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Author's note: I wrote this like ages ago and finally decided to post this. I hope you enjoy this! It's inspired from a video from youtube.

Summary: One moment is all it takes to find love. It takes one moment for everything to start. To laugh, to smile, one moment is all it took. He was happy. She was happy. They didn't need anything else. But fate had something else for them. One moment, one accident was all it took to change everything. Everything was lost; shattered in tiny fragments until the 'they' was nothing more than a figment of a long lost dream.

Chapter one: She


It all happened in an instant.


She remembered the fear.

The pain

Her heart beats so fast.

Her mind went blank.

She remembered bright illuminating flashes of light.

Pain, rain, pouring endlessly like bullets shot.

It only took few seconds.

There was that dim sound of cars screeching, the sound of a glass breaking.

She remembered trying to scream, trying to release the pain she felt; only numbness took her.

It was red, flowing like her hair, only darker.

Blood flowed.

Faintly, she felt light, sleepy; she wanted to close her eyes.

Dimly, she could remember a voice calling her.

"Kairi", it said.

The voice sounded sad, trying to reach her. It was a voice she knew so well. It was a voice belonging to a person who filled her with warmth and happiness. She wanted to assure that voice, to comfort him, to tell him that she was okay. She wasn't hurt although her body only felt cold.

One last time she tried to open her lips but pain only denied her of that. She tried to reach her hands out to that person, to touch him so that she could be comforted, knowing that that person is okay. If that person is okay, perhaps everything will be okay.

Blue sapphire eyes were the last thing she remembered before darkness took her.

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