GET OUT MY HOUSE!" a woman screamed throwing a 5 year old girl out of

the house "AND TAKE THIS THING WITH YOU!" she shouted throwing her adopted

3 year old brother after her .This was the life of 10 year old Michelle Foster and her

3 year old brother Shawn Foster their Aunt Rachelle did this at least once a week


nothing but she only did it to Michelle so she was serious " AND DON'T COME BACK"

Rachelle shouted slamming the door Michelle rounded the house where she always

had a bag ready for such occasions and took a coat out of it and placed it around

Shawn who was standing beside her snuggling into her side for warmth it was a

cool night in Tranquility it was March 20 and it was still warming up from winter

" Let'sgo to the park sweetheart " she said picking up the sleepy child who

was now playing with her necklace " okay" he yawned the Park was 3 blocks away

beside the church and it was 1:22 AM she wanted nothing more than too got to

sleep herself but she stayed awake to stand Guard Little did they were being

watched .

Barricade couldn't believe this he was supposed to be spying on a fleshling

Sparkling who has an All spark shard and Capture her it was too easy . He watched

as she picked up the male sparkling and rock him it was disgusting the way humans

showed emotion so freely it was now or never Barricade Transformed .

Michelle turned at the sudden noise and scanned the area no one was there

she turned her attention back to the boy in her arms softly cooing to keep him calm

" come here fleshling " Barricade said "I won't harm you " he said with a cruel smile

"how do I know I can trust you ?' she asked holding her brother close

"you and the other fleshling will freeze if you don't" he said

but she could tell some how that if she went with him she and her brother weren't coming back alive


"what ?"

" we will not go with you !"


and then she woke up