Journeys Through the Past
A Sailor Moon fanfic by Sailor Chronos

Chapter Ten: Loving Memories

"Zirconia! Come at once!"

The summons could not be ignored. The ancient sorceress shuffled up to a large golden mirror. "Yes, my Queen?"

A shadowed female figure appeared in the mirror. "Have you found anything yet?" The voice was dulcet, but with a malicious undertone. "My patience will not last forever."

"So far we have been unable to find what you seek, Majesty. There is also a problem with another Sailor Senshi."

"Do not concern yourself with that any longer, Zirconia. Pegasus must be located for our plan to succeed."

Zirconia bowed. "I shall not disappoint you, my Queen." The figure in the mirror faded away.

She turned and rapped the end of her staff on the floor in anger, causing the perched eyeball creature to squeak in protest. One of her best Lemures had been destroyed, the Amazon Trio continued to be incompetent and the Sailor Senshi were a serious threat. However, the Queen had spoken, so she had to obey. One day there would be a reckoning for the Sailor Senshi, and Zirconia intended to be there. She smiled grimly.

Weak but otherwise well, Alyssa lay on a futon sipping from a cup of tea while the girls nattered about their schoolwork in the next room. She would have to go home soon, but was unsure if she would be able to walk that far.

The door slid open and Chibiusa peeked in.

"Come in, Chibiusa-chan," Alyssa said, beckoning with her free hand. "I'm not such an invalid that I don't need company."

The girl grinned. "I'm glad that you're okay. Usagi said that Mamo-chan would come and drive you home if you're not up to taking a bus."

"That's kind of him, but I think I can manage." She put down her cup and stood, but was only able to stay up for a few wobbly seconds before having to sit again. "Or maybe not."

"Lia-chan?" Usagi's voice came. "Is Chibiusa bothering you?"

"Not at all," she called back. "Do come in. I'm sure you all want to hear how I miraculously survived." She laughed softly as the girls entered the room. "I had sensed what Assyra was trying to do, and Rei-san did me the favour of yelling when she did, which broke her concentration for the split second that I needed to set up my stasis shield. However she had severely underestimated the effect of such power at close range, and ended up destroying herself."

"But even with your shield, you were hurt badly," Makoto said.

Alyssa shrugged. "Just drained, really. That shield takes a lot of concentration to maintain, plus I'm a little rusty at countering my own powers. If I had been in practice I wouldn't have needed the shield, I would have just dissipated the attack the same way I had the disk. But at such proximity I didn't want to chance it."

Ami asked, "So how are you feeling now?"

"Still weak, but that'll pass. I can't walk yet, so perhaps I will avail myself of Mamoru-san's ride after all."

Journal, April 10th 1995
The crisis is over; for me at any rate. I feel that the others still have a long way to go before they can solve their problem, but I'm sure they'll be able to manage without me from now on. There is one more loose end for me to tie up, then I can get on with life. It has been too long. Mamoru-san was as good as his word. Not only did he drive me back to my apartment, but even carried me partway up the stairs after my legs gave out. I told him that Usagi-chan would be jealous, but he just laughed and said that he wouldn't mention it. What a wonderful relationship those two have.

Alyssa woke to the sound of birds chirping. The sky was just getting light: too early yet to think about getting out of bed. She lay staring at the ceiling for a few moments, then decided to get dressed and try to go for a walk. If her legs could handle it, she would go to school today.

It turned out that a good night's sleep was all she had needed. Before she knew it, she was crossing the Juuban pedestrian overpass. As she walked she saw someone else walking along the deserted walkway.

Someone who turned out to be Ichijo Kurisu.

"Alyssa-san!" he exclaimed. "Why are you out here at such an hour?"

"I just couldn't sleep any more. You?"

"The same. I thought about calling you but I didn't want to wake you up, so I just slipped out for a while. I wanted to see you because I had another dream..." He stopped as Alyssa put a finger to her lips.

"I know," she said, taking his hand. "I had a dream too. Do you remember anything more since we last talked about this?"

Kurisu nodded. "What you told me while we were prisoners makes sense now." He paused, then suddenly words began to spill out, and he was unable to stop the tide as more and more memories surfaced. "My name was Kurin. I came from a good family and was your friend from childhood. When we reached our teens, you began training to become Sailor Chronos, and I was accepted at an elite school. Shortly after my fifteenth yearing I had to leave Chronos because I had been chosen to be a ministerial page. At first I was so happy that I had made it, I ran down to your parents' house so I could tell you the good news. A few more months' separation didn't bother me, since I knew you'd be able to come to the Moon once you learned how to teleport. They told me that you were in seclusion and couldn't be interrupted, but would be home in a few days."

He sighed and the expression on his face became anguished. "I would have gone to find you anyway, and blast the consequences, but my father wouldn't let me." His voice took on a sarcastic tone. "Such behaviour was unbecoming of my rank." He continued, "Since a shuttle was coming to collect me the following evening, all I could do was write you a letter. I knew you'd be upset, and I wished with all my heart that you would understand." He looked at her, his eyes watering. "But you didn't, did you?"

Alyssa's half-forgotten grief threatened to bring tears again. "I tried, I really did, but I hadn't expected you to be gone so suddenly. It felt like a betrayal. My parents and my friend Darla tried to get me to see reason but it didn't help. Finally I realized that I could not disappoint Mirai after all she had done for me and my family." Even now, she couldn't tell him the whole truth: that she had been the result of an illegal liason between a citizen of Chronos and an Earth woman, and that Mirai had intervened on her father's behalf and prevented them from being exiled by choosing Alyssa as her successor. Perhaps one day she would tell him, but now wasn't the time. "I forced my memories of you aside and began to distance myself from everyone. I became aloof, like a cat; I only showed my real feelings to Darla because I had trained with her and she understood."

"I knew something had happened to you," Kurisu said softly. "The first time you came to the Moon in your official capacity as Sailor Chronos, I was sent to meet you and escort you to the Council chamber. I couldn't wait to see you and say how much I'd missed you. But the moment I laid eyes on you, standing in the courtyard wearing your Sailor fuku, I felt that you weren't my Lia-chan any more. You'd become cold." He wiped falling tears on his sleeve.

"Kuri-chan..." Alyssa hugged him. They stood embraced for a few minutes before she withdrew and continued her side of the story. "That time, I wanted so much to say how I wished we could be together. But Sailor Senshi didn't usually have relationships; their duty was to protect the royal family and couldn't have any 'distractions' as my father put it." She snorted. "It was all I could do to not throw myself into your arms. I didn't want to hurt you but I had no choice. As time went on I came to the Moon more frequently, and avoiding you became harder. I was actually relieved when I heard you'd been promoted to a squire for one of the Royal Knights."

Kurisu nodded. "Even when I was training as a squire, I still heard about you from time to time. I was glad that you and Sailor Mara were often helping Queen Serenity with matters of state. I knew that was what you wanted, but I still missed you terribly, and the good times we had playing in the fields on Chronos. The Moon was beautiful in its own way but it wasn't like home." He shivered abruptly. "Then the Dark Kingdom came. When the news got around that the planet Chronos had somehow broken apart and the entire population had perished, I was devastated. I thought you had been killed too. However I was given no time to grieve for you or my family, since everyone was required to enforce security around the palace. Why Queen Serenity chose to hold a ball that night, nobody could understand, but we had our orders..." His voice trailed off.

Alyssa knew the story of what had happened next all too well. She put her hand on his shoulder gently. "Kuri-chan, I know it was terrible, but it was all such a long time ago. I'm sure Queen Serenity saved me because she wanted us to be together in the future. Couldn't we just forgive each other and start over? I..." She hesitated, hoping that he felt the same way as she did. "I still love you."

He stared at her, amazed. "Lia-chan!" he cried joyfully, grabbing her by the waist and hoisting her into the air before setting her on her feet again. "Of course I forgive you! And now that everything's finally clear in my head, I can finally forgive myself for never telling you what I should have." Smiling, he took her in his arms. "Jikanno Alyssa, I love you. I always have and I always will. After school today, would you please accompany me to the Crown cafe for tea?"

Feeling as if she was walking on air, she looked at him and nodded. "It's a date."

They kissed.

Kurisu regarded her quizzically when they parted. "By the way, how did you escape those manacles?"

She winked, then grinned mischeviously. "It's a secret."

A black cat that was watching from the other end of the walkway smiled to itself and silently walked off as the sun peeked over the horizon.


Sailor Chronos
September 1998