Chapter 5: Voldemort's Hunt

It was finally time for the Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort himself to take upon the action of hunting down the rogue muggles. As for the trio of rogue muggles in question, Batman along with the Green Arrow and Speedy had already bunkered themselves down in the forest nearby Malfoy Manor.

"Well, that was all but a bust Bats" sighed the Green Arrow, "they are to follow us for sure."

"Not if I use my remote call for my backup Batjet" replied Batman.

"Wait, you had one all along?" asked Speedy, "Why didn't you bother to use it before?"

"Never thought things would turn out this bad" replied Batman as he began to call the remote backup Batjet.

It was just then that some dark mist began to move right on in, with a shadowy figure in the center of it really the Dark Lord himself.

"Greetings Batman and friends, I've see you have managed to outwit my best Death Eaters and the Ministry of Magic itself" said Lord Voldemort as he appeared as the mist cleared up.

"Ha, I think we can make an easy shot at someone who has a snake for a face!" laughed Speedy as he was readying his weapon.

Yet before Speedy could manage to fire, Nagini, Lord Voldemort's pet snake emerged as well.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot, that I decided to bring Nagini along the hunt with me" added Lord Voldemort, "you see, Nagini loves the taste of muggle, she can't help herself you see, and you three will be breakfast, lunch and dinner."

"Run!" cried Batman to his two friends.

As the trio ran for their lives from Nagini who was able to go through the wooded thick forest area with ease, the Green Arrow decided it was time to fight back at the snake.

"I'm no rat!" cried the Green Arrow as he readied his bow and fired some shots at Nagini causing her to be blinded for a bit.

Nagini a bit dazed from the attack continues forward toward the trio of muggles who split up going in their own separate paths. The giant snake was more interested in taking down the primary target, the Dark Knight instead of going after the two other rogue muggles in question. She immediately gave chase to the Dark Knight who was doing his best to outrun the snake.

"I don't think you'd like bats for lunch" said Batman as he leaped on a tree branch and threw his Baterang causing Nagini to go temporary blind.

The giant snake eventually covered from the attack and moved forward, yet not before Lord Voldemort came into the scene to help his pet snake out. The Dark Lord used the Cruciatus Curse on the Dark Knight, even managing to paralyze the rogue muggle.

"So much for you being the Batman, the only muggle who could have really challenged me" laughed Lord Voldemort as Nagini was getting ready to eat her prey, "but I am pretty sure you'd make a fine dinner for my Nagini."

Yet before Nagini could strike, two arrows struck out of nowhere knocking Nagini right in the back as she was about to pounce on the Dark Knight. As the Dark Lord turns around, he notices the Green Arrow and Speedy who heard of the commotion going on decided to help out the Dark Knight.

"Bat's is off the menu" said the Green Arrow as he was readying another shot.

"You dare disrupt my pet's meal?" roared Lord Voldemort.

"Oh, we don't just dare" replied Speedy as he fired another shot that was quite close to Lord Voldemort.

"Ignorant muggle fool, you do not know who you are dealing with!" roared Lord Voldemort.s

The Dark Lord raised his wand and continued to fire at the two, Nagini who had recovered from the surprise attack decided to join on in hunting the two other rogue muggles. It was just then that the Dark Knight himself was recovering from the Cruciatus Curse that the Dark Lord had managed to put on him in a surprise attack before.

"Ha, that's right Nagini, you are almost there, you'll need to catch up on your strength by swallowing up these two whole!" laughed Lord Voldemort as he was about to put the Cruciatus Curse upon the Dark Knight's two friends.

Yet before Lord Voldemort could do just that, a Baterang was thrown by the Dark Knight knocking Lord Voldemort's wand right off his hand. The Dark Lord couldn't believe how painful it was, as he was about to pick up his wand, the Dark Knight steps on the wand and takes it off from the ground.

"Magic show is over" said Batman.

"You, you dare take my wand?" roared Lord Voldemort as Nagini was turning toward the Dark Knight, "Nagini, show this muggle where his place is!"

"I don't think you want to do that" said the Green Arrow as he was readying another batch of arrows targeting Nagini, "our friend isn't your lunch."

It was just then that the backup Batjet had swooped right in the area to which the Dark Knight took out a grappling hook and shot out the hook which both Speedy and the Green Arrow jumped onboard.

"Sorry, my ride's here" said Batman as he then threw the Dark Lord's wand right in some mud, "you can dig out your wand later."

As the Batjet went off its way, the Dark Lord couldn't believe how the Dark Knight was about to outwit him, as humiliating as the defeat was, it was even more humiliating for the Dark Lord who had to fetch his wand that had already sunk in the mud. Knowing very well he'd get his hands literally messy, he had summoned some of his Death Eaters.

"Fetch my wand" said Lord Voldemort to his Death Eaters, "consider this to be punishment for not stopping the muggle known as the Batman."

The scene ends where the Death Eaters are literally forced to dig up the Dark Lord's wand, while the Batjet flees the area for good.