Rule 1 : Never ask Bumblebee if he's still wearing his Halloween costume

*he went as a bumblebee *

( Shawn did this)

(he hasn't been seen in 2 weeks )

Rule 2: Never fill Ironhides cannons with confetti

( I did that)

(Ratchet grounded me for 3 weeks )

Rule 3: Never touch Ratchets wrench

(nuff said)

Rule 4: Never under any circumstances bring a boy you like Home

( he will be interrogated by every Mech on base )

(he never Talked to me again)

(Damn you Ratchet ! )

Rule 5: if you plan on running away never leave a detailed note of where you're going

( Shawn did this )

( Hide was waiting at the Lennox's for him)

Rule 6: Never run away period .

(They will find you)

(how they found me in California I'll Never Know )

Rule 8: Ratchet is a worries about me a lot do not tell him I injured when I'm not

( Sam told him I had broken my Leg )

( he wouldn't let me Leave his sight after that)

Rule 9: Never let any of the Guardians watch 1000 ways to die

( they wouldn't put us down for a week)

( My legs were Jell-O )

Rule 10: No convincing Ironhide and Ratchet the Easter Bunny gives Poison to Little


( Ratchet and Ironhide stole Our Easter Baskets )

( Sam got them Back for us)