Tom examined his black eye in the mirror touching it lightly wincing at the pain

he grabbed his scanner and had his excuse ready and ported to chaotic , then Kiru

city to see the new invention of Bodals said to open a portal to the human world

he just had to see this ! Tom rounded a corner and headed to the testing grounds

keeping his head down looking at his feet keeping any creatures around him

unaware of his injuries . Tom bumped into someone's chest he looked up about

to apologize when he saw who he bumped into ' I'm sorry " Tom said but Maxxor

didn't answer his eyes never left Toms face observing his injury .

' what happened to you Tom ? " Maxxor said his voice dangerously low almost

growling Tom stiffened "Nothing I got into a fight at school' he said as he tried to

stand only to be forced back down by his aching ribs .

" Have you received medical attention ?" Maxxor asked as he helped Tom up " yes


bruised nothing broken " Tom lied he knew at least 1 of his ribs were broken Tom

forced a smile if only to calm Maxxor who still looked ready to kill ." I'm fine so

how'd Bodals machine work it looks like I missed it" Tom said trying to lighten the

Mood a bit . Maxxor raised an eyebrow but let it slip " it works Bodal went through

and brought something back a flower of some kind " he said "cool no plans to

Invade the human world I hope "Tom half joked and he was half serious Maxxor

Shook his head no

"Well I have a drone match see ya " he said and ported out before Maxxor could

Ask any more questions .

Maxxor paced in his study since he'd seen Tom he had become worried for

the boy he hoped would become his mate but if someone was hurting him they'd

become the victim of Maxxors rage . Worry continued to gnaw at him he needed

answers .