Hunting Muggles

Chapter 1: Targeting the Dark Knight

It was yet another day for the Ministry of Magic, with Lord Voldemort having finally his puppets in charge of the Ministry. Yet, there was one obvious muggle that could get the better hands on them only known as the Dark Knight. Dolores Umbridge was meeting with some top Ministry officials whom were in favor of the new regime.

"This Dark Knight, he doesn't look too scary" said Yaxley as he was examining an image of the Dark Knight on a wanted poster.

"He'll be in our path if we try to do away with the mudbloods and muggles alike" said Dolores, "it is why we are required to get rid of him for good."

"You sure he isn't the only rogue muggle that we should be concerned about?" asked Albert.

"I hope you have enough of your intelligence assets available to get info on all the rogue muggles like the Dark Knight, Green Arrow, the Flash, Superman, they're all a threat" continued Dolores.

"What about the Potter boy?" asked Yaxley, "And his two troublesome friends?"

"They're on the run for now, but I want you to get some more info on these rogue muggles immediately" said Dolores.

Yet as they were about to leave, an arrow from above somehow managed to strike down a wanted poster of the Dark Knight, as they all turned toward the window above they noticed the Green Arrow and his sidekick Speedy.

"Aw, you guys redecorated the place since the last time I came to the Ministry of Magic" said the Green Arrow.

"After him!" ordered Dolores.

As everyone began to fire their wands at the Green Arrow and Speedy, the two ran up from the roof to which Speedy was sure the Ministry of Magic now under Lord Voldemort was going to get them for sure.

"You sure he'll be coming?" asked Speedy to the Green Arrow.

"Bats will arrive soon enough" replied the Green Arrow.

Suddenly Batman's own Batjet arrived on the scene to which a ladder was let out where the two managed to climb up. They obviously hurried to get into the Batjet, since the Ministry of Magic was going to send in its air force to shoot down the Batman.

"Just what are you doing spying on the Ministry of Magic?" asked Batman.

"They're making laws that'll go after us soon enough Bats" replied the Green Arrow.

"This doesn't sound like the Ministry of Magic that I know of" said Batman.

"Well, whatever, just get the heck out of here for us please" replied Speedy.

"At least you said please" said Batman as he noticed some wizards and withes in Death Eater masks chasing the Batjet.

"After them!" cried the lead Death Eater.

As the Death Eaters chased after the Dark Knight and his two allies, Batman knew he had to out run them quickly.

"Let's see how they'll fly with this" said Batman as he used his booster on the Batjet speeding it up.

Yet the Death Eaters were still able to follow them.

"Shoot them out of the sky Bats, literally please" said the Green Arrow.

"Don't worry, I got everything under control" replied Batman as he pressed some buttons on the console of the Batjet.

Suddenly smoke came out of the back engines of the Batjet, causing the Death Eaters whom were following the Dark Knight to literally be blinded temporarily. Yet, they were still able to follow the Dark Knight.

"Shoot the rogue muggle down!" cried another of the Death Eaters on his broom.

As the Death Eaters started to fire their wands at the Dark Knight's Batjet, it was getting to be quite rocky for the trio onboard.

"I got this one covered" said the Green Arrow as he got his arrows ready and opened up a hatch.

The Green Arrow then fired a few rounds of arrows at the Death Eaters whom were chasing the trio, knocking each one of them off of their brooms.

"Ha, that'll show them!" laughed the Green Arrow.

"We got more on our tail!" cried Speedy as he noticed from the mirror.

"I see them" said Batman as he then continued pushing his Batjet to the brink.

As the Dark Knight continued trying to out run the Death Eaters, one of the Death Eaters had used his wand to successfully knock out one of the engines of the Batjet.

"Lucky shot!" cried the Green Arrow who quickly buckled up ready for a hard landing.

"Hold on tight!" cried Batman as he also buckled up.

As the trio knew the Batjet was going to crash, Batman then pressed some buttons on the console of the Batjet sending the trio shooting right out of the Batjet and flying toward a forest making it hard for the Death Eaters to see where they were going to land.

"Blast!" cried one of the Death Eaters who was disappointed.

"Seems like we're going to need a search party to root them out" said another Death Eater, "I'll get the Ministry of Magic to deal with this."

"What about getting help from Lord Voldemort?" asked the first Death Eater.

"The Dark Lord has other pressing matters to attend to, however if we do need help, I am sure he'd be more than happy to take out another major foe" replied the second Death Eater as he then raced off on his broom.

As the Death Eaters soon left, the Dark Knight eventually got himself free from a tree he had fallen in, and later met up with the Green Arrow.

"Say, Bats, have you seen Speedy?" asked the Green Arrow to which Speedy was obviously also stuck in a tree.

"Er, a little help please?" asked Speedy.

"Sure thing" replied Batman as he then used a Baterang cutting the branch and freeing Speedy.

"Where the heck are we anyway?" asked the Green Arrow.

"The Ministry of Magic has somehow fallen under the corruption of Lord Voldemort, I don't know how or why, but we need to find out clues to why they are hunting muggle-born wizards and witches, not to mention targeting us" replied Batman.

"Er, not to get too concern about where we are, but are these woods a bit creepier than before?" asked the Green Arrow.

"Nonsense, we'll find our way out soon enough" replied Batman.

Yet what the trio didn't realize was they had just crashed landed quite close to Malfoy Manor, a major center for the Death Eaters whom were no doubt about to find out they didn't have to search far for the trio.