A Beautiful Tragedy

Tonks-Lupin Story

Chapter 2

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In her dream she was visiting the coolest place on Earth- Disney World in Florida. Yeah, it was a Muggle amusement park, but that didn't stop Nymphadora Tonks from actually visiting there. Some of her Muggle cousins from her father's side had filled her on in details about the rides in the park and she was thrilled with the idea of going there. Of course, given the fact that she was a metamorphmagus witch who was extremely clumsy, that was almost impossible. But as one says, a girl can was rudely awaken from her dream when her alarm started ringing loudly.

"Nymphadora, you must wake up, it's time for your duty," the deep, booming voice of her mentor, Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody said from her alarm clock.

"Oh shut up Mad-Eye," Tonks said, getting up. "I shouldn't have let you set up this stupid alarm clock. And how many times must I tell you? Don't call me Nymphadora."

Her bright bubble-gum pink hair turned red for a short while, displaying her anger. She worked as an auror in the Ministry of Magic, and today her mentor Mad-Eye Moody would be escorting her to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, an organization formed by Albus Dumbledore to collect as many members as possible who are ready to fight against Lord Voldemort. Tonks was more than happy to join the Order, as it meant another great adventure for the risk-taking, adventure loving witch.

She bathed and changed into a white t-shirt which had a logo of the Weird Sisters, a black jeans and her hair was bubblegum pink. After eating a burnt toast and a glass of pumpkin juice, she apparated to just outside Mad-Eye's house.

"Who is it?" Mad-Eye's usual paranoid voice.

"Tonks," Tonks replied.

"Which color does the real Nymphadora Tonks' hair change to when I call her by her first name?" Mad-Eye asked.

"Blimey Mad-Eye!" Tonks exclaimed. "It's red. And that one is way too obvious. Why do you have to be so paranoid all the time?"

"You too would be paranoid if two crazy death eaters attacked you, put you under the Imperius curse, and impersonated you," Mad-Eye said, ushering Tonks inside. "Now listen to me carefully Nymphadora-"

"It's TONKS, Mad-Eye," Tonks said.

"Fine, Tonks," Mad-Eye said. "So we are going to apparate to the headquarters. You are going to relax and not break much stuff there. I am sure the residents and members of the Order wouldn't want you breaking stuff there."

"Fine," Tonks said. "Shall we go?"

"Yes," Moody said, holding his trainee's hand.


Remus had set out the entire house for the first Order meeting. Mad-Eye Moody would be bringing a new member any minute, and the Weasley family would be moving in around 5 in the evening. Sirius was not much into cleaning and stuff, so he gladly let Remus do all that while he cheerfully chatted away to his friend. The idea of company pleased him very much indeed. He had felt much better with the arrival of Remus, and was now looking forward to the arrival of the cheerful Weasley family, and the other Order members.

"Some company is going to do very well for the jolly old dog," Sirius said.

"You are acting as if I'm not good enough company," Remus joked. He was usually very reserved and quiet, but not with his best friend Sirius.

"You are jolly good company Moony," Sirius said. "Oh, do you need any help?"

"That's the umpteenth time you have been asking me, Padfoot, and my answer is still very much no," Remus said.

"My bad," Sirius said, laughing.

Just then they heard a loud pop in the hallway. Remus pulled out his wand from his pocket and held it at the ready. Sirius jumped to his feet and looked cautiously from the corner. It was Mad-Eye, with the new member of the Order.

"Holy cow it's mass murder Sirius Black!" the young witch next to Moody exclaimed. "He is hiding in our headquarters? STUPEFY!"

"PROTEGO!" Remus said, shielding the stunning spell from hitting Sirius.

"Tonks," Moody said sternly. "Sirius Black is a member of the Order. The secret-keeper of the Potters was actually Peter Pettigrew who faked his own death AND killed those twelve muggles. He has escaped. Black is Harry Potter's godfather and a true member of the Order."

"Oh fine," Tonks said. "That's nice. Hey Sirius. I am Tonks, your favorite cousin Andromeda's daughter."

"Tonks, that is Remus Lupin, another member of the Order," Moody said, pointing to the man who had cast the shielding charm. "Remus, this is Nymphadora Tonks, a metamorphmagus, auror and the youngest member of the Order."

"Hello Nymphadora," Remus said smiling, shaking her hands. "I am Remus Lupin. A we-"

"Don't call me Nymphadora," Tonks said sternly. "It's Tonks."

"Oh sorry Tonks," Lupin said chuckling. "So as I was saying, I am a werewolf. I know it's going to-"

"A werewolf?" Tonks exclaimed. "That is so cool! You are so sweet and seemingly harmless. Awesome!"

"Haha," Remus said. "Anyways it's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Wolf-dude," Tonks said, grinning.

"Aw Dora give me a hug," said a grinning Sirius.

"Sure," Tonks said, hugging her cousin (once removed).

"So you almost stunned me, eh?" Sirius asked.

"What should I do?" Tonks asked. "Auror duties!"

"So you all enjoy your little merry-making, while I head off home for some important business," Moody said. "See you all at the meeting during dinner time."

"Goodbye Mad-Eye," Tonks said, waving.

"Goodbye Alastor," said Remus and Sirius simultaneously.

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