(Halloween was Terrifying)

#48 No more HALLOWEEN !

(Damn it Shawn I need my sugar)

#49 No shouting "the voices! They're back"

(Shawn got his first mentality test)

#50 No more Avatar: THA

(Shawn went around for two weeks thinking he was an air bender)

(Sunny tried to convince me and Sam that we were fire Benders)

#51 No more Nerf guns

(Nerf Wars end badly)

(And Shawn's 'ninja moves 'are to amusing to the passersby)

#52 No more Harry Potter

(Skids for the last time I'm not a witch and my best friends names are Alex and Sam not Ron and Hermione)

#54 No Molasses

(Shawn tried to glue something to Ironhide with it)

(Got stuck in his gun)

(Sad thing was the cons invaded that week)

#55 No singing the baby bumblebee song

(Poor bee looked so sad)

#56 No More Chaotic

(Shawn tried to used his toy scanner as a transporter)

(He got his second Mentality test)

(He shockingly passed)