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Warnings for all chapters: Yaoi, character death, incest (kinda), slight OOC

Pairings: Shiro/Ichi, Grimm/Ichi, Nnoi/Shiro

Chapter 01: The Feeding

The summer air breezed through the streets, massaging the skin of the pedestrians wandering around. School had ended for vacation and the children were creating mischief, excited about no school for the next three months. The sun was setting, leaving a dark purple and orange stain cascading across the sky. A tall, red headed man strolled down the sidewalk, getting farther and farther away from the noise of the excitement.

The breeze seemed to be getting colder and he could feel a chill flowing out and surrounding him and the street seemed to dim and get darker and darker. He could hear a sadistic giggle in the air. He looked around, but couldn't find where it was coming from. He quickened his pace to get home, trying to get away from the voice that seemed to be getting closer to his ear. It was making him hot and nervous at the same time. He felt a warm hand run up the length of his exposed neck, which made him stop and whip around.

"W-who's there!" the man shouted into the abandoned street. He got a deep child-like giggle as his response. He quickly turned back around and continued his sprinting towards home. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of orange and made a quick stop.

"Renji, come play with me," the voice whispered in the air. "I'm lonely, won't you play with me?" Before the red head knew it, he was pushed up against a wall. He heard a small cracking noise and felt a throb against the back of his head. He looked down into molten, gold eyes. Renji couldn't take his eyes off those eyes. They appeared to be swirling and glowing, hypnotizing him.

"A-are y-you? No, i-it can't be." Renji's words began to slow up and slur the longer he looked into the eyes. The being in front of him just smiled, showing little pearly white fangs.

"Hello, Rennnji," it hissed. It ran its pink tongue across it's fangs before speaking again. "I'm so glad you noticed it was me." The being ran his hands up the red head's body before ripping at his shirt, letting the shreds fall to the concrete ground. "Mmmm," it moaned. It ran its fingers across the chiseled chest and abs, tracing over the black tribal tattoos.

Renji was in a fit of unwanted bliss, every touch the being made creating a heated sensation against his skin and making his dick twitch. "Ahh," Renji moaned. He could feel the cool sweat rolling down his burning forehead and felt the being run its sandpaper tongue across his chest, moaning at the taste.

"So deliciousss," it hissed. He continued to lick at Renji's chest before sucking on the dusky nipple, letting its fangs scrape across the skin. It slid its tongue up against the red head's neck, licking at the pulse point before sucking it hard, leaving a large love bite. He ran his tongue up Renji's jaw, laying open-mouthed kisses against his skin. The being gripped the red heads jaw, making him open his mouth before he dipped his tongue in. Running it along the top of Renji's mouth, he explored every dip before he slid his tongue along the other man's.

Renji could feel his body begin to shiver and his dick twitch harder, as beads of precum dripped out of his clothed cock. He moaned into the being's mouth, as he felt the being's hand undo the button of his jeans and pull his dick out.

He snatched his mouth away from the being's to moan as he felt the being's hand begin to slide up and down his shaft. The being lowered to its knees and slid his tongue around the red head's dick before slipping it into its mouth and sucking hard. "Ahhhh, oh God." Renji felt like he was going to explode. His body shook and he started to feel drowsy and sleepy. His eyelids began to get heavy and lower. "Don't, p-please s-stop," Renji moaned. He didn't want this. He just wanted to go home, relax for the three months off from college.

The being began to suck harder and faster, sucking the red head's soul and essence out of him. Renji's body convulsed before he let out a piercing scream and exploded into the being's mouth. He kept sucking, even when Renji's body went slack and started to slide down the wall. He rose to a standing position, watching the red head's body lay dead on the ground. It licked its lips with a frown on its face.

"Ichigo, are you finished yet?" The being turned his head to the white haired man that stepped out of the shadows. The younger man named Ichigo, nodded. "Good, it's time to go, before someone finds the body."

Pouting, Ichigo replied, "But Shiro, that wasn't enough, I'm still hungry." He turned back around to stare down at Renji, laying there with his dead, wide eyes. "He was really weak; I thought he would last a little bit longer." Ichigo frowned to himself. "I'm sorry, Renji, I didn't want to drain you, but I didn't have a choice," he whispered.

"I'll give you some more when we get back home, but we need to leave…now." Ichigo slowly backed away from the man he had once called his friend before he turned around and ran off with his white counterpart, his long orange hair whipping behind him.


3 Months Later

"I can't believe summer is already over. I didn't get enough sleep."

"What the hell are you talking about, Starrk? You practically slept the whole damn summer. We wanted to go surfing and you were snoring on the damn couch."

"Hey losers, didja' hear about the murder that happened ova' the summer break?" A tall stick of a man yelled to his friends sitting under a big tree. They looked up at him and shook their heads. "It was the red headed guy that went here, the one with the long hair and tattoos."

"What? Renji? Damn, he was in my Lit class," a blue haired man responded. He ran a hand through his hair. "What happened to him? Are they saying any specifics?"

The tall man grunted before replying. "Yeah, they said he was found in an alley. His shirt was ripped t' shreds and his pants were undone an' pulled down. The cops said it looked like his body had been starved, he was so skinny. That sucks for him."

"Nnoitra, don't say that. This has been happening for a while now and the cops still haven't found a suspect. It seems to be only well-built guys, who are very attractive and it's always the same. They look starved and are half naked when they are found," the one named Starrk said.

"Tch, which must mean Grimmjow is next," Nnoitra said before cackling.

"What! Don't curse me like that asshole."

"It'll be okay, Grimmjow. I'm sure whoever is doing this, you can take them."

"Yeah, whateva'. I'm heading to class." Rising up and dusting off his dark blue jeans, he grabbed his book bag and made his way towards the C building, which held most of the Literary and Art classes. Making his way inside the building, he almost ran into a lithe teenager with long. shaggy orange hair. "Oh shit! Hey, watch were you're going kid, I almost stepped on you."

"Sorry," the kid mumbled. The boy watched as the man walked around him before he yelled after him. "Uhm, e-excuse me." The blue haired young man turned around to see what the kid was calling him for. "Uhh, do-do you know where the Life Drawing class is, I've gotten kind of lost."

Smirking, Grimmjow asked, "Are you new here? Your first year?" He got a timid nod from the kid. "That's my class right now, you can walk with me if ya' want." He got a small smile from the kid before he followed off after him.

"Uhm, I'm Ichigo." Grimmjow turned his head to take a look at the kid next to him. He seemed really plain and the only thing that really stood out was that long, bright orange hair. The kid was tall, but shorter than him, with sand colored skin. He had dark brown eyes, hidden behind thick black framed glasses, a thin nose and soft looking lips. His hair had shaggy bangs almost hiding his eyes; the rest was long and pulled into a ponytail. He was actually kind of cute, especially with his shy personality.

"I'm Grimmjow, nice to meet ya, Ichi." Ichigo blushed a little at the way the bigger man said his name. "So, are you just taking all drawing classes?"

"Uhm, yes, I'm an Art major. I'm taking some painting and pottery classes as well."

"Really? I can't wait to see how good you are." Reaching the room, they flitted in and found a seat. Ichigo asked if he could sit by Grimmjow and he was fine with it. Ichigo was setting up his sketching pad against the easel as the rest of the students came walking in. The orange head was in his own little world, getting ready for the class to start, when girly voices entered his ear.

"Grimmmmjoww, you were supposed to save the seat next to you. I was going to sit there. Why'd you give it to the weirdo? He looks so scary and totally nerdy." Ichigo frowned to himself, but he tried to ignore the insults he heard from the group of girls fawning over Grimmjow.

"Hey! If you're going to insult him then you don't have any right to sit next to me." Ichigo turned his head towards Grimmjow and saw he was being serious. He bit his bottom lip. Just like Renji. He frowned, he missed Renji so much. He wished he was still around. "Now get, class is starting." He turned to see Ichigo watching him with big eyes. "Sorry about that."

"I-it's okay, I'm used to it." Grimmjow frowned, but ignored the comment.

"Good morning class, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. Now, there are some students in here that have taken this class before and some newbies. I will say this only once. I am strict, hard and I will critique your work like any art connoisseur would. I expect everyone to learn in the class. If you can't draw then when you leave this class at the end of the year, you will have amazing drawing skills, but only if you apply yourself. I hope everyone will have fun and better themselves as well. Now, first things first, I will be passing out your syllabus. This will give you a run down of the types of drawings and workshops we will be doing in this class. Depending on your drawing skills, you will be divided into two groups: beginner and intermediate/advanced. The beginners will be working with me closely in the very beginning of the school year. Intermediate and advanced artists, or people who know most of the basic skills of drawing, will be working with my assistant as well as myself, from time to time. Does that sound okay to everyone?"

The professor got an affirmative response before he continued.

"To figure out if you are a beginner or not, I will be giving you a drawing assessment. You must finish this by the end of the class, which means you have 2 hours to sketch. I don't need a completely done drawing, just a quick rough sketch with some detail. I will be passing out your syllabus and assessment details."

The professor handed some papers to the front of the class and waited for it to circulate before he continued his first day of class speech. Getting a few packets, Grimmjow handed Ichigo one, getting a quiet thank you from the younger male. Grimmjow looked down at the assessment and read the print across the paper.

Your mind. Grimmjow thought for a minute. So we draw what we are thinking about. Grimmjow was at a loss, but he just randomly thought of something and quickly got an idea.

He captured the image in his mind and grabbed his pencil. He began to quickly sketch. Lines and curves materialized against the textured paper as his scratching created the picture in his subconscious.

After sketching for about an hour, he took a break, dropping his pencil onto the ledge of the easel. He stretched his limbs, cracking his knuckles as he looked around the quiet room. He turned to his left and was amused at what he saw.

Ichigo's attention was solely on the easel in front of him, letting the charcoal pencil flow across the paper. His brows creased in concentration and his small pink tongue sticking out. Grimmjow could hear the soft scratching of Ichigo's pencil and the small noises he made when he felt he messed up.

The older male couldn't take his eyes off of the younger one. There was something about Ichigo that drew him to the boy, but he couldn't understand why. The boy was quiet, plain, of course he was attractive, but he was far from what Grimmjow usually dated or even affiliated with. He dated petite, sexy, outgoing men with loads of self confidence…so why was he enjoying the view in front of him? He chuckled at how Ichigo looked.

Ichigo was so into what he was doing that every time he touched his face, he would rub charcoal across his cheeks. The long-sleeved, white top that covered most of Ichigo's fingers, had smears of dark colors and the tips of his fingers looked like he had dipped them in black ink.

"Alright class, we are going to take a twenty minute break. Stretch your limbs and keep those ideas in your head. I will be going around and looking at everyone's work."

The room slowly became a range of chatter, classmates getting to know each other or catching up with past classmates from the year before. People going around critiquing and viewing other people's work. It was all new to Ichigo. He wasn't used to being around so many students at once. Compared to high school, this was double the amount of students and it was all overwhelming.

Ichigo sighed to himself as he looked at his sketch. He slowly ran his fingers along the darker areas, blending and smudging the shadows.

"Are you always like that when you sketch?" Ichigo flinched at the voice before turning his attention to Grimmjow.

"Uhm, like what?" Grimmjow grinned at him, which made Ichigo blush a little. He has such a nice smile…just like him.

"Never mind. So, what did you sketch?" Ichigo looked down, the blush across his face growing darker.

"This is stunning!" Ichigo jerked out of the seat when he heard the professor's voice from behind him. "What is your name, young man?"

"K-Kurosaki I-Ichigo, sensei."

"There's so much depth and detail. You seem far from a beginner. How long have you been drawing?"

"A while, since I was real little."

"Well keep up the good work; you don't have to continue sketching. You will be in the intermediate/advanced group. You too, Grimmjow, I don't understand why you feel the need to take my class again. You passed last year."

"I like your class, sensei. Plus you're the best drawing teacher at the University and I hear you always teach something new to your classmates, so, why not?" Grimmjow smirked up at the teacher.

"Yeah, if you say so," the professor said as he moved along to the next student. Grimmjow chuckled before he turned around to see what Ichigo had drawn. Some other classmates had come over to see what the professor had been praising and were busy complimenting the younger man. He rose from his stool and headed over to look at Ichigo's easel.

Grimmjow's eyes widened as he took a look at the sketch. The whole sheet of canvas paper was dark, some areas darker than others. In the very center was a man, or more like a demon if Grimmjow went by the curving grayish horns, peeking through long flowing silver hair. The demon was topless, showing off sharp chiseled abs and torso. The lower half of the demon tapered off into the darkness. But what caught Grimmjow's eye, were the haunting eyes of the demon. The pupils were the only splash of color that popped and, even though this was supposed to be an assessment sketch, Ichigo decided to add color in that section. The pupils were as bright and shining as gold and the sclera were as black as night.

All in all, the sketch had an eerie, but beautiful presence.

When Ichigo turned back around, Grimmjow spoke to him. "Ichi, this is amazing. You're really good. How old did you say you were?"

"Uhm, nineteen." Ichigo had his head lowered and refused to look Grimmjow in the eye.

"Damn, you're that young and have this much talent? I would love to see your other stuff." Ichigo wanted to smile, but he didn't think it was right for Grimmjow to get close to him. When he looked up, he saw Grimmjow smiling at him. He felt his face heat up and his hands started to shake. "Are you okay, you're…kind of red?" Grimmjow's smile turned into a lecherous smirk.

"I-I'm fine, uhm I would love to show you some more of my art, but I can't…at least not now. I barely know you; I wouldn't feel comfortable inviting you over."

"That's coo', I just got to get to know ya, yeah?" Ichigo gave a little smile before he nodded. He had given Ichigo his cell number and said he could call whenever. Eventually the professor told everyone to get back to work and the class went back to its quiet work silence. Grimmjow was bored, so, he continued to work on his half finished sketch.

Ichigo sat on the stool, staring into the eyes of his drawing. He knew when he got home, Shiro would ask him about it. His older brother didn't like when Ichigo drew him in his true form, especially at school, but he couldn't help it. His brother was so handsome and confident and he didn't have to work hard for anything. Even if he was a demon, he never had to use his powers to get his way. Women and men flocked to him like he was dripping in diamonds and smelled of sweet spice.

Ichigo and his brother were half breed incubi. Their mother was a succubus and their father a vampire, meaning they were stronger then most of the incubi species. Ichigo was still considered a baby throughout their race, but Shiro- being ten decades older- was highly looked upon and was considered unique and the most exquisite.

Ichigo always wished to be like his brother, but he was still in his young stages of life and could not continue with breeding throughout his clan, unless his horns grew to their full size. They would have to curve fully, like that of a Mouflon or Ram. When his horns had fully grown into their adult stage, Ichigo would have to go through a process to find out if he was worthy and potent enough to impregnate the few succubi in his clan and keep the race running for generations.

Most of the succubi in his clan refused to get inseminated by humans, because they wanted to have full breed, strong incubi children. So, they would only use humans for spiritual energy and mate with the hundreds of incubi still around. That was the reason Ichigo's mother was murdered.

When the humans in the village where Ichigo's family used to live found out his mother was a succubus, they dragged her from her home and beat her to death in the front of it. Ichigo and his brother stood there watching as their mother screamed out for help. Most of the humans in the group were women, but the men decided to take their anger out on Shiro because of his outward appearance.

Ichigo didn't know what to do and because of his age, he wouldn't be strong enough to take on so many humans at once. He stood there, frozen, clutching the banister in front of their family home and watched the horror in front of him.

His brother had been raped and beaten and since that day, Shiro held a grudge against humans. He considered them vile creatures and only good for one thing: Food. He would never even think of impregnating one and any human he slept with, he would kill.

But Ichigo didn't want anything like that; he was unlike the rest of his species. He didn't like women and he wanted to be with one person and one person only. He wanted to find love and someone who wasn't afraid to love him, even when they found out what he was. He wanted to be able to be intimate with someone, without taking their life force and killing them.

He thought Renji would be the one, but when Ichigo found out he was a mere human, he felt devastated. Ichigo knew Renji could never withstand him and his thirst for lust, so Shiro told him that it was time to end their friendship…for good. He didn't want to kill Renji, but the closer he got to the tall red-head, the quicker Renji would find out his secret. He didn't want Renji to start to hate him because of what he was, so he did what Shiro told him to do.

Ichigo felt so stupid for ever thinking he could find an Espada in this day and age. They were a dead race and the ones that were still alive fled to parts of Europe and America. They were the only kind of human that could withstand the thirst incubi had. They would feed off of the spiritual energy around and constantly reproduce enough reiatsu to stay alive through any sexual encounter with Ichigo's species.

The only problem was that the Espada didn't know they were Espada. It was a difficult thing to detect and the only ways you would know, is if you were born from other Espada, or if you slept with an incubus and lived. They acted and lived like normal humans. There were rare occasions where some Espada had inhuman abilities; they could run or heal faster. They were a little stronger than normal humans and they had amazing eye sight and smell.

Espada were also great humans to mate with because they birthed strong and powerful children. Ichigo didn't have to worry about that kind of thing being male, but even if he was male he was still considered special. He couldn't give birth to children, but he could make it so other incubi and succubi could.

Every month for two weeks, Ichigo went through a heating period, where his spiritual energy gave off enormous amounts of magic and pheromones. That trait was given to him by his father, who used pheromones as a way to gather victims for blood. This was the only trait that made the younger male a little more worthy in the breeding ritual.

His species would come around and try to feed off that energy, in order to have better chances of getting impregnated, and if humans were around, they would become dizzy with lust and Ichigo's species could feed off the higher level of lust going through the humans.

There were times that even Shiro attacked Ichigo in a fit of lust, but Ichigo didn't stop him, because he was his brother and he loved his brother. He was just glad that Shiro never tried to claim Ichigo as his, by marking him. Ichigo wanted to be claimed and marked by the person he fell in love with, but that had yet to happen.

Before Ichigo knew it, class was over. "Ichi, it's time to go. Are you going to sit there all day?" Ichigo looked up to see Grimmjow standing there waiting for him. Ichigo looked around and saw not too many students were still in the class. He gave a sheepish "oh" before he hurried to gather his tools and things. Finishing up, he followed after Grimmjow. "So, do you have any other classes today?"

"I have an Art History class later and a Painting class now." Ichigo looked down at his schedule and at the room numbers. "I'll never figure out where these classes are."

Ichigo jerked and froze when he felt Grimmjow getting closer to him. Grimmjow had moved behind him and was looking over his shoulder at his schedule. The orange haired male closed his eyes, trying to keep the shudder from wracking his body at the smell of Grimmjow. He smelled divine, like deep, rich mahogany and the blood running through the blue haired man's veins made him throb with want. When Grimmjow's velvety voice husked low into his ear, Ichigo thought he was going to lose it.

"Your next class is actually close. Come on, I'll show you." He felt Grimmjow brush past him before he opened his eyes and slowly followed him on shaky feet.


"Shiro! I'm home!" Ichigo called into the empty house as he stepped through the portal. He slipped off his shoes and pulled at his book bag and canvas carrier. He heard soft murmuring and wondered if Shiro had company.

Ichigo headed past the living room and kitchen and down a small hallway to the last room on the left with wide double doors. He opened them and walked into his large studio. Paintings and sketches flanked the edges of the room as a pottery wheel sat in the far corner. Three different sized easels adorned the opposite side with a large steel top table in front of them, covered in an array of paints, pencils and oils.

He dropped his book bag against the table leg and placed his sketchbook on top of the table before sliding onto the high backed stool. He hated sitting in those stools without a back to them, they were way too uncomfortable. He flipped through his already half finished sketchbook to an empty page and grabbed a mechanical pencil.

He stared at the blank space before his hand went to work, sketching and letting it flow on its own. He moved about the page until he heard a womanly giggle. Frowning, he put his pencil down and looked up, only to turn his face in disgust at the scantily clad woman standing in his door way.

"Good afternoon, Ichigo-kun!"

"Afternoon, Cirucci," Ichigo growled back. He hated this succubus so damn much. She was such a bitch and she would tease Ichigo constantly, not to mention, when she was around she hardly wore any clothing.

"How was the baby's first day of college?" she asked as she strolled into his studio, not caring about his privacy or personal space. She was clad in a purple bra with white lace and lacy purple panties that curved into her ass, leaving her cheeks hanging out.

"It was fine. Where is Shiro-nii?" Ichigo didn't like being alone with this woman. She would molest him and ask him rude and obscene questions. Ichigo would never admit, but he was scared of women. They were scornful, vengeful creatures, who did whatever it took to get to the top, even if it meant killing innocent people. The only woman he had ever loved was his mother. Women took her away from him. He couldn't trust those creatures that pretended to be sweet and cuddly, just to stab you in the back.

"Shiro-sama is playing with Luppi right now; he'll be down in a minute." She stepped closer to Ichigo, pushing her breasts against his shoulder. "But more importantly…when are you going to let me claim you, little one?" She ran her hand up Ichigo's thigh before squeezing his limp cock through his clothing.

Ichigo felt like he was going to be sick and his body quivered with fear. He closed his eyes tightly before saying Shiro's name in his subconscious, repeating it like a mantra, until he felt his presence at the doorway of his studio.

"Cirucci, WHAT do you think you are doing to Ichi?" his older brother hissed. The black haired woman jumped back as far as she could from Ichigo, her eyes wide and her body quivering.

"Sh-Sh-Shiro-sama, I-I wasn't doing anything," she croaked out. Shiro made his way over to her, his gold eyes blazing, his bare feet slapping against the concrete floor and his long, silver hair flowing behind him. His reiatsu seeped out of him, circling around and suffocating her, making sure she couldn't move an inch, until he stood in front of her.

"I've told you millions of times to never…and I mean NEVER touch him. Do you want me to punish you?"

"N-n-no, Shiro-sama. It won't happen again."

"Good, now GET OUT and take Luppi with you." He lowered his reiatsu, letting her scurry out of the room. "Sorry King, did she hurt you?" Shiro turned around, strolling over to his younger brother before he pulled the glasses off Ichigo's face and removed the hair tie around Ichigo's bright orange hair, letting it flow down and around his shoulders.

He leaned over and let his lips ghost over his younger brother's forehead before planting a soft kiss on it. "No, Shiro-nii, I'm fine." The older male smirked against his brother's skin before he lowered his lips to Ichigo's, pressing against them softly. Ichigo gasped, letting Shiro dip his tongue into the hot cavern of the smaller male. Their tongues locked and danced in what Shiro had told Ichigo was a brotherly kiss. Shiro released Ichigo's lips, leaving a string of saliva connecting them to each other.

Ichigo's eyes were hooded and he was panting quietly. "Good, how was school?" Shiro whispered against Ichigo's lips before he pulled up another stool and sat next to his younger brother. Ichigo licked his swollen lips, missing the touch of his brother's against them.

"It…it was good. My professors said my drawings were amazing and my knowledge of art was astounding, considering I'm so young. They just don't know I've been around for decades." I can't tell him about Grimmjow, he'll flip out.

"I'm so proud of ya, King. You can show me what you drew later. Have you fed today?" Ichigo blushed as he shook his head. He was still getting used to trying to seduce men, so he could feed off of them. He could eat human food, but he still needed essence or blood at least three times a week, so he could stay healthy.

Sighing, Shiro, responded "I should have let you feed off of Luppi before he left. I guess you can feed off of me, since I have enough energy from those two and some other women from earlier this morning."

"Shiro, it's ok, I can feed tomorrow when I go to school. You don't have to give me any." Ichigo could feel the menacing aura coming from his brother because of the rejected offer. This always happened when Shiro offered to feed Ichigo. Ichigo didn't want to keep depending on his brother for everything. The older male already gave him enough, but he wanted to be able to do things on his own. He wasn't always going to be a baby. "I-I mean…ok."

Shiro smirked at his brother before rising from the stool, "I'll be upstairs getting everything ready."

Ichigo just swallowed the lump in his throat. He hated having to do this. He just wished he'd find someone to call his own. Very, very soon.

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