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Chapter 1: Pure blood?

Rose stayed near the shadows while walking back to her dorm. When she was walking, she spotted a plethora of Day class girls surrounding the Night class dorm gate. Rose also saw poor Zero pushing the girls back; yelling at them to stay back. Rose sweat dropped seeing this scenario and shook her head. She never understood why some female mortals flaunt over guys that are handsome, without getting to know them first. But it really didn't matter now. She made a deal with the headmaster about being near the Night class student area. Rose tried her best to pass through the screaming fan girls, but it was too late. The Night class gate opened up and the students started to come out. Every Day class girl screamed their butts off! Rose flinched at the screams and tried to get pass four girls to reach the forest. She suddenly froze in her spot, feeling this presence of another pure blood. Rose tried to conceal herself in the crowd and her very own presence.

While the Night class walked, Aido was of course, waving at the girls and smiling at them. Each girl had heart shaped eyes and did their best to gain his or the other Night class guys attention. Aido was smiling and went back to group. Everyone around the class president froze for a second feeling another strong presence but also felt it go away. "What the-" They all thought, except Kaname who just kept on walking. But of course Kaname was looking around silently to see if he can pinpoint the presence. He noticed the feeling was coming from a group of girls on the right. He looked straight ahead and just kept on walking. The rest of the group caught up with him easily. They all kept their guard up and looked around while every fan girl screamed when one of the guys looked at them.

Rose shook her head and quickly began moving again towards the forest. Once she made it, she sighed in relief. "That was too close!" Thought Rose while walking towards her dorm. For some odd reason her body began to feel immense pressure on it. "What the heck! What's going on with my body?" Question Rose under breath. Rose forced her body to keep on moving and soon felt the pressure be lifted from her. She sighed in relief knowing she was safe for now. But it was unknown to her that her life was going to get a little bit more complicated.