Ultra Magnus never really understood organics he often relied upon Sentinel Primes experience

with organics until the trip to earth changed his mind. But he had never understood why the

earthbound Autobots wanted to become the Guardians of a young organic child they seemed like

too much work and had always thought they were not worth all the trouble...until he found his

charge, she was all alone on the streets of Detroit when she was attacked by some gang Magnus

had scared them off and he had formed a friendship with the little organic. He learned a lot about

earth, its culture and his charge, her name was Jacqueline but preferred Jackie or Jack & she was 9

years old. When he found out what her creators did to her to say he was angry was an

understatement Furious would be more like it. Sentinel had had a hissy when Magnus came stalking

into the base with the child ordering Ratchet to look her over(A/N: He knows about human Physiology)

but he quickly shut up about it when said Magnus sent glare at him . in the following months things

got more pressing as there return to cybertron was inevitable Sentinel had suggested that he sever

his relationship with the child so the child wouldn't hurt so bad when he left but Magnus refused

knowing that would hurt the child more (he also threw something at sentinels head which put

everybody near hysterics especially Optimus ) He asked Optimus to watch over her until he could

make more permanent arrangements Jackie was a little less than thrilled but she understood .

Magnus now knew that you could never really understand Guardianship until ...you became

a Guardian.