A New problem & a new world!

[Please note this story is forming from the end of season 1 on both W.I.T.C.H. & winx club so none of the member got new powers and please comment soon as you read it]

Chapter 1: trouble with the heart!

In the air were five girls with matching outfits and wings with two boys being carried by four of them well the other one was fighting with a crystal, the others seemed to wonder what was wrong with it but the girl holding the jewel was more frustrated with it then wondering what was wrong.

"Wow the wind in the air is so cool" an Asian girl with two long pigtails flowing behind her;

"Yeah it's cool but if we don't get out of here before sundown our parents will ground us and frankly I really don't want to look after my brat sister again" said a girl with long blond hair which was carrying one of the boys.

"Come on corny she's not that bad" said one of the boys with dark black hair

"Shut it matt and Will what's the hold up" the blond yelled

"I'm trying but the darn thing won't open a portal and I've tried four times to open one Cornelia" Will said with irritation

"So what else can we do?" a girl with brown hair question

"Jump hope something will happen to make the heart open a portal" the Asian girl said

"Will try again maybe it will work" a girl with dark brown skin and large glasses

"Ok one last time" Will said with little hope after four try's

And as she said that something strange began to happen to the crystal causing everyone to stare in fear of what was happening but it just got stranger as a portal opened but it was not the usual color Blue and waving it seemed bright yellow they didn't know what was going on but if this was a way back home then they should go through. So they did and as they did the strange new portal closed.

[A whole new world]

The bright yellow portal opened and the five girls carrying the two boys landed on the ground confused by the large green forest, the air in this place seemed rather clear and the sky's couldn't be any blue. "Does anybody know where we are?" Taranee with dark skin asked

"Donno but it looks like were in a forest" Hay-Lin answered

"Great now I really am going to baby sit my sister" Cornelia moaned throwing her hands in the air;

"Come on, it's not that bad at least we still have powers if something should attack us" Irma commented which did not make the blond feel any better.

"Will please tell me you can fix this" Matt said to his Girlfriend concerned

"I don't know the heart doesn't want to respond when I ask to open a portal" Will replied staring at her boyfriend with just as much concern; "so we're stuck in this place" Taranee asked

"looks like it, I think we should look around to find out where we really are" Will said looking at her friends worrying faces; none of them knew where they were and to make things worst they didn't know which way to go first but they did know one thing was they had to find a way out and soon.

After walking a while they stopped for a break, they sat down then began to come up with a plan to how to get home; "Will I know you said you weren't able to open a portal but could you try again" Caleb said

"no the thing refuses to open any portals like it lost the seal of Phobos and that would put us back to square one to find portals" Will replied disappointed which made everyone else feel the same.

"So now what?" Irma asked

"I honestly don't know Irma" Will said placing her face in her hands feeling pretty bad.

Suddenly they heard a noise coming from behind the bushes, they quickly got up ready for what would come out, what kind of monster would attack them but to their relief it was a little bunny, then Hay-Lin tried to go peat it but the small thing to quick jumped back into the bush it came from.

"come back little bunny" Hay-Lin said running after it, which the others found was not such a great idea seeing as they were in some strange place and none of them knew where they were but they just followed her in case something came out and attacked her or worse.

"guys I found him" Hay-Lin told them as they stopped to see him sitting in front of a bush waiting for something, Matt slowly made his way to the little creature not wanting it to run away again but just as he got close to it, the bushes started rustling he found himself staring at it fearful of what is to come out so were the others as they looked fearful.

But to their surprise a girl came out, she had long red hair touching her waist; she had a short blue T-shirt with yellow sleeves and blue denim jeans with orange high hill sandals. She looked down to see the little bunny jumping up and down, she kneeled down staring at him confused "Kiko was up, is there trouble near by?" the girl asked

She looked up to see Matt then the Caleb and the five girls with wings and matching outfits, she slowly stood up trance fixed on what she found. For a second they thought she might run in fear seeing such things but instead she smiled then looked down at the bunny she called Kiko.

"Good boy Kiko, looks like you found new fairies and specializes" the girl said looking up at the gang who were confused by what she referred too.

"Sorry are you talking about us?" Irma questioned

"Yeah, but you're the strangest fairies I've seen" the girl said staring at them

"Well actually we're Guardians" Hay-Lin corrected the girl who looked more confused by this.

"Maybe we can explain the whole story then you'll understand better" Will said seeing the girls face.

"But before we do, who is the little bunny" Matt asked

"This is Kiko my friend and most loyal pet in the whole world" the girl said picking the little bunny then peat it on its head; "by the way names Bloom"

They could see the kindness in her eyes as she loved the pet and the way she spoke to the group plus her name was Bloom which suited her perfectly and they knew that she was someone that could help them get home or find answers to the problem with the Heart of Kandracar.


To be continued…