Prologue Scene I


Gaz walked into Captain Price's office.

"Good news first: the world's in great shape. We've got a civil war in Russia, government loyalists against Ultranationalist rebels, and 15,000 nukes at stake." He said

"Just another day at the office." Replied Price

Gaz put a profile of Khaled Al-Asad on Price's desk.

"Khaled Al-Asad. Currently the second most powerful man in the Middle East. Word on the street is he's got the minerals to be top dog down there. Intel's keeping an eye on him."

"And the bad news?" asked Price

"We've got a new guy joining us today fresh out of Selection. His name's Soap."


Credenhill, UK

Sgt. 'Soap' Mctavish

22nd SAS Regiment

Soap walked into the armory he saw Gaz up in the observer position behind the range.

"Good to see you mate. Grab a rifle from the table." Soap picked up a G36C rifle. "You know the drill, go to station one and aim your rifle downrange….now aim down your rifle." He said

Soap put his rifle to his shoulder and aimed downrange. He fired at each target quickly and accurately.

"Lovely, now shoot the targets while firing from the hip." Said Gaz

Soap aimed and fired again a little less accurate but still hitting his targets.

"Now I'm gonna block the targets with a sheet of plywood. I want you to shoot the targets through the wood." He said

A plywood sheet popped and Soap could see some targets behind it. He aimed and fired through the wood hitting each target.

"Remember bullets will penetrate thin, weak materials like wood, plaster and sheet metal…Now I'm gonna make the targets pop up one at a time. Shoot them as fast as you can."

Soap reloaded his weapon and aimed down the sight again. He hit all nine targets with quick three round bursts.

"Proper good job mate! Now grab a sidearm from the armory."

Soap grabbed a USP 45. Pistol.

"Good now switch to your rifle."

Soap holstered his pistol and brought up his rifle.

"Now pull out your sidearm. Remember switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading. Alright come over here. Using your knife is even more faster than switching to your pistol. Knife the watermelon."

Soap approached a table on which sat a watermelon. He quickly pulled his knife out and sliced it in half. Fruit bits went everywhere.

"Nice! Your fruit killing skills are remarkable! Captain Price wants to see you, follow me."

Soap followed Gaz out of the armory and went to the warehouse next door. Soap saw the rest of the team along with Captain Price.

Gaz introduced him. "It's the FNG sir. Go easy on him it's his first day in the regiment." He said

"Right…what the hell kind of name is Soap anyway. How'd a muppet like you pass selection eh? Alright it's your turn for the CQB test. Everyone else head to observation. For this test you have to run the cargo ship solo in less than sixty seconds. Gaz holds the current squadron record at nineteen seconds. Good luck." Said Price as Soap climbed the ladder. He grabbed an MP5 and four flash-bangs then stood by the rope ready for Price's orders.

"Go go go!" yelled Price

Soap grabbed the rope and slid down to the 'deck' he took out three targets in the 'bridge' with short quick bursts then headed inside and downstairs. He hit a target while going downstairs and tossed a flash-bang through a doorway. He moved in and hit every target. He tossed another flash-bang through a second door and hit those targets as well. Then sprinted to the finish. Elapsed time: twenty-five seconds.

"Pretty good Soap but I've seen better. Gentleman the cargoship mission is a go. Get yourselves sorted out. Wheels up at 0200 hours, dismissed."