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Summary: One moment is all it takes to find love. It takes one moment for everything to start. To laugh, to smile, one moment is all it took. He was happy. She was happy. They didn't need anything else. But fate had something else for them. One moment, one accident was all it took to change everything. Everything was lost; shattered in tiny fragments until the 'they' was nothing more than a figment of a long lost dream.

AN: The story is as you've noticed focuses on Sora and Kairi but is to be told from different characters' point of view. Try to guess whose view is this one. It's pretty obvious. The views will be shifted but Sora and Kairi are in them.

Chapter Three: Her

It was in the middle of the night when they woke me up.

They were frantic, worried. Their eyes large, in denial, like they themselves didn't believe the words they were uttering.

I didn't understand 'till I heard the words.

Accident. Hospital.

Who, I thought.

Then I remembered.

Kairi, where is she? I faintly remembered that she'd be a little late. A few seconds passed.

I looked at my aunt, her eyes, tear filled. Her body was shaking. Was it from the cold? "Oh Namine" her voice shook, with eyes so sad, expressing that there was something a truth unreal, something that she didn't want to believe.

Then it hit me.

Kairi. Was. In. An. Accident.

He told me to stay in the house. I insisted to come.

We got there as fast as we could. Aunt kept crying, praying that her baby was alright.

I too felt the same. She was my cousin. Far too many times, we were mistaken as twins. We looked like each other except I was blond while she was red. She was outgoing where I preferred to be inside the house. I was shy where she was outspoken.

She was older than a few months. Strangely enough, we got along perfectly. Someone once told me that our eyes, the things they spoke or rather its depth held this wisdom or indescribable thing about them.

I thought of her smile. Although she was an outgoing and athletic person, she had an odd smile. A smile that no one could forget. A smile that soothes people.

She had to be okay. She was just there for precaution. That her cousin was safe. She couldn't have been hurt. Not the way my parents were. So hurt that…

No, I shake my head at that thought.

Kairi was strong. If anything were to happen she'd be alright. She was pretty, confident, stubborn but friendly. She was sweet. A best friend, a sister she never had. I cherished her. I love her. She was always there for me. Like the time when other kids bullied me, I remember her threatening them, and chasing them all around. She'd dry my tears.

God, I already miss her.

I just wished it was just some nightmare that I would wake up.

But it wasn't a nightmare nor was it a dream.

This was truth. This was reality.

I was at the hospital. I offered reassuring words to Aunt as uncle talked to the doctor. I saw Sora's mother talking with a doctor. I dimly remember the two together earlier. Kairi mentioned the two of them will be going home together. He was waiting for her. I distantly remembered Sora turning Riku's offer down saying, he'd be waiting for Kairi.

Not him too. Was Sora hurt too? I hoped not.

I remembered the strange eccentric boy who cherished Kairi. He was odd. He preferred being in the background, watching but somehow causing mayhem when it was too dull for his taste. But more than anyone, he was the one who made Kairi smile more than anyone.

When that jerk of a sleazebag Setzer dumped her, I remember trying to cheer her up. She smiled, but I could tell back then that she was forcing herself to be strong; so that I wouldn't worry for her. She was down for a few days. Then this strange boy that Kairi used to say as 'annoying' changed her. He was able to light a smile on her face when no one could. A feat that everyone struggled to do but failed to achieve.

I was jealous of him then. I, who had known her for years, who loved her, tried hard to comfort her and yet, this boy out of nowhere tells her a couple of things and erased her sadness like it wasn't there to begin with.

I knew him, he was famous. He was a classmate in some of my art subjects. When I first saw him interact, I thought he was a strange eccentric airhead. Turns out I was wrong. I talked with him for a couple of times.

Turns out, people misunderstood him. But far too often, he didn't attend. Sometimes, he just riles people up for the sake of boredom and just often got sent to the office.

His eyes were deep. He saw something that people didn't see. Kairi saw it in him. She understood him like he understood her.

I hope he's okay.

No. I have to be positive.

I looked at aunt, holding her hand in reassurance.

Who was I to talk? I hated hospitals. It reminded me of that day. The smell, the whites, nurses and doctors, I hate it. They all frighten me. I'm surprised myself that I didn't get a seizure by being here. Being in this place just reminds me of that day.

I remember their closed eyes, that they'll never open them again.

No. Kairi's strong. I tell myself again.

Then I heard it.


The words rang in my head, echoing like no end.

She was being operated on. I felt cold all over my body when the doctor just had given off those words.

It was too much. I was panicking, my breath fell short, everything felt unreal. It was a lie. Kairi's got to be okay. She was the stronger one.


Before I knew it, I ran. Outside, my mind all but screamed.

When I got out, I felt tears. It flowed.

No, this wasn't how things were supposed to be.

"Namine," my uncle called me. He opened his arms. I cried in his arms. He patted me, soothed me.

He said that Kairi was going to be okay. He told me to calm down, that everything was going to be okay. He counted. One, two, three… "Calm down," was his words. I tried to calm myself down. A few minutes passed; there was nothing but his warm arms around me and the chilly air outside the hospital.

We waited for hours before the doctor spoke to us again. I held my breath hoping she's alive and well. "She's okay and well," those were his good news. We all cried. What was important was the fact she was okay. That's better than anything.

She was injured, but nothing too serious that was to worry. It was probably due to Sora. After all, the guy took most of the damage; luckily, he too didn't suffer any sever damage.

I felt relieved again.

There was a drunken an eighteen-wheeler truck driver. It was a miracle that they survived.

Then it came, the bad news. News I didn't want to hear.

There was a tear in her eyes. It was probably caused when, a glass hit her eyes. The doctor reassured us it was going to be okay. There was a donor. Kairi will go through another operation, one where there was a small risk.

I looked at the sky and wished that she's going to be okay.

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