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Summary:One moment is all it takes to find love. It takes one moment for everything to start. To laugh, to smile, one moment is all it took. He was happy. She was happy. They didn't need anything else. But fate had something else for them. One moment, one accident was all it took to change everything. Everything was lost; shattered in tiny fragments until the 'they' was nothing more than a figment of a long lost dream.

Chapter Two: He

I was described to be such an unusual guy. As a child, I spent all my time sleeping under the beach when others would be playing all day. When others asked why, I would only said one thing, "The sea feels nice" It didn't make sense to them why. Others were just bewildered.

As I grew up, I decided take up to drawing. I liked what I see. From drawing, I took to painting. In the end, I was with a camera. Painting had its perks but photography just had this charm to me. I probably can't explain it well.

I took to photography like a fish in the water. I started to take pictures, capturing moments of life.

I was always hiding, looking at world's nature, watching other people live. It was fun. When my friends were goofing off, I took shots, when they got drunk, when they were racing, when they were panicking over their homework before class; I took shots. When it was raining, I took shots. If it was sunny, I took shots.

I probably took shot of the same sky more than a hundred but each time feels so different. Morning, afternoon, and evenings are all different. Each angle, each second of the same scenery is different.

The world, I watched. It didn't bother me not to be part of it. It was fun to watch others. I was happy enough. I thought nothing could make me anymore happier.

Until…that day

…the day that I saw her, the day she came

When she stumbled into my life, everything changed. Not in a bad way of course. It changed to something new.

And to think all it took was taking a photo of her.

She was just passing by the corridor when I was taking shots.

It was an accidental shot.

One snap, one moment.

Everything changed.

Everything about her was different, new.

She was my new fascination. I didn't understand myself why but I liked it, taking photos of her.

It reminded me of the sea that I loved the most.

She thought it was annoying, I thought it was cute so I took a shot. When she was angry, I still took shots. When she was sad and crying, I still took a shot.

It was such a mystifying feeling, something completely different. It's not like the shot when the sun rises or when the sun sets. It's neither the color of spring, summer, fall nor winter. It's not February. It's not the vision of morning nor is it the night. I can't say its flying nor can I saw its falling. She reminds me of the sea. I could take hundreds of shots of the sea but I could never be satisfied.

It was a different unsatisfied feeling. I'm satisfied but there is this desire to have more. Every shot of her was like getting the greatest shot, feeling satisfied but wanting more. It's not a desire because of hunger but just because you feel happy when you do it.

It always made her mad, angry and embarrassed. She said she hated it. She calls me a stalker.

Then, it comes, an incident when our relationship took a turn.

She screamed, angry, hurt, embarrassed.

I remembered her words.

"How can you take pictures at a time like this?" although she was shaking with tears, I could hear a clear tone of anger, frustration and a deep sadness in her voice.

I put down my camera and smiled.

"What are you smiling for!" she looked angrier than sad.

I answered that with a shot.

"I look horrible and you take pictures" she said, sniffing once in awhile. Truthfully, she didn't know whether to just cry or get mad at him. Frustration gnawed her.

"That's easy" I said, "Even when you're crying, you still look pretty."

She stopped crying then. She laughed like mad despite crying all her tears away.

Since then, the two of us got along perfectly. We became friends. It wasn't exactly picture perfect. I frustrated her to no end with my antics. Still, when she smiled, it made everything better.

We hung out and somewhere along the line, I slipped. I forgot to capture moments. So happy unlike any other, I forgot and everything wasn't the same. I became a part of the picture. I just couldn't find the strength to look away from her. I was enraptured in her. It felt like doing anything else like taking pictures were a waste when I was with her.

…Like she was magic.

Before I knew it, we were together. I wasn't just the guy who took pictures. I was a part of it. Everyone loved it. My friend, Riku just laughed, dubbed her as a miracle wonder on me; eccentric, stubborn guy with a girl like her.

After all, I earned a strange reputation, the reputation of being wild that is. Personal spaces didn't exist. Girls complained how I'd pop out of nowhere just to take pictures even when I'm not supposed to. If I thought things were too dull in a classroom, I'd leave to go somewhere more interesting. If not, I'd end up doing something that causes everything to change in the room. A fight, confessions, pranks would happen far too often occur. Too many times, teachers complained, I'd be sent to the office, be suspended and my mom would lecture me; though it didn't really affect me.

Kairi sometimes wondered how is it that I managed to pass in school.

We were happy. For the first time, everything was filled with colors. I was all smiles. She was all smiles.

Everyone seemed relieved. We had fights, we argued. At the end of the day, we'd make up. I thought it'll always be like that.


Life isn't like that. Nothing remains the same. Everything changes.

Just as everything started with a moment, it ended that way too.

I remembered driving. It was raining hard. It was hard to see the road. We were talking happily, conversing about the day's event, enraptured with the other person.

Then, there was a flash of light.

A big truck, a bright light.

He remembered the fear. He remembered trying to shield her. He remembered pain.

He heard sirens.

I was supposed to protect her, I thought then.

I remembered voices.

Then, everything faded away.

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