A new problem & a new world!

Chapter 9: final goodbyes!

[Coming in Gardenia…]

The winx had gone back to Alfea and told Ms. Faragonda, Bloom went home to have time to think, so Will phone her fellow Guardians and Caleb to join Matt and her to head to Gardenia to say thanks to Bloom for her help and Matt's parents plus Will's mom went along to thank the strange girl with a strange Bunny.

Will also brought Mr. Huggles to show Bloom her pet; so as Irma, Taranee and Hay-Lin went with Will and her mom in one car, Cornelia, Caleb and Matt with Matt's folks in the other. When the two families road into the town they noticed a large sign say [WELCOME TO GARDENIA] ok last time the Guardians hadn't seen it but now they did.

They noticed the small town and the people walking around some walked as a loving couple some men walked their dogs; teens riding scooters adult road cars. Susan liked this town it was small but very busy and welcoming, there was a large park and malls plus one flower shop. The houses around here were like Will's apartment and some just normal houses.

Will showed her mom where Bloom stayed and when the two cars parked outside the yard they noticed a man with blond hair on the phone by the window. He seemed to be arguing with someone as he threw his arms in the air; Susan got out the car followed by her daughter and her friends and the Olsen's. They walked up to the door and noticed a bike laying against the wall a red bike like Will's.

Susan knocked well the others waited outside her door behind her then the door opened with the blond man standing half way looking at the group of people "can I help you?" he asked in Susan's point of view he was quiet cute but he probably had a wife if this girl was their daughter.

"Sorry sir but we were looking for a girl named Bloom, my daughter says she lives here" Susan said kindly which surprised the man when he bent over to see Will, Caleb, Matt and the other Guardians with three adults.

"Yes she does, but what do you want to talk to her about?" the man asked rising an eyebrow; Will knew he was curious about these people asking about Bloom so she stepped next to her mom smiling which the man smiled back.

"Hey Will, I take it these are your parents and other family members" he pointed to Susan then to Mr. and Mrs. Olsen which made the gang laugh; "sorry sir but this is my mom Susan and that's Matt's parents Mr. and Mrs. Olsen" she managed to say without laughing herself just the thought was funny.

"oh sorry, my name is Mike Brown and please come in" Mike said letting everyone in when Caleb, Matt, the Olsen's and Susan got a look at the inside of the Lounge, the Kitchen and the dinning room it looked just like the Vandom's apartment.

"take a seat and I'll pour you a cup of coffee each" he said polity, walking into the Kitchen well the Olsen's Caleb, Hay-Lin, Irma and Cornelia sat in the lounge Susan went to help Mike out which made Will wonder if she fancied Bloom's dad.

Matt and Will walked in the kitchen; "so where's Bloom?" Matt asked

Mike sigh looking up at the hall way Susan even noticed the sad look on his face; "she's in her room with Stella who came here earlier and haven't heard anything since then" he went back to making the coffee, Susan indicted that Will and her friends go say hi well she and the Olsen's kept him busy.

So Matt called Caleb and the girls then slowly made there way up stairs and well going up they saw cute photos of Bloom's lying in a crib with her father holding a small frog above her which Will loved, the second was about her first birthday which she had hair like Caleb's but red, then a pick when she was five opening her present to find a doll which her eyes sparked even Matt could see that.

The next was Bloom on ice fallen rubbing her back but her hair was in the middle of her back tied in a bow, well the last was when she found Kiko; it looked like a perfect childhood not that Will would know as her parent's were divorced but Flora told her Stella's was too and she was a princess that got ignored a lot.

So as they reached her room they noticed the door was half open so they peeked in only to see Stella on her knees and about 20 pieces of paper lying on the floor one landed by the door so Hay-Lin quickly picked it up and opened it and the gangs eyes widened. "it's a picture of Will and Matt" Hay-Lin whispered Matt felt honored to be drawn with Will in her fairy-Guardian get up Will felt the same.

They were brought back to reality when they heard Stella say "so you couldn't say goodbye to them" Bloom looked at Stella sitting on her bed stroking Kiko.

"it's stupid Stell I can fight trolls, power crazy witches or evil Princes, Grim rippers or a half Snake-Man but I couldn't even say goodbye without running away" Bloom explained the Guardians could feel her feeling sadness Will and Matt now understood why she left without even a hug or anything.

"to tell you the truth B. when I saw Cornelia with her family I wanted to run too, it pained me to see her with her family sharing a meal without arguing; the last time I had something like that was when I was 8 years" Stella explained which made Bloom get up and sit next to her giving her sympathy.

Cornelia could only feel guilty for putting Stella through a night with her family Irma gave her a squeeze on the shoulder as she noticed Cornelia's face dropped on the floor.

"So are you coming back to Alfea for the Red Fountain ball?" Stella elbowed her on the side.

"Sure but I have nothing to wear and who knows maybe Sky and I will actually be together" Bloom said

"trust me B. the first time he saw you he had a hard time keeping away from you, you two were meant to be, Well Brandon told me the first part but we bet he might just kiss you" Stella said which earned a pillow in the face.

"You are so full of it Stella" Bloom said laughing suddenly they heard a loud voice call; "Bloom sweetie are you joining us for dinner?" Mike asked

"In a minute dad, can Stella join?" She yelled back

"sure oh we having some people over too" her dad said which made both girls get up and race down stairs [at this time the Gang went down before they reached the door to join the Olsen's and Susan who was speaking to Vanessa Bloom's mom and Dad.

The two froze in front of the kitchen staring in surprise "how…but when?" Stella asked well tried

"we came over to speak with Bloom about helping our kids but as you were part of this we want to talk to you too" Susan said with Will and Irma sitting next to her; the Olsen's, Matt and Caleb sat together well Hay-Lin, Taranee and Cornelia sat on the ground next to Will well Bloom's parents stood in front of the TV.

Bloom and Stella looked at each other confused till something ran up to Stella scaring her but Bloom took him holding it in front of them. "Aren't you a funny kind of mouse" Bloom hugged it.

"His name is Mr. Huggles" Matt said

"strange name but cute" Stella said, Bloom put the creature down just as Kiko came in the room standing behind Bloom's leg looking at the creature strange. "Looks like Kiko doesn't like sharing" Irma said causing everyone to laugh but the bunny frowned at Mr. Huggles.

"Well dinners ready" Vanessa said

They all sat around the table eating a roast lamb and potatoes with fresh veg. Susan like how this family cooked Vanessa was a flower shop owner and a great cook something which she envied but kept quiet Bloom and Will kept looking at each other well Stella did the same with the others.

When they were finished Vanessa and Mike did dishes well Susan, Mr. and Mrs. Olsen and the Guardians plus Caleb and Matt sat in the lounge talking with the two young girls. "So how did you girls help our girls and the boys out for them to speak so highly of you?" Matt's mom asked

"Highly?" Bloom said confused

"Yes Will and her friends say you very special girls with ways to help others" Susan said

"Oh…I guess we like helping others out" Stella said seeing Bloom looking at her saying [don't say magic please] "well thank you most people would not buy a bunch of new cloths and enroll strange kids like them" Mr. Olsen said

"My dad is rich so money is nothing plus it was funny to have new roommate with strange backgrounds" both girls giggled and the parents just looked at Matt, Will and the other girls in frowns saying [what did you say] but none looked at them but at their laps.

"Bloom your mom tells us that you changed schools last year when you met this girl next to you without a second thought why?" Susan asked

"guess I needed a change and Stella said the school she goes to is a all girls school with funny classes and there's a all guys school not to far so it seemed cool and I love it there" Bloom said with a cheesy smile the none of the Guardians, Matt and Caleb had ever seen but it looked cute.

Suddenly the door bell rang and Vanessa answered it only to turn to Bloom, Stella and the others in the lounge.

"honey there's someone here just for you" Vanessa smiled and Bloom ran to the door which a two young men walked in one had long blond hair touching his neck with a pare of blue jeans, a red top and a blue jacket well the other wear a white shirt with a darker pare of jeans and a red and white jacket with sort brown hair. Both girls ran into their arms and everyone stood and stared at the loving couple.

"Sky what on earth are you doing here?" Bloom asked wrapped up in his arms around her waist

"Ms. F. asked us to pick you girls up cause Griselda is moaning that you missing four of your classes" Brandon said hold Stella like Sky.

"Big deal about exams when I'm with my sweet heart" Stella said kissing Brandon who returned

"Please get a room before you goose us out" Hay-Lin said

"plus I need to speak with you Bloom alone" Sky said looking at the red head, they head outside closing the door and everyone looked out the window seeing the couple who let go and seemed to be arguing.

[Sky and Bloom]

"So what's up?" Bloom asked confused

"The thing is I'm about to be king soon and I need someone by my side and I thought about it a lot" Sky said but Bloom turned her back on his with both arms hanging at her sides.

"Sky is you trying to tell me you need a Princess by your side and you want to end things" Bloom said

"No how could you say that? I was actually wanting to ask you if you would be that person" by these words she turned with wide eyes looking shocked and happy at the same time.

"But I don't think an earthling would be the perfect princess" Bloom said looking down hanging her head which he put his fingers under her chin lifting it so she would look at his in the eyes "I could care less if you were from earth or not I Love you" he had said it and Bloom stared at him for a second before both went into a passionate kiss.

Inside Bloom felt Stella jumping up and down but she could careless now that he had said those three words earthling or princess he wanted the world to know and she was afraid and happy about it.

They broke up then he placed a silver bracelet on her wrist that in graved S & B FOREVER. Bloom felt tears coming out and she gave him a hug; the two head inside.

[Inside the house]

Once Bloom was in Stella gave her a bare hug causing them both to hug and laugh the others gathered around to see what Sky gave Bloom; she showed them happy and Will could not feel that Bloom and her prince finally would have their happily ever after soon Matt felt the same he wanted to do the same but a Dormouse was enough.

After a wonderful night the gang said a really sad good bye but a better one then they felt with the parents well Bloom handed all those drawings on her floor of the Guardians, Caleb, Princess Eylon and the whole gang to gather then both Sky and Brandon left with Stella and Bloom and Kiko saying goodbye to Vanessa and Mike.

Bloom's parents felt joy their little girl might have what she wanted all her childhood a hansom prince and a wonder friendship with two different kind of friends the Guardians, Matt, Caleb and the winx plus her powers she wished she wanted like forever in the end everyone said goodbye but for other it was the beginning of a new life with wonderful memories.

The end!