Several years have passed since I witnessed the unjustified death of my family, and now my brother and I are on our way to Forks Washington D.C to go into 'deep cover'. Basically translated to hiding from the enemy, which I'm not happy about what so ever but Ezio being the protective fratello he is deemed it a worthy option and that I would be safe from the Templar knights but I think that I should remind him that they are after both of us but I'll let him have his moment of pride... so here we are sitting in first class me staring aimlessly out of the window at the clouds slow passing while Ezio was flitting adamantly with an air hostess who was also egging him on.

My saviour came in the form of the pilot announcing that we will be landing in ten minutes, but my gaze didn't once break from the scenery which had changed to grey skies and rain,

"Very different compared to the weather in Florence, huh?" Ezio whispered sadly to me, trying in vain to get me to speak with him, sighing he tried again

"I think we will stick out here." Only then did I look at him with a question on my face

"How so?" Ezio smirked at achieving his goal of making me talk no matter the few words spoken.

"Well our skin colour for one" I looked down at my tanned arms and at his as he continued "our skin is used to being exposed to the sun and well according to my information gathered about this aha... how do you say it... quant ... yes that's it, quant town, they have much more rain than sunshine here." He looked quite proud of himself.

"And maybe also the fact dearest brother that we speak with an accent according to the Americans and also that we are Italian." I said smiling at his embarrassed face as he had failed to point out the other obvious facts.

Turning his face away from me I smirked for a mere moment before residing back to emotionless state of mind he refused to talk to me again for the next few minutes until the plane landed and we were moving though the crowds of passengers heading towards the exit. He breathed a heavy sigh and whispered mostly to himself,

"Here we go then."

Nodding mutely in agreement we stepped in to raining scenery that was; Forks.