Sorry for the long wait. I've been on a REAL stump here. I had the beginning and some other parts planned out, but I didn't know what to do for CH2. Well, now I think I have an idea for that. Oh, and sorry about the mix up that happened earlier. If something like this hapens again, please let me know.

Chapter 2: It begins…

LOCATION: Krusty Krab, Bikini Bottom

Just another day at everyone's favorite restaurant, well, save for one. Behind his assigned station were the sounds of childish glee and roars of excitement, followed by a squeaky noise. The cashier peered his head over the window to see a certain sponge goofing off, playing with a clam-shaped squeaky toy.

"Boy, Gary would love this thing!" Spongebob exclaimed.

Squidward sighed before speaking in a bored tone. "Spongebob, don't you have a job to do?"

The knucklehead mic-spaz-a-tron dropped the toy, bug eyed. "Great Neptune, you're right!" He shouted, running in frenzy.

The next thing the octopus knew, about 100 Kraby Patties were sitting on the grill. The cashier jumped a little, surprised by the kid's handiwork. He turned around and took out a book, acting as if it was just any normal day. Then again, "normal" just wasn't in this town's dictionary. He heard the greeting bell go off, which would also mean another customer. He sighed as he sat down his copy of The Shake Spear, about to greet the next customer. What he saw was rather unusual, even for Bikini Bottom. A strange being, wearing what looked like a green diving suit, hovered toward him. It wielded a tri-bladed harpoon of some sort. Its helmet was a fish-shaped torpedo, with two swirling eyes painted on it. Its 'mouth' served as a visor for the wearer, revealing it's pitch-black face and hollow yellow eyes.

Squidward, ready for the worst, sighed. "Welcome to the Krusty Krab, how may I serve you?"

The armored creature tilted its head for a moment, curious. It turned to a group of customers nearby, who were enjoying their meal. Then it turned its head back to the octopus. Without warning, it swatted the artist aside like a sea-flea, and randomly threw its spear at a fish. The target made a run for it, but was implied by the weapon. The strange thing was that there was no visible wound, no blood. Surprisingly, it didn't seem to be fatal either. All of a sudden, the fish faded away in a mist of light, a heart-shaped energy escaping. It soon faded as well, but in a sickening, dark fog. In its place was a small, jellyfish-like creature, pit-black with yellow eyes. The assaulter retrieved its weapon and turned to the crowd. Everyone panicked, screaming at the top of their lungs as they tried to escape. Some succeeded, others fell trying.

Meanwhile, the owner of the restaurant was counting his money, humming an old sailing he heard back during the war.

"53,595 Sand Dollars, 53,596 Sand Dollars, 53,597 Sand Doll-"A loud, booming sound interrupted his moment of peace and quiet. The whole building jumped and rattled, as if Poseidon has lost his mind. Mr. Krabs charged at the door, ready to boot whoever was disturbing the silence.

"Aye, who's the madman-! " He froze, terrified eyes locked on to the ceiling, or rather, what was left of it. Much of the roof appeared to have been blown into smithereens, leaving a large hole in the ceiling. A large, angler-like monster floated about the gap, with what appeared to be divers of some sort attached to the bottom of it. The smaller critters detached, floating down to the ground. One aimed its spear at the crab, crackling with electricity. Before it could fire, a Krabby Patty splatted right into its face, blinding the diver and causing it lose aim. The bolt passed Eugene, blasting the desk apart instead. A small bottle rolled toward the old man. He quickly swiped it into his claw, placing it in his pocket. Those who survived the assault (including the crew's boss) ran out the back door. Krabs then turned to Spongebob.

"What in Hades is going on boy? This be a munity!"

Squidward stepped forward. "Munity? You call being assaulted by aliens a MUNITY! More like an Invasion!" He shouted, waving his arms as if they were caught in a current.

"So now what? We just stand here and get blown to bits?" A random fish from the crowd shouted.

Krabs sighed. "Looks like this ship's sinkin', lads." Any ideas?"

Spongebob tapped his chin for a moment, then he lifted his head up. A large smile was partially carved into his face.

"Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy might know what to do!" He exclaimed. He heard a faint snicker from the crowd.

"Those old losers?" A fish shouted. "They'd be just as sunken as us!"

The kid's face turned serious. "Yeah, but they still have their gadgets. "

There was a moment of silence before Squidward broke it. "As much as I hate to say it, Spongebob has a point." Mr. Krabs nodded.

"Alright then me hardies," He turned to the remaining customers and his crew. "Off to Shady Shoals it is."

Grumbling, the crowd ran toward Bikini Bottom. But the question remains: Is there anything that can stop, let along stall these creatures?

LOCATION: Ghost Zone, Amity Park

"How dare they make a joke out of….. THE BOX GHOST!" Yelled a certain fool. He floated in the spiritual void, hoping to find someone to scare. Everyone thought he was weak, stupid, annoying. HE growled, tired of being mocked by everyone around him.

Then he saw something in the corner of his eye: A ghostly figure trying to open one of the many doors that flood the Ghost Zone. The Box Ghost grinned. Another victim for him to play with. He also wanted to try out this new trick he learned, but didn't anything to practice on. Now he did. He silently hovered behind the ghost, hands crackling with Ectoplasm. When he was within range, he fired, imprisoning the target in a cube of purple energy. The creature was caught off guard, panicking at the recent event, it tried clawing its way out, but it was electrocuted by the touch. It was during its episode that The Box ghost managed to get a good look at it.

It had a strange and cartoonish form, but had the aura of something from a classic horror movie. It wore a torn purple vest, revealing some of its rib. White gloves covered its claws, and had a strange insignia on its chest. Its mouth was jagged and one of its eyes was hanging out of its socket, revealing itself to be a light bulb connected to a chain. It unleashed a blast of red light, blinding the ghost. When his vision cleared, he was seeing half a dozen of the creature. Either they were copies or other members of its kind.

"Uh oh," The Box Ghost said before flying for his afterlife. Even when he was already dead, ghosts can still be ripped apart atom by atom, and he didn't plan on sticking around for long. He found another door nearby, one he recognized. Perfect! This one leads to the living world. They would never think to look for him there, with Phantom living there and all. Then again, he might also get caught and thrown back out into the monsters' claws.

Well, it's either the thermos or the claws. He thought to himself, and he opened it as fast as a lion, closing it at equal speed as well. The creatures didn't stop. They just slammed into the door and began clawing at it. After a minute, they broke through, but the ghost was long gone. He did, however, lead them to somewhere promising. The Heartless chuckled in their native tongue.

LOCATION: Fairy World skies, Dimmsdale…

"Giga 7 to Zeta 9, do you read me?" Radioed a voice. A small fairy, wearing what appeared to be an air pilot's suit, tapped the device on his ear.

"This is Zeta 9, over." Said the responder.

"We're picking up a strange reading from base, over." The other stated.

"And let me guess: You want me to investigate? Over." Inquired the fairy.

"Affirmative. It should be close by you position. Over." Replied Giga 7.

"On it. Over and out." Zeta 9 shut off the device. Finally, something exciting. He thought with a smile.

He flew west, passing over hundreds of miles in a matter of seconds. What he saw a monstrosity. A strange, titanic, mechanical pirate ship hover above the coast of California. On each side, a yellow swirling was painted near the top, almost looking like eyes. A large metal plow was attached to the bottom of the hull, shaped like a mangled lower jaw. The flags had a heart-shaped insignia on the flags. A shiver went down the fairy's spine.

"It can't be…." He whispered, placing his hand on the decive.

"Giga 7, we've got a HUGE problem here, Over!" He panicked.

"Zeta 8, what's wrong? Over." Giga 7 asked.

"The readings yawl're getting , it…." Before he could finish, something sped past him. He looked to see armored figures at the bow of the ship, firing thunder bolts at him.

"What? Over."

Zeta 9 dodged another blast, this time one of ice. "Heartless!" He screamed.

At that time, a flare of fire hit him, burning his wings to ashes. He screamed as he fell to his doom. He lifted up his wand as a small, purple cloud (labeled "Poof") consumed him. When it disappeared, so did the fairy. His comrades turned to him, surprised by his lack of wings. His commander couldn't believe his eyes.

"Get Jorgen on the line!" He shouted. "We have a storm coming through!"

Far away, the ship resumed its trail, heading toward the floating town hundreds of miles away. The Pirate Ship opened up its jaw, releasing a large, turtle-like Gummi. The beast looked down at its target: A local elementary school of a small town. It leapt into the air, and then began falling downward like a meteor.

Within orbit of Retroville…

An arrow-shaped satellite orbited the planet, covered in the void's shadows. Suddenly, the shadow begins to change shape. The bottom half of the craft split into four, large wing-like panels. They aligned themselves in an x-shaped formation. When the craft passed by the sum, it was no craft at all. A massive, blue claw-like creature dangled above the world. It made a few electronic hisses, turning its circular body around like a wheel. Small, bronze mechanical Heartless appeared around it, numbered in swarms. Each had a gun-like weapon attached to both sides. Larger variety, clan in silver, also appeared. An even larger version appeared, with red-and-yellow armor. The swarms soon flew down toward the world below, armor to the teeth.

On the moon, three robotic figures watched the scene, 'ooing' at the sight.

"Hey look dad, aliens!" Shouted the smallest, shaped like a little boy.

Said bot laughed. "Indeed, son. Haven't had any since the Junkman left."

The small one's optics almost popped out at the mention of the madman. His audio receptors picked up the sounds of a speeding object. He turned his head to see a swarm of bronze heading towards them. Strange, robot-like creatures approached them.

"Why hello, darlings!" Shouted the mother. "Welcome to Luna!"

The creatures looked at each other for a moment, then back at the robots. They opened fire, sending the civilian bots in a frenzy.

"Hey, that's not nice!" Shouted Popbot.

"Um, dad, I don't think they care!" His son shout, leaping to avoid a laser.

The bots then came across a crater, large enough to house a neighborhood.

"In there!" Brobot waved.

The family railed up their little wheels, speeding into the darkness. The swarm sped past the cave, chattering in some metallic tone. Brobot peered out a little, but went back in out of fear.

"We need to call Jimmy." Brobot whispered to himself.

But there was a problem. The communicator needed to reach him was back at home, right where the monsters were headed. Looking around him, he gave chase when no one was looking. Someone needed to warn Jimmy, and right now Brobot was the only one with the CPU to do it.

LOCATION: Miracle City…

A young lad in a tiger-like suit cloud barely stand up. Every tactic he tried seemed to bounce right off of the monsters. Standing above him was a jester-like one, with many faces stacked atop one another. It lit up its strange tools, set ablaze by an unseen force. It twirled them around, ready top dead the final blow. Just then, a robot arm slammed right into one of the faces. The creature, losing focus, dropped its weapons. A gold mech with a red dome waved at the boy, only for it to be knocked aside by a fat entity. It wore Arabian clothing, and had the breath of a dragon. Meanwhile, a man in a white tuxedo was busy fighting off a group of floating bell-like creatures. Some were red, some were yellow, some were blue, the list just went on. A large shadow loomed over the boy, who looked to see the tall one. He douged the strange weapon, grappling to part of a skyscraper. The creature began climbing after him, flinging fireballs whenever it had the chance. The tiger-boy knew he had to keep climbing.

To be continued…