Chapter 2: The Malfoy Manor

The trio which included the Dark Knight, the Green Arrow and Speedy had just crashed in a wooded area not far from Malfoy Manor. They were unaware of how close they were to those who really wanted to hunt them down for good. Within Malfoy Manor itself, a certain Bellatrix was quite impatient well knowing that Harry and his friends had gotten away.

"Lucius, we have to go after them, Potter and his two friends" said Bellatrix.

"I know the Dark Lord sees that you are quite eager to continue the hunt, but for now we must gather our strength to search for Potter and his friends" replied Lucius.

"But we don't have much time if Potter is able to find a way to defeat the Dark Lord" continued Bellatrix.

"Do not worry, he won't succeed in defeating the Dark Lord" said Lucius.

As Lucius was prepared to head out, Wormtail came into the scene with urgent news.

"There has been a skirmish close to our area" said Wormtail.

"Is it Potter again?" asked Lucius to Wormtail.

"No, er, the Death Eaters and the Ministry of Magic have been fighting off a rogue muggle known as the Batman" replied Wormtail.

"Ah yes, so I've heard" said Lucius to which he turned to Bellatrix, "well, it seems like you will get a taste of the action after all, the Batman is a well known muggle ally of Harry Potter, and stopping him would be all the more important."

"It would be a pleasure of mine to bring down this Batman" said Bellatrix as she made an evil laugh.

Meanwhile, as Lucius Malfoy, along with Bellatrix were plotting to go after the Dark Knight, the Dark Knight along with the Green Arrow and Speedy were still trying to get a glimpse on where they really were located.

"All I see is more and more trees" said Speedy as he looked ahead.

"There has to be a place which we can get some help" said Batman.

"Sorry Bats, but I also don't seem to see anything either" added the Green Arrow.

"My scanners are picking up a large structure not far from here, it might be a mansion where we could stay for the night" said Batman.

"As big as the one as yours back home?" asked the Green Arrow.

"Hopefully, we'll probably then be able to contact help" replied Batman.

As the trio then continued their way, they were unaware that Bellatrix was already up in the air on her broom stick watching the ground from below.

"That muggle must be around here somewhere" said Bellatrix.

She then spotted the Dark Knight, along with the Green Arrow and Speedy down below as they were climbing tree to tree.

"Hey, look I wonder if it might be one of your wizard friends like that Potter boy you were friends with" said the Green Arrow.

"Somehow, I do not think we should trust someone wearing all black" said Batman.

"Yeah, well name one reason why I shouldn't be waving for help?" asked the Green Arrow.

Suddenly a green light which was really the Killing Curse summoned by Bellatrix hit the ground missing the Green Arrow just a few inches.

"Blast, I knew I should have fired it when I landed!" cried Bellatrix.

"Run!" cried Batman.

As the trio raced away from Bellatrix in trying to lose her in the woods, Bellatrix kept on firing her wand, continuously using the Killing Curse hoping that she would eventually hit the Dark Knight and his two companions.

"Come on, come on!" cried Bellatrix as she kept on firing.

"At this rate Bats, the entire forest will be destroyed!" cried the Green Arrow who was hiding under a large rock with Batman and Speedy.

"I think I have an idea, split up, we'll confuse whoever is firing at us" said Batman.

"I hope you know what you're doing Bats" said the Green Arrow as he went off.

As the Green Arrow went one way, Speedy went in another and the Dark Knight also going in another direction. Bellatrix didn't know which one to fire at, so she first decided to go after her main objective, the Dark Knight. She kept on firing her Killing Curse spell at the Dark Knight, yet he was able to dodge the spell entirely. Even though he was able to accomplish this with ease, the Green Arrow who had met up with his sidekick Speedy wanted to make it easier for his friend.

"Let's say we take this one down?" asked the Green Arrow to Speedy as they were getting their arrows ready.

"Ready" said Speedy as he was aiming carefully at Bellatrix.

"Steady" continued the Green Arrow who was also doing the same.

"Fire!" cried both of them.

For a certain Bellatrix, she was well unaware that two arrows were coming right at her, which literally knocked her off her broom which the broom itself crashed on the forest floor. As Bellatrix was trying to recover from what just happen, it was ample enough time for the Green Arrow, Speedy and the Dark Knight to make a hasty retreat. By the time Bellatrix got onto her broom again, when she eventually found it, they were nowhere to be seen.

"That rogue muggle and his friends will pay dearly for this!" cried Bellatrix.

As she then zoomed back to Malfoy Manor in defeat, it was just then that the Dark Knight along with Speedy and the Green Arrow were also approaching Malfoy Manor, thinking it was some abandon place.

"You sure about this Bats" said Green Arrow in the bushes, "it looks a bit creepy to me."

"I'd rather stay in your cave than go in there" added Speedy.

"It's the only building within so many miles" replied Batman, "we're going in."

"I was afraid you'd say that" sighed Speedy as he along with the Green Arrow followed the Dark Knight into the mansion not knowing that it belonged to Lucius Malfoy.