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Chapter 1: The End of an Era

Gotham City Hospital: Year 2019

A young doctor by the name of Donald Johnson walked into a patient's room and he looked at the man that was lying peacefully in the bed. He grabbed the chart that was at the foot of the man's bed and studied the readings with a curious eye. He read from the chart while looking at the man at the same time, trying to understand what he was reading. The man in the bed was about six two and weighed about two hundred twenty-two pounds. He had jet black hair that was graying around the sides, he had dark eyes and he looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties. Donald put down the chart and he jumped a little in surprise, because the patient that was supposed to be sleeping was staring back at him intensely.

"W-Where a-am I?" the patient croaked out not taking his eyes off the doctor.

"Hello, Mr. Wayne. I'm Dr. Donald Johnson and you are currently at Gotham Heights Hospital; you gave us quite the scare." He replied.

"W-W-What happened?"

"Mr. Wayne you suffered a massive heart attack, the type of attack you had is usually the type that most don't survive from but the fact that you did is astonishing to say the least."

Bruce groaned as he struggled to sit up in his bed

"No No Mr. Wayne I'd advise against that you need to rest and looking at your chart you need about ten years worth of nothing but rest. Your blood work tells the story of someone who has been through a warzone, not to mention the amount of scars we found on your body."

"T-Thank you for you input doctor but I'll let my personal physician look me over." replied Bruce while disconnecting himself from all the machines, ignoring the Doctor's orders.

"Well that is your choice, but Mr. Wayne I'd advise you to stay here and get the proper treatments, again your charts say…" started the doctor before Bruce quickly snatched his chart away from the doctor

"Where are my clothes?" Bruce demanded politely but sternly.

"I-In the cabinet over there." the doctor said pointing at the corner. Bruce stood up out of the bed and swayed for a moment before going over to the cabinet. He opened it and took out his clothes and began to quickly dress.

Several Minutes Later

Bruce Wayne walked down the hallway of the hospital heading towards the exit, but just as he reached the door, he turned to the left and looked a very distinctive young man that was sitting in the waiting room area. The two of them locked eyes for a moment, and the younger man stood up and then walked towards Bruce. He was six two, he had jet black hair, blue eyes, and he looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He had a strong athletic build and he moved with a casual grace that suggested there was more to him than what he was showing. To anyone with common sense they could tell that both men were related to each other and in fact they were, the man was none other than Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne's son.

"Damian, I'm surprised to see you here." Said Bruce

"Father you wound me, I'm your son I care about your well-being, most of the time." Damian replied.

"Sure, you do."

"Plus, since Pennyworth left there's no one else to look out for you, I at least had to come check up on you after I heard about your very public heart attack."

"Hn' Bruce grunted passing his son and heading through the exit and to the outside.

Outside the Hospital

The morning sun shined brightly and illuminated the high-rise futuristic buildings of the massive megalopolis that is Gotham City. Robots walked the streets greeting people, and flying cars littered the air above. Bruce looked around at his city, his home and he let out a sigh.

'More time, I need more time' he thought to himself as he continued to look around, much had changed about Gotham over the years but the more things changed the more they stayed the same, while Gotham City had become one of the pioneers in becoming futuristic it was still plagued with the illness of crime. Bruce was broken from his thinking by his son's voice which came from behind him.

"You know Father you haven't even said thank you. I mean most men say thank you to their son for being there for them when…"

"Where's the car Damian?" Bruce interrupted.

"…but then again you're not most men. I'm pretty sure you did not hear a word I just said. The car is this way" Damian answered turning to the right and walking down the sidewalk.

Damian led Bruce to a black convertible that was hovering a few inches off the ground. Unlocking the convertible Damian got in and started up the engine. Bruce slowly got into the convertible as well and he buckled up. Damian made the convertible fly up into the air and into the busy Gotham traffic.

"So where to father, back to your depressing rotting mansion."

Bruce did not say anything.

"Mansion it is then." Said Damian

"Gotham city slums." he finally said.

"What's there?" Damian asked.

"Just Drive." Bruce replied forcefully.

Damian looked at his father and then shook his head, "If this is how you've treated Pennyworth all these years it's a wonder he didn't leave earlier." he said twisting on the steering wheel and making the car turn left and head in the direction of the slums.

Gotham Slums: Office of Dr. Leslie Thompkins

Dr. Leslie Thompkins was a trusted physician that knew about Bruce's double life, she was a little bit older than him, but she had told him long ago that she would be a Doctor till the day that she fell over and died. Bruce was sitting in a chair in front of her desk staring into her eyes and she was staring back at him. After a few seconds of nothing but silence Dr. Thompkins broke it with three simple words that Bruce knew was coming but didn't want to hear.

"It's over, Bruce." She said.

"Surely there is something you…."

"No, there is nothing I can do, and I told you that five years ago. What did I say, I said you would be back here or dead if you didn't give up your particular lifestyle. From what I heard of your heart attack you did die but they managed to bring you back. Some would see that as a blessing and as a sign."

"I don't accept it." He said.

"You have to Bruce, your time as Batman is over. You had a good run and for someone your age you are in amazing shape. I've seen you do things that should be impossible, you've pushed your mind and body to the limit, but unfortunately it has been a double-edged sword. The human body can only take so much damage before it begins to break down and your body started breaking down ten years ago and it started with the most important muscle of all, your goddamn heart." she said while turning her computer screen to him and showing him a full diagnostic of his body.

"Bruce your heart muscle tissue has deteriorated almost beyond repair. This is from years of having nonstop adrenaline flooding your veins, years of having Poison Ivy poisoning you Monday, and Scarecrow flooding you with toxins on Friday. And you not being a doctor and administering an antidote without proper medical guidance."

"I can have a heart transplant." He said.

"It's not that simple, I took a blood sample, your blood is toxic. As I said it's from years of adrenaline pumping through your system non-stop and having toxins enter your body and then you giving yourself the antidote without proper guidance."

"I know how to inject an antidote Leslie." Bruce replied.

"Obviously since you're in such good health." She said.

"So, what now?" he asked.

"You need rest and medication but the medication you need is extremely expensive." she said.

"You think cost is a problem for me?"

"I'm sure it isn't but it's not just the cost, it's the type of medicine you need. It is not exactly on the open market for public use, and it's gonna raise a few eyebrows, but I can get it for you." She said.

"What will the medication do?" He asked.

"It will slow down your heart degeneration, hopefully letting you live a little longer but that's only if you stop being Batman."

"So, nothing will stop this? That's it." He said.

"It's irreversible. I'm sorry, It's over."

"What happens if I don't take it?" he asked.

"The heart attacks will become more and more frequent, until you have The Heart attack, the one you won't walk away from."

Bruce looked at Leslie and he angrily stood up from his chair and headed for the door.

"BRUCE!" she shouted stopping him in his tracks, "For what it's worth, I'm sorry. I wish there was something I could do but there isn't and I want you to know that you've made a believer out of me and I want to thank you for all of the good you've done…and you have done more good than harm. Never let anyone tell you different and don't you ever believe anything different."

Bruce pursed his lips into a thin line, he didn't reply but he did nod his head. The two old friends captured each others eyes one last time before he opened the door and left the office.

Later: Wayne Mansion: Bat Cave

Located beneath the extremely lavish Mansion was the massive cavern that was the Bat- Cave. The central hub for everything involving Batman. Sitting in front his extremely large and advanced computer was Bruce who had his hands put together, reflecting about his current predicament.

'I always knew this day would come, but it's come sooner than I expected.' he thought to himself.

Getting up from his seat he went down the steps that led to the computer and he walked through the cave, his eyes roaming over all his equipment, starting with the Batmobile, then the Bat-Wing. As his eyes roamed over his equipment, he remembered everything, every battle, every scar, and every heartache. Over the decades of him being Batman he had collected many souvenirs from his fights. There was a giant Penny from a battle with Two-Face, a giant Dinosaur, there were swords, guns, as well as dolls and anything else one could think of. Batman had faced tons of enemies and he always kept something to remind himself of just how close to death he had come. After making a walk around the cave he came to a set of steps that led upwards and to five glass cases. Each case held a suit specifically designed for a person to wear, but one case caught his eye. He walked up the steps and to the first case. Inside the case was a grey and black Nomex survival suit that had reinforced steel Kevlar woven throughout the entire frame. Attached to the suit was a black cowl with long horns at the top and a cape that flowed behind. Bruce looked at the suit and his eyes landed on the symbol in the middle of the suit. The symbol he had spent his life wearing, the symbol that had struck fear into anyone that looked at it whether they are hero, villain, god, or demon. The symbol was that of a bat, the mark of the Batman.

Bruce put his hand on the glass and closed his eyes, but his eyes suddenly snapped open as he felt a presence behind him. He whipped around to see his son Damian there with a smirk on his face. Ever since he was a kid Damian had always been good at stealth, but he had always been able to hear him. As he grew though his skills naturally grew as well. Now Damian was so good at sneaking up on people that if he didn't want to be seen or heard then he wasn't. Bruce frowned slightly as his son approached him.

"Did I scare you Father?" he asked with his hands behind his back.

Bruce didn't reply, he simply gave his son a hard stare.

"Of course, I didn't, how could I scare the great and powerful Batman or should I say X-Batman."

Still no reply from Bruce, only the glare.

"I couldn't help but overhear your conversation with Dr. Thompkins."

"Overhear or Eavesdrop?"

"You say tomato, I say tomahto, but the point however is that I'm here to tell you that I'm ready. I'm ready to take over being Batman full time rather than this part time bullshit. I know we've had our differences but, I'm willing to put all of it in the past and look towards the future."

Bruce gave his son a long look before he said the one word that always made Damian mad with anger.


"What!" Damian shouted.

"I said No Damian. I have changed my mind no one other than me will be Batman. Ever." He said.

Damian's face contorted in rage and with a mighty yell he did a flying kick at Bruce, who saw it coming and side stepped the kick. Damian's foot crashed through the glass case that held the Bat suit. Bruce stepped in with a powerful side kick that lifted Damian off his feet and sent him flying back hitting the ground painfully. He sat up and wanted to grab his stomach because of the amount of pain that he was in but he dared not show any weakness especially in front of his father.


"Because you don't have the heart to be Batman." Bruce replies sternly.

"The heart…..HA! That's laughable, you, THE KING OF HEARTLESS BASTARDS TELLING ME I DON'T HAVE THE HEART! I'M THE ONLY ONE IN THIS DAMN CAVE THAT HAS THE HEART OF BATMAN, but you wouldn't know what I got would Bruce, you're too busy being wrapped up the fucking past, you fail to notice present."

Bruce did not rise to bait, and so Damian continued.

"You want the old days back, well news flash Bruce the old days are dead. DEAD! These criminals, degenerates and psychotics aren't afraid of you anymore, they know that you are getting old, getting slow and times are changing. It's time for a new Batman, one who can keep up and do what is necessary."

"Do these changing times include, KILLING HARVEY DENT! IT WAS NOT NECESSARY TO DO THAT! " shouted Bruce.

Damian didn't immediately reply he looked at Bruce for a long second

"So, you know."

"How could I not." Bruce replied.

"I didn't kill Dent at least not really. Dent died years ago, I killed Two Face. He was going to kill thousands of people I did the only thing logical at the time. I was not about to jeopardize innocent lives on the toss of goddamn coin." Damian replied in a low voice.

"That's why you won't be Batman. Batman isn't about killing people Damian, a fact that you can't seem to grasp, that's why I took the mantle away from you years ago and that's why I'm denying you the mantle now."

"Well Bruce, I hate to break this to you, but maybe if you had killed some of your villains instead of putting them in that joke you call a prison then you probably wouldn't be in this tomb you call a cave all by yourself." Said Damian.

Bruce's eyes widen a bit and then narrowed.

"Get out" he whispered desperately trying to restrain his anger, trying will himself not to pummel his son.

"Maybe if you would have done what was necessary, Dick would still be here." Damian continued.

"Get out." Bruce said a little louder.

"Or maybe Barbara."

"Get out."

"And let's not forget about Drake."

"GET OUT!" Bruce roared, looking at Damian with a stare that almost promised certain death if he didn't do as requested, but Damian had long ago stopped being afraid of his Father, mostly because he had become one of the best fighters on the planet.

Damian had even bested lady Shiva on several occasions, so if he could beat someone that his Father had a hard time beating why should he be afraid.

"All of this time wasted, fine, I'm leaving, you can keep your ridiculous costume, your gadgets and your legacy. I'll forge my own path and be greater than you could ever be, but before I go, I want to congratulate you Bruce, you've done what everyone thought you would do. You've pushed away everyone until there's no one left but you which is exactly what you like right, being alone, enjoy your reward." said Damian as he abruptly turned and made his way out of the bat cave never to return.

Bruce watched as Damian left, and he didn't say a single word. A few minutes past and he was still silently watching the exit. Balling up his fist, he walked over to his computer again and he turned it on, and the first thing that popped up was a news report.


"Good Evening Gotham City I'm Chance Goodwin bringing you up to speed on everything around Gotham. First report, Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne was checked out of the hospital earlier today after suffering a heart attack last night at the annual Gotham Gala, he was unable to comment but we hope to get a statement soon. In other news that goes along with Mr. Wayne, he has once again successfully fended off a hostile takeover of his company from up and coming industrialist Derek Powers who has succeeded in taking over most of the big business in the greater Gotham area. I had a chance to sit down and talk with Mr. Powers about his hostile takeovers and this is what he had to say:

Derek Powers: I came from a poor background and from the time I was 8 yrs old I told myself that I want it all. I want to sit at the top, and I've spent my life trying to adhere to that promise I made to myself all those years ago…..

Chance Goodwin: "More on that interview later. We now take you to our more recent report, twenty year old socialite Bunny Vreeland daughter to famous singer/model Veronica Vreeland is still being held hostage at an unknown location, but not even a minute ago, we have received word that the Gotham PD has just received the ransom and a location. They want Eighty million credits delivered to an abandoned theater in Gotham's Broadway district….

Bruce didn't hear the rest of the report because he was already out of his chair and rushing up to the steps that led to the glass cases again. He passed the recently broken case and the other cases until he arrived at the last one. He opened it and took out the new and improved Bat suit and began to gear up. If one were to look at this Bat suit, they could tell it was completely different from anything that he had ever created. This one was state of the art, complete with new cutting-edge technology, courtesy of Wayne Tech and it was the last gift from the late Lucious Fox. The new Bat suit was midnight black, and unlike the others this one covered the entire body even the chin and eyes. The eyes were covered with white reflective lens that could be used to see different spectrum's of light, the suit had a blood red Bat Symbol in the middle of the chest along with pockets built into eliminating the need for his old utility belt. Once he had finished dressing Bruce Wayne ceased to be and the Batman took over.

Batman ran towards the batmobile, which had also gone through an upgrade of sorts. It was sleeker and more durable than any of its earlier models. This batmobile had no wheels because it could fly in the air, it had sensors built into it that could be controlled by the bat suit he was wearing. Batman jumped into the batmobile while simultaneously turning it on. It roared to life and then lifted off the ground. Pulling a lever in the vehicle the boosters let off a loud boom and the batmobile zoomed out of the bat cave at breakneck speeds and into the crisp Gotham Night sky.

Across Town: Gotham PD

"Strike Team are you ready?" came the voice of a woman

"YES SERGEANT!" the police strike team replied.


"Yes Commissioner." the woman replied turning around.

"Is your team ready to go?" the Commissioner asked.

"Yes, sir they are." Gordon replied.

"Alright once I hear word from the first team, I'll send your squad off, but just remember Gordon this is a team effort. I do not want any of your lone wolf bullshit. GOT ME!"

"Yes sir" she responded with narrow eyes.

Barbara Gordon stood at five-eight with medium length red hair, vibrant green eyes, and a light tan skin complexion. She was an extremely attractive woman in her mid to late thirties. Barbara had an athletic lithe type of build that she had gained through years of practicing martial arts and leaping across rooftops. Looking at her one would say she was a normal woman, but she was far from normal. What most people didn't know was that Barbara had gone by many names in the past. In her youth she was known as the original Batgirl one of the many partners/sidekicks to the revered Batman, but if anyone ever called her a sidekick, they usually received a punch to the face. Along with being known as Batgirl, she has also been the Oracle, the superhero communities' number one info jock and no one could surpass her skills with a computer. She had become the Oracle after a horrendous incident mid way in her career as Batgirl an incident that still haunted her.

Nowadays though she is known as Sergeant Barbara Gordon of the Gotham PD and one of the best damn cops to have ever served on the force, just like her father most would say, the late and great Commissioner James Gordon.

BEEP! BEEP! Went Barbara's cell phone. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out her cell and looked at the caller ID and she saw a number that she knew by heart.

Barbara looked around and saw that no one was looking at her, so she slipped away and into an empty office and shut the door.

In the Office

"What is it Bruce?"

"What's the situation Barbara?" he asked.

"Hostage situation, the perps have the girl at the…" she started before being interrupted.

"Spare me the rhetoric Barbara. If I want that I'll watch the news" Batman replied.

"Leslie called me earlier Bruce. I know about your heart." She said softly.

"Don't worry about my heart, worry about the girl!"

"Look, I have the situation under control I'm handling it, do you understand. I don't need Batman's help." She said.


"Bruce leave this to the authorities, leave it to me"

"Barbara, do not do this!"

"Good-bye Bruce" she said hanging up the phone 'I'm sorry' she thought to herself, leaving the office.


"BARBARA! Dammit, computer, bring up the layout of Gotham PD and turn on Bat bug alpha."

The computer in the batmobile gave a beep and every voice in the Gotham police department could be heard loud and clear.

"Computer, voice isolation Barbara Gordon."

Gotham PD

"Alright Gordon lay out the plan for me one more time." said the Commissioner

"We're going to hit these guys with two teams, my strike team and the drop team. The drop team drops the money at the fake site that the kidnappers gave us, while my strike and I head to the abandoned airfield, which is where they're really keeping her. Once there we hit'em hard and fast. And we preferably want these guys alive."

"How did you find out that they were at the airfield again?" the Commissioner asked.

"Because I traced the call and I'm very good with machines." Barbara replied cryptically.

"I like it, let's do it. They said they want the money by ten thirty pm and it's ten, we're against the clock people. We've got the whole city watching so let's move it."

"YES SIR!" they all responded.


"Computer set a course for the abandoned airfield and switch to stealth silent mode." said Batman. The batmobile engine suddenly went quiet and the vehicle itself turned invisible and sped off towards the destination.

Abandoned Airfield

The batmobile quickly reached its destination and hovered in the air over the airfield.

"Computer scan for heat signatures" Batman commanded.

The viewing screen switched to heat signature mode and started scanning the whole airfield and on the far side of the field in one of the large hangers that housed several small airplanes were seven heat signatures. Batman directed the batmobile to the bunker and hovered over it. He pulled two levers in the ceiling of the batmobile and the bottom opened. Batman fell out of the batmobile, he spread his arms and red glider wings opened under his arms and allowed him to glide down to the roof.

Landing on the roof Batman silently went towards the skylight and looked inside. He saw there were six men with guns standing by one of the small planes. He then saw the hostage Bunny Vreeland tied to a pole.

Inside the Hanger

"Alright boys let's pack it up, the cops are at the drop point with the money, load her on the plane" said a guy in a brown jacket who was obviously the leader.

"HEY!" Bunny yelled.

"WHAT!" the leader shouted back

"My mother paid you guys right, you said the cops are giving you the money so let me go" she demanded.

"Sorry sweetheart but letting you go was never the plan the money was so the cops won't be watching the skies as we fly you out of the country."

"What!?" she shouted.

The leader of the group lit a cigarette and walked towards Bunny who drew her legs up to her chest in fright. The guy leaned down close to here face and blew smoke at her.

"Ugh, gross." she said turning her face to the side.

"You see sweetheart it's like this your mother is quite the heart-breaker, apparently she broke some rich bastards heart and he doesn't take rejection so well so he hired us to kidnap you and bring you to him."

"What's he gonna do to me?" she asked fright evident in her voice.

"Don't know and don't care but judging how much he hates your mother and how good looking you are it probably won't' be anything pleasant." he said blowing out more smoke and standing up and turning back towards the plane where the rest of his crew were loading their things aboard.

Batman opened the skylight and dropped in undetected. Blending in with the shadows he surveyed the area and quickly decided upon a plan of action. One of the guys was in range and with quick speed he rushed from the shadows and delivered a powerful tooth rattling punch that lifted him off his feet and sent him bouncing into the plane hard. The other guys turned to the sound and they saw Batman in all his intimidating glory.

"IT'S THE BAT!" one of them yelled.

They each pulled out their guns and tried to shoot, but Batman held out his hands and two batarangs emerged from the wrist and he threw them with pinpoint accuracy. The batarangs flew towards the thugs and knocked their weapons away.

One of the guns skidded across the ground and landed next to a gasoline barrel. Batman seeing that they were disarmed rushed towards the five of them. He kicked the first guy in the stomach, from there he grabbed the guy by the collar and threw him into another thug and they both went down to the ground hard. Batman then jumped into the air with a flying kick that nailed the next guy square in the nose knocking him out cold. After seeing Batman knock out three guys in the span of five seconds one of the remaining two guys tried to run away. Batman looking over his shoulder and saw the guy attempting to run. Reaching into a silver pocket built into the bat suit he pulled out a batarang that had wire attached to it, and then he threw it. The wire wrapped around the guys legs and then his whole body making him fall to the ground. Batman turned to face the last man which was the leader. The leader of the thugs was shaking in fear. He looked around and then bent down and picked up a crowbar.

"STAY BACK!" he yelled

Batman stalked towards his prey, but just as he reached him, he let out a sudden yell of pain. Batman fell to a knee clutching his chest in agony. The guy saw Batman fall and for a second, he was stunned but once the second passed he immediately took advantage of the situation. He brought the crowbar back and hit Batman with all his might in the chin. The force of the blow sent Batman rolling across the ground towards some gasoline barrels. The leader ran over to the downed Batman and began to hit him over and over with the crowbar.

"ACK!" went Batman still clutching his chest in pain and the beating that the guy was giving him wasn't helping him.

"Not so tough now are you Bats!" he taunted hitting him with the crow bar again, "HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT BATMAN!" he yelled, "EVER SINCE I WAS YOUNG, GUYS LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN MAKING IT HARD FOR GUYS LIKE ME TO MAKE A LIVING!" he shouted hitting Batman again and again and again.

Batman was paying the guy no attention as he hit him, his suit absorbed most of the blows he was receiving, his sole focus was on his chest, it was unlike anything he had ever felt before, the pain was mind numbingly unbearable. Cracking open his swelling eye he looked to his left and saw a gun lying within his range.

'N-N-No. ARGH!' he thought before being struck by the crowbar again. Having no other choice, he weakly reached out for the gun.

He grabbed the weapon and turned it upon the leader, who froze in mid swing with fear.

"Whoa…. easy….wait….B-Batman doesn't shoot people."

Batman responded by cocking the gun. The thug's eyes widen, and he immediately dropped the crow bar and took off for the exit.

Batman gritted his teeth and looked at the gun in his hands. He turned away in shame and threw the gun away. The weapon slid across the hangar and away from him. He was still in pain from his sudden heart attack but despite that he fought his way to his feet and slowly made his way to Bunny Vreeland.

"A-A-Are you alright" he struggled to say while untying her hands

"Yeah, but are you?" she asked rubbing her sore hands.

SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH! went the sounds of several police cars pulling up outside of the hangar.

"What was that?" Bunny asked in fear.

"T-The p-police are here." replied Batman pain still evident in his voice. Bunny turned to look at the hangar opening to see several police officers rush into the hangar and to her.

"Thank you, Bat…" she started to say while turning to face him but she stopped because he had vanished.

"ARE YOU ALRIGHT!? Barbara asked/ shouted while rushing into the hangar and towards Bunny.

"Yeah I'm fine Batman saved me."

"Batman, right" Barbara said as she looked around and saw the down thugs. Her eyes traveled upwards and to the open skylight.

"Yeah he showed up, but he got hurt really bad. I hope he's okay." She said.

"I wouldn't worry too much about him. He'll be fine, trust me. Okay boys arrest these guys. Ms. Vreeland let's get you back to your mother." Barbara said softly.

Much Later: Bat Cave

A haggard and bandaged Bruce Wayne stood before the glass case that held the new cutting-edge bat suit inside. He had the mask in his hands, and he was looking at it intensely. His mind was going over the events of the airfield and even though he saved Bunny Vreeland he kept coming to the part where he held the gun in his hand, poised and ready to kill that thug if need be. When he first put on the mask and became Batman he promised himself two things: The first was to never kill, he needed to be better than the scum that he fought, and the second rule was to never use a gun, which is why he spent a decade training his body to be a weapon, but tonight he had broken that very rule.

Staring at the mask Bruce furrowed his brows and then placed the mask on the mannequin and then closed the case.

"No more" he said to himself. After tonight he knew it was over. He walked down the steps and went over to the bat computer and he typed a few keystrokes into the computer. One by one the lights in the bat cave began to shut off. Bruce briefly glanced behind himself and he saw the lights over the batmobile shut off, he saw the lights over the various memorabilia in the cave shut off leaving only two lights, the bat computer and the lights over the Bat-suits. Lifting his hand, he pressed on last button and the bat computer switched off. Bruce walked through the darkness and towards the staircase that would take him out of the cave. As he was going up the stairs his eyes were drawn to the single light in the cave and it was the light over the cases full of bat-suits.

Reaching the top, he turned and looked at the darken cave one last time unconsciously balling up his fist. He pursed his lips and slowly turned around and continued out of the cave, just as the final light in the cave went out, and just like that, after decades of countless battles, testing his mind, body, and spirit, after decades of being apart of something bigger than himself, decades after being one part of the Dynamic duo, being the Caped Crusader and the often feared Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne's time, his era as the Batman had officially come to an end…

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