**********second attempt at a story, though I will still work on the first.*******

Murdock had to wake Face up when they arrived at the motel for the night. He noticed how warm Face felt when he touched his shoulder to gently rouse him from his fitful sleep. "He's really hot Hannibal. I hope this is just a virus, he's burning up.". It took several moments of genle shaking to get the younger man to wake up, then he weakly and slowly made him way into one of the motel rooms which Hannibal had already paid for. He was almost immediately in one of the beds and back asleep. While bringing their overnight bags in, Murdock asked Hannibal if he thought they should find a doctor, as he wasn't sure this was a run of the mill virus. Hannibal told him they would wait until morning, in hopes that Face would be better by then. "Maybe he just needs the rest, Captain".

The case was not a difficult one, not in comparison to some they had in the past. It was simply a matter of scaring some goons away from a small family neighborhood. The jerks weren't nearly as tough as they thought they were and it took little convincing from the guys to get them to hit the road. Face did his part and was there when needed, but the other guys noticed he moved slower, was more quiet, and couldn't help but notice the fact that BA had to come to his aid more than usual. Hannibal asked him what was wrong when they were settled in the van to began the long road trip home. Face responded that he just felt tired and thought he might have been coming down with a virus or something, which prompted Hannibal to reach behind him to place his hand on his Lieutenants forehead. "You are warm Face, we'll stop and get some over the counter medicine before we get on the interstate.". Which they did, and had fallen into a restless sleep and had stayed that way until they arrived at the motel.

Hannibal asked for two connected rooms, which he was granted. He and BA took one, Face and Murdock took the other. Before retiring for the night, he told his Captain to alert them if Face's condition worsened.

Murdock took a shower, then checked on his friend. Face was still roasting and not sleeping peacefully.
He took a damp washcloth and wiped Face's neck and face, hoping to cool him down a bit. Then he went to the other bed with the intent to just rest so he could keep an eye on Face, but instead he promptly fell asleep.

He was awoken a few hours later by the sound of Face retching helplessly. Murdock jumped out of bed and set Face up so he wouldn't choke. He just held him as he continued to vomit on the dingy motel carpet. When Face finally stopped retching, Murdock felt the heat radiating even more out of him. "My head hurts so bad Murdock. Please turn of the light."..Face's voice was quiet, broken, and weak.
"Lay back down, Muchacho. I'll turn the light off, then I'm going to get Hannibal. We may need a doctor here. I don't think this is a virus, pal. Maybe that last grease pit we ate at poisened you."
Face's reply was a light moan as he lay back down on the bed, resting his arm over his eyes.

Murdock went to the door that connected the two rooms and banged until Hannibal awoke with a start.
He swung the door open and Murdock explained what had just happened. Feeling the intense fever himself, Hannibal agreed that they needed a Doctor. Face was aleady back asleep by this time and did not respond to Hannibal's hand on his sweaty, hot, forehead. Hannibal then began to worry.

"Do you think it could be food poisening, Colonel?

"I don't know, Murdock. It could be anything. You go get BA and you guys get the Van packed. Then we'll go to Maggie's. It's only a couple hours drive from here and that is safest place. I'll stay with Face until we ready.".