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100 years later

Ichigo stood, leaning against the balcony railing of his castle home. He gazed out at the vast desert, the sand dunes stretching as far as the eye could see. His long, orange hair softly blew in the breeze. It had been around eight weeks since Grimmjow had left. He and his army had traveled to the opposite side to conquer some small colonies that thought they could overthrow Grimmjow. The man seriously didn't play when it came to his kingship. Everyone thought he would just be a stupid child who couldn't take care of his world, but he did more than even his own father in law was able to do.

He fought battles and won them. In the span of 100 years, Grimmjow was able to get the incubi world modernized. It was still ages behind the human world, but it was slowly working its way up there. Communication was easier. Getting food and water wasn't as much as a hassle and even entertainment wasn't as lame as before. Small towns were quickly popping up and the population of incubi was quickly growing into the millions.

Ichigo was actually happy enough to now call the incubi world his home. Everyone he had ever loved was there. Shiro, Grimmjow, Nnoitra, Yoruichi and Kisuke. He even finally had gotten in contact with his father, though he didn't even understand how he was related to such a crazy vampire. The one person missing was of course his mother, but she was always in his heart. He smiled. He hoped wherever she was that she was proud of the lover he chose. He wanted to make her proud.

He leaned over the balcony when he heard the trumpet sound. He quickly looked out, wondering what the watch guard had seen. His mouth grew into a large smile when he noticed a large dust cloud forming. That could only mean his king was returning home. Being alone in the large castle bothered him. He always enjoyed lying next to his husband. He watched as Grimmjow and his army made their way into the castle. After a while, he heard the door to his and Grimmjow's bedroom being thrown open. He refused to turn around and continued to gaze outward. He felt two large arms wrap around his waist and smirked when he felt Grimmjow's hard body pressed up from behind.

"Hello, my queen," Grimmjow's deep voice rumbled, making Ichigo blush.

"I hate you. You left me all alone for eight weeks." Ichigo could feel lips softly touching his neck and sighed.

"Sorry, battle took longer than I intended, but I'm here now. Shower me with love." The orange haired man smiled and turned around in Grimmjow's arms, only to frown at how the blunet looked.

"You are covered in blood!"

"…So?" Ichigo pushed against Grimmjow's body and frantically tried to find any wounds.

"Are you hurt?"

"It's not my blood." Ichigo made a noise of distaste and pulled away from Grimmjow. He walked around the blue haired demon, trying to get as far away from him as possible. "Where are you going? My love showering hasn't even started."

"The only kind of shower you are getting is the one that will rinse that damn blood off of you."


"Now." Grimmjow pouted and began to shed himself from his clothing. Ichigo went over to the dresser and started digging through the drawers, looking for suitable clothing for his mate. He grumbled about stupid men and the things they did.

He felt arms wrap around him and lips press against his skin. He could feel that Grimmjow was completely naked and tried to ignore the shudder that wanted to wrack his body. It had been eight weeks and he was definitely horny. He had to stand his ground though. He was the queen and had to keep his king in check.

"No love showering?"

"No love showering.

"Then what about a normal shower…together?"

"…" He felt those lips start to make their way lower, kissing his shoulder blades.

"I'll let you wash my hair, then maybe my back. You can use the…loofa."


"Then maybe I'll wash you. I'll use my tong-"

"Okay!" Ichigo grabbed Grimmjow's forearm. He started to drag the man into the bathroom, trying to ignore the man's boisterous cackling.

He didn't care what anyone said. After going through heartache so many times in his life, he was happy. He had finally been mated to a man who loved him just as much as he loved him. It was what he had been wanting for such a very long time. They both stood in the shower, the water cascading over their naked bodies. Lips locked and fingers interlocked. On their backs, looking completely identical, a symbol curved into itself, letting everyone know, they belonged to each other.

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