A new problem & a new world!

Chapter 8: when goodbyes turn out harder then planed!

[In Heatherfield…]

The plan was simple the winx had the piece of paper to prove or make it look like the Guardians and the two boys being chosen to go visit a school in another country, Bloom was use to lying to people about the whole magic thing pretending she was normal like people believed.

But her friends Flora, Stella, Tecna and Musa had lots to learn about none magical beings and earth the fact that she was brought up in Gardenia were people believed in no magic or fairies so this was nothing new. She gave the winx the last chance to say goodbye to the Guardians, Caleb and Matt each one had gone to the places they went to inform their parents they were somewhere safe so there was no need for a lost and found papers around the city.

[Stella & Cornelia]

Stella went to Cornelia's pent house they hadn't said one word since leaving the park and Cornelia wanted to break the silence in the air. "So what are you going to do after I'm back home?"

"Met up with the others back in the park then finally go on a date with Brandon like he promised me before Bloom phoned us about you guys arrived" Stella replied with dreamy eyes and her hands together; Cornelia could only wish Caleb would do the same at time she envied Stella and Brandon's love but then again Caleb was still learning the meaning of earth ways so she would have to wait until he understood what love meant.

Suddenly the two stood at the foot of the Hales pent house and when Stella knocked they were greeted by a little blond girl who threw herself in Cornelia's arms when she got sight of her older Sister when both sisters entered followed by Stella the mother and father were home and when the little girl called them both hugged Cornelia; Stella had to turn her face away at the sight of the family.

When they parted Cornelia caught sight of Stella having tears that she tried to hide after placing the paper in the fathers hand who looked a little surprised at the beautiful blond goddess was about to cry but acted bravely. "Why are you crying?" he asked which the family turned to the girl.

"I'm not crying sir…it's just something flew in my eye and I'm happy Cornelia is back home with a wonderful family" she replied putting a smile on her face to show nothing of sadness.

"Well thank you for bring her back, would you like to stay for dinner dear" the mother asked which surprised Stella who wanted to leave but Cornelia and Lillian insisted. So she nodded politely, "I'd be honored" she said in a royal tone which surprised the family who just accepted her for an ordinary girl.

[Flora & Irma]

Irma noticed Flora was looking at the paper in sadness; "what's up Flo?" Irma asked Flora who knocked her out what thought she was going through.

"nothing it's just funny how we only known you for so little time and now we have to say goodbye" there was a sadness in her voice that was plan clear; "yeah and everything seems to pass so fast" Irma replied placing her hands in her pockets.

They arrived at the Lairs place and Flora knocked only to be greeted by an over whelmed mother and son; she pulled Irma in a loving hug who returned it the boy hugged her too then her father came to see his daughter home with a lovely brown haired girl who looked a little sad.

"Irma you're home at last" he said holding her in a bare hug when they broke Flora gave the paper to him smiling "like I promised she would return and here's something to show where she was" Flora said with a kind smile

"Thank you, we did miss her like crazy" the mother said which Flora gave a little giggle; Flora was about to leave when someone stopped her "would you please stay for dinner as a thank you" the father said

"I don't know my friends and I were head back home but I guess maybe a small meal would be nice" Flora considered wondering if Bloom wouldn't mind; so just like that Flora and the Liars went inside to have a small meal like the mother said, the father could not wonder were did a girl like this have so much peace in her.

Irma was just plain glad she didn't have to say goodbye to Flora so soon.

[Tecna & Taranee]

Taranee didn't know what to say to Tecna knowing this might as well be their last time to see each other and frankly they got on so fast due to home much they loved learning or computers hack you could almost say they like sisters from different planets.

Tecna had read the paper Bloom gave her several times and it seemed as if she was trying to go over it in case Taranee's mom asked for more proof being a judge and all was something she did a lot.

"T. what are you planning to do once you met up with the others?" Taranee asked

"Timmy and I plain on working on something to figure out how the Trix got out why? She asked

"guess I just wanted to know why you aren't to sad about us going back home" Taranee said staring at Tecna who seemed displeased at this; "I am, but this has to be done and there's nothing we can do about it" she said in a sad tone but normal at the same time.

They arrived at the Cook's place and as Tecna knocked the door opened to a surprised Brother, for the first time Taranee never was so glad to see her older brother, he called the parents which ran to the door the mother was the first to hug Taranee then her dad, her brother gave her a brotherly hug then looked up noticing the purple haired girl with a smile on her face.

Peter had never met a sexy girl with purple hair, she handed the mother the paper she held then stepped forward "I had promised your daughter would return and I'm a girl of my word" she said in a tone he couldn't quiet figure out.

"Thank young lady but why are you acting so personal" the father asked

"What are you talking about? I always speak like this although my friends think other wise" Tecna rolled her eyes at Stella's comments about her being a computer genius; "well thank you would you like to stay with us for a meal as a thanks" Peter said which the girl raised a eye brow at the boy.

"I don't mean to be rude but I think Taranee would rather spend time with her family then have someone joining in her family time" Tecna said looking down at her feet

"But Tecna this might be the last time we see each other again" Taranee quickly begged her friend to stay for one last time; she looked up with a sad smile.

"that's true but Bloom said we take you home then we head back home" Tecna reminded her the father and mother looked at each other confused but the brother thought how could a person just drop their friend off then leave without a thank you token.

"Please it would mean a lot if you stay just a little well to thank you for taking care of my sister" Peter tried

"Alright but I should inform my friends that I'm staying for a well" she said which they were all pleased and so they all head inside.

[Musa, Caleb & Hay-Lin]

Caleb and Hay-Lin watched Musa walk and read at the same time they hadn't said a word after they left the park and frankly it bothered them to see the fairy of music quiet with sadness written all over her face they weren't to far from the Silver Dragon and they knew as soon as they were dropped of Musa would disappear in the darkness of the night.

"You haven't said one word since we left the park what's the matter?" Caleb asking boldly

"I can't believe that this is our last time together and it not something I like to see people leave" she said looking them

"Did someone leave you once Musa?" Hay-Lin asked which she nodded slowly "my mother" was all she said

"When did she leave you?" Caleb asked

"she died when I was 4 so me and dad faced the world alone and it scares me to see people leave" she told them which made them feel guilty and sad to have asked her such a question Caleb thought she didn't want Musa not died he wasn't going to ask how neither was Hay-Lin luckily they reached the Silver Dragon then entered when the father saw his little free sprite girl run up to him tears filled his eyes even seeing Caleb made him wonder what could keep them away until his eyes fell on Musa.

"thank you dear you brought our only daughter back how can we thank you" he said but before Musa could reply Hay-Lin's mom and grandma came up behind them then the mother hugged her little girl well Ms. Lin winked they turned to Musa who gave them a paper telling about her where a bouts

"You don't have to thank me with anything besides I should leave" Musa turned not wanting to face the Lin family or Caleb who stood next to Ms. Lin just as she was about to exit the father grabbed her by the arm turning her around to see tearful eyes.

"But we have to repay you for being them back" he insisted

"sir it was my mission to bring them back now it is compete and anyway Hay-Lin needs some time with her family she did miss you a lot" Musa replied holding tears that threatened to come out but as much as she tried to get away Ms. Lin had a way to get her to stay for a old fashioned Chinese Meal which reminded her of her dad and her mom back when things were so perfect.

She agreed but only for the meal as she had to get to her friends plus she would call them to inform them of this.

"Thank you sir and again it was just my mission to return little Hay-Lin back to her loving family" Musa said with a grateful smile.

[Bloom, Matt & Will]

Matt held Will's hand well they walked in the dark next to a leader of tough fairies ready to face her most toughest challenge saying goodbye to her new friends, she held a paper in her hands looking at it Kiko had sat on her shoulder looking worried. They had noticed her shed a tear that dropped on the paper but recovered from it know she wouldn't give them the thought of her crying.

They were walking to Will's place first for some reason, they were only feet away from her place when Bloom stopped which surprised them then turned around taking a breath in then out. "Guess this is the end" she said

"What are you talking about B?" Matt asked

"I mean once I drop Will and you off, I plan on heading to Gardenia to try get use to the feeling of this moment" Bloom replied taking Kiko in her arms hugging him, Matt could see the little guy looked at his owner with sad eyes the little creature was able to show his feelings like a human unlike Mr. Huggles cause he was a pixie pet whatever that meant.

"But what about the winx? Aren't you going to let them know you went back to Gardenia" Will asked

"of course then Kiko and I will catch the bus and head home" she replied then turned to walk up the steps of Will's apartment; Matt and Will walked up behind her with concerned faces about this goodbye. She knocked on the door and to their surprise both Matt's parents and Will's mom was standing by the door.

Both mothers grabbed their child into a loving hug well the dad looked at the lovely red headed girl with her pet bunny in her arms like she was about to cry but put a smile on. She handed him and Susan a paper to prove their children were on this special trip.

"I promised they would return shortly but I have to leave now" Bloom said walking out the place and down the steps before Will ran out to her stopping her by calling her name she turned to her side looking at Will.

"You can't just leave with out saying goodbye" Will said

"I'm not one for goodbyes" Bloom replied holding Kiko tightly in her arms that the little creature hugged her back to Matt's parents and Susan this was not normal and for a brave girl she sure was trying to act strong before bursting in tears. Then suddenly her phone rang she took it out her phone out her skirt pocket and answered.

"Hello?" she said turning her back on Will

"hey it's me, the girls are staying at Hay-Lin's, Taranee, Cornelia and Irma's place for a thanks meal we just wanted to let you know" a voice said Matt, his parent, Will and Susan now standing next to Will hear them say.

"Stella I know I said I would met you guys in the park but I've decided to return to Gardenia to think" Bloom said turning a strand of hair around her finger.

"Alright but call me when you want me to pick you up and I'll let the girls know you not coming back with us" the voice said calmly

"you're the best Stella, gotta go now bye" Bloom said closing her phone after the girl on the phone said goodbye then Bloom turned to face the two families putting her phone away; "guess this is goodbye maybe one day we'll met again" Bloom said

"You really have grown attached to my daughter haven't you?" Susan asked which the girl looked down "yes Mrs. Vandom and I'm grateful to met her and her friends" she replied Susan lifted her chin which Bloom looked surprised at her, this time Matt and his parents came out the house standing next to Susan well Matt held Will in a hug cause she was close to crying.

"You even did give us a chance to thank you" Mrs. Olsen said

"you don't have too ma'am" Bloom said after Susan let go of her chin looking shocked at the girl the bunny jumped on Bloom's shoulder holding her by her neck; "for a girl who grew so close to our kids you sure are acting brave cause I can see you want to cry" Susan said which made Bloom look away.

"She is a strong leader of a group of girls mom" Will said which made Bloom smile at her

"And does you group have a name or a logo?" Ms. Olsen asked wonder how this girl could be a leader even if she acted like it "we are known as the Winx Club" she pulled a paper out from her pocket then gave it to Kiko who held it up at their amazement this girl was gifted in drawing.

"Wow B. it's cool" Matt said

Kiko gave it to Will then jumped back into Bloom's arms, Will was grateful for it; "sorry but I really need to leave the night bus will leave shortly but it was good to Met the parents of Will and Matt" Bloom said giving them a wave then turned around running away into the night before they could say anything else, the only thing they saw was long red hair flowing then she was gone. They head inside and Will let her tears fall well Matt tried to comfort her.

"Will why are you so sad?" Mrs. Olsen asked

'the thing is she wasn't just my friend she was my roommate and she did so much for us well we were there, her friend on the phone bought us a whole lot of cloths and Bloom helped Matt and Caleb in a all boys school plus us and well she showed me how to be a better leader to my friends" Will cried out which made Mrs. Vandom wonder if she should stop the girl from leaving to say thank you before she got to the bus.

"Then let's go thank her before she leaves this made the parents nod, well Matt and Will stared in shock but agreed they raced to their cars then rode to the station. It wasn't to far from Will's place, they got out their cars running to the station only to see Bloom on the bus with her pet on her shoulder; she was crying it was plain to see the bus took off but Mrs. Vandom wasn't going to give up on her daughters friend.


To be continued…