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Summary: Two perfect beings team up with the villains to cause havoc, for fun…and possible total control of the universe, you know villains and their evil plots. Will two strangers help or get in the way of the Justice League.

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Gary-Stu was currently fighting the Penguin's goons, him finding himself at the club Penguin owned was coincidence, at least that's the lie he would tell others. They came after him with crowbars, baseball bats and guns, being muscular and oddly wearing suits. Gary just assumed Penguin was trying to sneak them in somewhere or just has problems, most likely both. The club was currently closed, the lights off and the animals in their cages, Gary thought about having some as pets but saw that thugs were still coming. He then tore of his shirt and then literally ripped them apart, tearing their spines out of their bodies along with their organs and beating the other ones with them.

The Penguin was terrified and sickened by this brutal stranger killing them so, but he was trying to escape, his body paralyzed in absolute fear and terror. This Gary Stu person wasn't a human, no human could be this insane, and he was a monster, a blood thirsty sociopath of a monster, it came closer to him, smiling like a manic predator looking at its prey before devouring it. Penguin's life flashed before his eyes and hoped that the Batman would save him.

"Mister Cobblepot, I am Gary Stu and if you make it worth my while I'll work for you." Gary told him smiling like an idiot. He quickly frowned as the Penguin passed out.

"What a wuss…" Gary called him as he carried him outside, still covered in blood and flew away, holding Penguin like a baby.

The Gotham police investigated the club later on that night; seeing the carnage first up close and personal. Detective Bullock was in charge of finding out what caused this massacre, he wondered why he even bothered sometimes, Commissioner Gordon would just get Batman to solve it, he hated that they depended on that freak so much. That the city needed him so much, that deep down he had respect for the guy. Bullock cleared his thoughts as his men reported their findings and took evidence.

It was nighttime in Gotham, the moon shining in its full glory as people went on with their lives. Nightwing and Batgirl having met with Commissioner Gordon earlier, both shocked by crime at Penguin's club and trying to figure who what would and could do that, the two jumping from roof top to roof top, thinking of how they were going to solve this crime.

The two saw the horrible aftermath at Club Penguin, the images burned into their minds, the carnage, the senseless carnage made them work faster at trying to stop what did it.

"YOU MADE ME BREAK A NAIL!" Mary Sue whined as she showed her broken nail to Supergirl, who didn't care, the moon as out now, meaning that night was fast approaching, Mary Sue glared at Supergirl and started to vanish into sparkles, giving a rude gesture to Supergirl.

"I'll get you next time Supergirl! NEXT TIME!" She yelled coughing afterwards, from yelling so much.

Supergirl held her head, she wasn't injured badly or anything, she just got a headache from just listening to Mary Sue talk. Steel walked up to Supergirl asking if she was okay, then the two beamed up to the watch tower, wondering how they were going to tell Superman the weirdness that happened.

Plasma and Shine were currently tied up by Wonder Woman's Lasso, under its power, unable to lie.

Wonder Woman, Flash and Batman were in the recovery room questioning the two, Batman looking at them.

"What are your names?" Batman asked in his famous tone.

"Plasma…" The boy answered.

"Shine…" The girl answered.

"Your real names…" Batman asked slightly annoyed.

"Jordan…" The boy answered.

"Cynthia…hey no fair!" The girl said upset that her name was revealed.

Batman kept asking questions, The Flash and Wonder Woman watching the three.

"Why are you here?"

"To locate and capture criminals Gary Stu and Mary Sue." Jason told them.

"Wanted for universal destruction…" Mary Sue answered.

"They can't be that bad…right?" The Flash asked them.

"They both in total destroyed 10 universes." Jordan A.K.A. Plasma answered the Flash.

"Hera." Wonder Woman said to this information.

"What are their abilities? How do we stop them?" Batman asked them.

Gary Stu and Mary Sue met each other on top Luthor's Lex Corp office building. It was night and they two wore a simple outfit, jeans and a shirt, she wore heels while he wore sneakers. The two looked down at the people living their boring lives.

"So what did you do today?" Gary asked her.

"Just fought with Supergirl and some other guy while Lexie was a meanie."

"I killed a bunch of guys and kidnapped Penguin."

"Really? Where are you keeping him?"

"In your closet." He spat at people on the ground.

"Squee! I always wanted a slave-I mean closet buddy."

"So what should we do tomorrow?"

"Let us take over the injustice gang!"

"Fine, I was getting bored anyway…" Gary Stu said before leaving.

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