic to open a gap in the wall. The Heartless snickered in their tongue.

Location: Retroville

Professor Finbarr Calamitous growled. Again and again, his plans always being shattered to pieces by a certain bighead.

"Jimmy Neutron." He snared, his head ready to explode from anger.

Ever time he reached out for something, it was either swiped or destroyed by Neutron. Then he discovered, or "borrowed" rather, a shocking discovery: The existence of other "Worlds". Using the plans made by his enemy, he proceeded in meeting three other villains: Vlad Masters (AKA Plasmius), Sheldon J. Plankton, and Denzel Crocker. Using the energies gathered from their Worlds, they hoped to use a Doomsday Machine to show their Universe their power: By destroying one. Even if James called upon his allies' enemies (Spongebob Squarepants, Danny Fenton (AKA Phantom), and Timmy Turner), things went smoothly. But then they disarmed the bomb, and the villains were imprisoned. At lest, back then.

From what he "overheard" on Jimmy's commutation lines, his allies, as well as others (Tucker Foley, Samantha Manson, Squidward Tentacles, Sandy Cheeks, and Patrick Star) were summonsed by a tribal World's native to confront an evil spirit called "The Mawgu." Natural, he was imprisoned in the very void he created. However, he was slowly draining energy from the Universe, nearly destroying it in the process. As he did so, it weakened Retroville's defenses. This gave Finbarr the opportunity to escape.

As he did so, he discovered a show called "The Biggest Genius." The main ingredients were: Krabby Patties, Faries, and Ghost Energy. This gave Calamitous the prefect chance to resume his plans. He used the show as a distraction well his real plan was in effect. Once again, Neutron learned of his plans, this time with the help of yet even more allies (XJ9 (AKA Jenny) Wakeman, GIR, Rocko, Tak, Invader ZIM, Stimpy, El Tigre, and Mr. Blik). They stormed his Evil Toy Co. Factory with the help of a traitorous robot dubbed
"Chadbot." His plans were foiled, and he was locked away again (Though not before getting humiliated on TV by having his mustache shaved off).

His plans however, moved on. There was one problem: He lost contact with Crocker and Plasmuis. Under his orders, His daughter, Beautiful Gorgeous, assembled a new team of villains: "Gorgeous herself, Plankton (The other only remaining member of the original Syndicate), Technus, Tlaloc, and surprisingly, Dib. However, a meteor shower of "globs called Morphiods, invaded his Universe, causing a change of plans. His team was forced to join forces with their greatest enemies, along with Invader ZIM. Using the Vessel of Portentia, they fought Globuous Maximus. However, the villains toke over the robot after that, only to be beaten by a certain Glob.

Again, during this scene, the Professor escaped once again. But now he's out of ideas. Nowhere to turn.

He sighed, looking down at the floor. Suddenly, he noticed something move in the shadows. He crossed his eyebrows, franticly looking around the room. The Prof. deactivated his optical lenses, squinting for something to look at. He shrugged, and resumed his work. Then the alarm went off.



Calamitous spun around, alarm in his eyes. He looked to see a bug-like creature before one of his terminals, ready to pounce on it.

"How did you get in here?!" The scientist raged.

The black monster turned its head to find the old man there. It leapt at him, ready to slice him into a hundred pieces. He didn't seem all that scared, though. Before the claws cloud scratch him, a strange bubble of some sort swallowed the shadow. It clawed at the prison, but it did no good.

Calamitous smiled. "Well now, what do we have here?"

He approached the Containment Field, curious about the creature within.

"Computer, fetch me a sample of that… thing's DNA."

A robotic arm swung from the ceiling, piercing the field. To the man's surprise, the Shadow sliced the arm in half.

"Hmm, best restrain it then."

Two more arms fell, this time garbing hold of the Heartless. A third one equipped with a bladed-needle sank into the monster, sucking up a purple substance into its needle. It retracted from the Field, as did the other arms. A screen appeared behind the Prof., showing the sample it collecting.

"Unable to indentify substance. May be foreign." A male voice droned.

Calamitous raised an eyebrow. "Interesting, but it answers nothing. I suppose I'll have to study it myself."

He sighed. Science maybe his hobby, but he'd rather build something than study some purple goop. Still, better safe than sorry.

The data he later gathered was rather fascinating. This creature was not made of organic matter, but of pure energy. His computer was also right about one thing: This "Shadow" is indeed foreign. Form his studies, it also appeared to lack… something. Calamitous rose from his microscope, an evil grin on his face. This could be his chance for revenge, he knew.

Perhaps it was time to end my retirement. He thought.

"Computer, locate the other members of The Syndicate! I want to show them my little 'surprise.'" He commanded.

"LOCATING SYNDICATE…" Droned yet another AI's voice.

The Prof. laughed.

"James Isaac Neutron, prepare to meet your doom!" He laughed. Then he laughed, and laughed, and laughed before whizzing and coughing.

"*COUGH!* I really need to stop that. *CHOUGH!*" He grumbled.

Later, when the Syndicate is gathered….

"Gentlemen (and my daughter of course)," He began.

Gathered around him were his old allies from the Syndicate: Vlad, Plankton, Tlaloc, Crocker, Beautiful Gorgeous, and Technus.

"So, you're this "Calamitous" I've heard so much about." Said Tlaloc.

"I imagined him having a big head." Laughed Technus.

The Prof. rolled his eyes. "If everyone's done taunting, I have a presentation here." He spoke aloud.

He heard Technus snicker his breath.

"Now, what I'm about to show you all is indeed a masterpiece of evil. It shall-"

"Just get on with it, dad!" Gorgeous impatiently yelled.

Her father growled. "Still as impatient as your mother." He replied under his breath.

He pressed a button, which revealed a hidden room in the back wall. There, was his latest catch. The other villains gasped at the site.

"Strange," Tlaloc began, after a moment of silence. "I've read scrolls describing such a creature."

Calamitous jumped. "Really? Then what do you know?"

Tlaloc nodded. "The scrolls mentioned something about a time of darkness. A time where there was no such thing as light. From the depths of the pits came creatures without souls or emotion. Yellow eyes, a black surface, talons that can slice through many things, even a Juju's own flesh and bone."

Vald smiled. "You're not the only one here who knows a little about them. I read from a reliable ectoplasmic source describing them. It showed hieroglyphics of creatures similar to the one here. Another showed a heart-like symbol, scars allover it."

Calamitous turned to Plankton. "What about you?"

Sheldon shrugged. "I got nothing. Never seen the likes of that before."

"I'm with the shrimp here." Crocker added.

Plankton snapped. "HEY! WHO'RE YOU CALLIN' SRIMP, YA LOONY!"

Crocker's eyes popped out in anger. "Loony, am I?" He snarled.

Before anyone could react, Denzel balled his fist and slammed it on top of Plankton.


He raised his hand to reveal a puddle of green 'goo'.

"…ouch." Came Plankton's voice after a moment of silence.

"Both of you quit acting like children!" Tlaloc screamed. And I thought Pins and Needles were annoying. He thought.

Plankton (after reforming himself) and Crocker growled.

"Now, Plankton and I have been working on a "Gimmi Ship", made from a material from the same Universe that this... "Heartless" Originated from. It well serve as a means of transportation and our base of operations." Calamitous said.

To everyone's surprise, the room elevated upward, shocking the whole place. Plankton had a hard time balancing before falling to the floor, letting out a "OUCH!" as he hit the ground. The ride stopped, leaving the party to gasp in awe. They were in a large chamber, filled with all sorts of technology.

"I think I'm in heaven." Technus awed, wiping a tear from his face. Plasmus rolled his eyes.

In the center og the room was a machine, filled with the substance of a Heartless. It looked as though it were designed for manufacturing them.

Calamitous looked at his daughter. "You weapon." He began.

Beautiful crocked her head in confusion. :Excuse me?"

"Your Mawgu weapon!" Her father yelled. "You, Technus, Plankton, Dib, and Tlaloc each received a weapon forged from the Mawgu's essence."

Plankton nodded. "Yeah. So?"

"So," Calamitous began. "Those weapons are what we need to produce more Heartless!"

"Oh." His daughter went.

Hesitatingly, they each place their Mawgu weapon into a slot on the machine. As soon as they did, the weapons dissolved into Dark Energy, making its way into the machine. In another room, 2 Shadows, 5 Soldiers, and 1 Big Body spawned.

"See?" Calamitous said. "If we gather more energy from our worlds, we can produce more of these Heartless."

"What about this "Heart" objet though?" Plasmus asked. "We don't know anything about it."

"His partner chuckled. "Which is way I brought him here."

The others looked to see… a skeleton? No, this skeleton was standing on its own feet. Small flares were visible in the eye sockets, acting as pupils. He wore a torn Mexican suit, most likely that of a musician.

"Let me out of here!" He screamed, in a voice of a 13-year-old child. "Do you know who I am? I am Django of the Dead! Son of Sartana of the Dead! I demand that you release me or suffer-"

Before he could finish, a metal claw rammed into his chest. It pulled out what appeared to be a patch of energy, shaped like a heart. The dead then faded into darkness. In his place rose a bizarre Heartless.

It was a re-and-black jester like being, multiple heads stacked atop one another. Its purple legs were bent and jagged, with pointy feet shaped like shoes. Arms made up of confetti paper streched out, revealing two raddle-like weapons.

"I present to you," Calamitous bowed. "A heart! Oh, and a Trick Master as well."

The Trick Master soon teleported, to where is uncertain.

EH?! WHERE DID IT GO?!" Denzel Crocker yelp in alarm.

"Hmm, back its World, perhaps?" Tlaloc suggested.

Calatimous nodded. "Likely so. Since it has, perhaps I could send in the rest of the batch."

"Oh yes!" Technus begged. "Unleash this scientific evil upon the World!"

The team gave him a look that said "what the heck's gotten into ya?" Technus showed a nervous smiled, shrugging.

"Makes sense." Vald stated. "Might as well run a test."

"Good point." Calamitous added. "I've already prepared an army for Invasion."

The next thing everyone knew, they were on top of a floating platform. Down below were thousands of Heartless, most of them looking as if they came from a desert. They all teleported via Corridor of Darkness, leaving the room empty.

"More of your creations?" Tlaloc asked.

The Prof. nodded with a chuckle.

"Splendid! Its almost like an evil party!" Technus screamed.

Again, they found it annoying, but it did give Vald an idea.

"say, why not recruit more people into the Syndicate? We could use some extra fire power."

Everyone began chattering among each other, following his example.

"Very well," Calatimous began. "You all will round-up whatever allies you can. Besides, I've been thinking about recruiting a certain egghead."

"I'll contact the other ghosts!" Technus screamed before fading.

Vald face-palmed. "It would be best if I went as well." He said before fading as well.

"That Manray may know a few villains hiding around. I'll have a look." Plankton added before entering a small saucer-like vehicle fit for his size (The same one he used to escape when his Crab Robot was destroyed during their first truce).

Tlaloc shook his head. "The only ones willing to help would be Pins and Neddles." He spoke in a low voice. He raised his head back up, however. "But I'm sure there's oter villains on the other Worlds."

Calatimous nodded. "A splendid idea, shaman. Round up as many as you can."

Tlaloc nodded before vanishing in a poof of purple smoke. Calamitous turned to his daughter.

"I know. Find more recruits." She said before activating a teleported nearby.

Her father smiled. Jimmy Neutron, your day is coming. He thought with an evil grin.

A/N: And thus ends CH1. You'll probably know by know that it'll feature the other Worlds featured in the Nicktoons games. However, I've been thinking about adding other Nicktoon Worlds into this fanfic. I've also thought about using certain Nicktoons as Summons. If you have an idea about a world you think would fit in, or a character for a Summon, please add that your review. Thnxs, and good day to you.

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