There are human with powers equals to that of a demon and shinigami and sometime, even passing them. If helping each other will get Mikan anc Ciel getting what each other wants, then by all means, let's do it.

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Two figures, one tall and the other short walked through the busy street of England. The shorter wore dark blue cloak that hid his body from top to bottom. He had an eye patch on his right eye, a tall hat on his head and a cane. Just a step behind him is the taller man that wore a coat that covered his neck till his ankles. The taller man wore black pants and was holding bags filled with things bought by the younger man.

When they arrived in front of a wealthy-looking toy shop, the shorter man—boy—slowed down his steps as he passed a little boy with his mother talking about the shop.

"Mama! Do you see this? This is the new plushy that the Phantom. Cop made! Mama, can I buy it! Please!" The little boy pointed his finger on a soft pink rabbit that was on the display case. The rabbit wore a blue navy shirt and white shorts. One of his eyes had an eye patch.

The mother shook her head and tried pulling the little boy away from the glass. "You can't Arthur! You already bought the last one didn't you? There's too much of those in your room. Last week you bought ten of those things. If this goes on, your room's going to be flooded with those things. Honestly, you like the company too much. . . "The mother trailed off. The boy, Arthur pouted but otherwise let his mother led him away but not without a longing look at the half-blind rabbit.

Unknown to them, the Short Boy smirked and the Tall man merely smiled.

"Sebastian, where is the file on the Winchester case?" asked the Short Boy. He had his head down as he looked over a thick pile of paper sitting on his desk.

Sebastian sighed as he poured tea for his master. "Young Master, did you forgot about the fact you ordered me to destroy it because it 'was stupid and annoying'?"

The boy 'tsk'ed. He massaged his forehead and sighed. "Well, I—"before he could finish, a black file was laid on his table far away from the cup of tea. He raised his head and glared and the smiling butler.

"Young Master, next time please do think before saying anything." The butler kept on smiling as the boy intensified his glare. It was a battle of will between the master and the butler. One would think the butler was rude not to lower down his gaze but to these two, that kind of manner is practically none existent.

Finally, the boy huffed and sniffed the tea made by the butler. "Hm. . . .smells nice," he reluctantly said. He tried to ignore the knowing smile the butler wore. After deciding the smells was acceptable, he took a sip. The taste of the Earl Grey tea tingles all of his senses. Again, he could feel the butler's knowing-smile on him.

While he slowly enjoys his afternoon tea, the butler placed a plate of blueberry cheese cake in front of Ciel, his master. Ciel said nothing and ate the cake slowly, savoring every little piece that went into his mouth. Because of this, it took him half an hour to finish that small piece of cake and finish his cup of tea.

After the afternoon snack, he went back to work, researching the Winchester case that was in front of his eyes again. The Winchester is one of the families in charge of one of his factories and the latest news stated they were sneaking some of those profit money into their pocket. Ciel massage his forehead. Why are all these rats so stupid? If they want to do a crime, don't make it so obvious.

"Sebastian, invite them as fast as you can. Tell them it's an afternoon lunch meeting."

"Yes, my lord."

How he hate rats.

"Mikan, this is your last warning. Surrender and come with me or something bad will happen to Youichi!"

The brunette glared at the blond in front of her. Her eyes were brown but judging by her face, it might as well turn red. "You stay away from Youichi, Narumi! You stay away from all of them!"

The blond didn't scream back. It wouldn't do if he wanted to bring the girl to his side. "Mikan, you know I don't want to hurt him or Natsume, Ruka or Hotaru! I don't want to hurt anyone but running away is pointless, Mikan. At least for now, so please, come back. It'll only be a while longer and then you can have all the freedom you desire."

Mikan snorted at that. "That's what you said to us four years ago! That's what you said to us when you brought us to the hellhole! 'All the freedom you desire!' What a load of crap! You just want to use us and don't even deny it!" she added when she saw he was about to retort.

Narumi cursed in his head. He changed his expression to—hopefully—a pleading one. One that offers hope, false hope but hope nonetheless. "Mikan, please come back. We need you. Don't you want everyone to acknowledge you and you brother? Natsume and Ruka? Hotaru? Don't you want—"

Mikan cut him off with an angry snarl. "Don't you—don't you dare say that Narumi. Don't you dare say that when what you're thinking on achieving that is by using people instead of doing it the right way!"

Narumi was losing his temper. "Mikan, even if you run now, nobody will want you! Nobody will take you like we did!"

"I don't care, Narumi. I'll die before coming back to that hellhole." She turned around to start running but his next word froze her.

"If anything happens to Youichi or Hotaru in that 'hellhole', then you have only yourself to blame."

Mikan said nothing and made no move. Narumi saw Mikan's shoulder slumped and was ready to walk to her when he suddenly flew to the wall on his back. A crack appeared behind him. The dust wasn't gone yet but he knew, even without looking, she was already gone and knowing her, gone far enough it would be stupid to catch her by foot. Silently, he sighed.

Mikan ran away, not looking where she went. Not looking who she passed or the people that was staring at her white, hospital gown with suspicion. She didn't care. The only thing she cared was running as far as she could, hope nobody she knew was following her. She can take care of them, no problem but she wasn't interested in getting blood on her freshly washed white gown.

She wasn't particular on running away but she knew her friends and brother would be in fine with Narumi taking of them. Her memory suddenly went back to yesterday to her conversation with Narumi during one of their session.

"Narumi, if I were to go away, do you promise you'll take care of Youichi? And Natsume, Ruka and Hotaru?" She didn't look at him when she spoke. Just stared at the white ceiling above her.

"Mikan, you don't mean—"

She gaze upon him. Her eyes were pleading. "Please Narumi, your word that you'll protect them to your best ability."When she saw he was still hesitating, she added "Please."

". . . .I promise."

And then it was time for the acting. They had to act like Narumi was the bad guy so that whoever was watching them—there's always someone who's watching them—would trust Narumi and would think he was still on their side. It was hard, screaming at the guy she had come to think of as a father but she had to do it. Well, it was more like Natsume made her do it.

The thought of her best guy friend remind her of all the people she had left and it hurt her heart so she pushed the thought far away.

She continued to run and run, not caring if the feet beneath her were burning. She cursed not so silently. It'll be nice to use her power to move faster but there were too many people watching. If any of these normal people saw her using her people, she shuddered; the consequences would be….unpleasant.

After hours of walking/running, the sun dipped down. The sky was getting black. She has to find a place to rest soon and perhaps, if lucky, someone to give her some food. The street she was on was an open street but maybe because of the lack of people, it was pretty deserted except for some homeless people. She was in front of a gigantic mansion with high walls and gate. Very pointy, sharp, bleed-possible gates. She could go in there, no problem but that would be trespassing. She looked up at the darkening sky. Maybe just this one night. . . .

She took a deep breath and gathered wind at her feet. With just a single thought, the wind brought her beyond the gates. She looked left and right to check if anybody saw it. Nobody was looking shocked or awed or whatever it is so she must have done well. Noting there were no guard dogs around the main garden, she gathered up her night gown and silently ran towards the mansion while on alert for anything suspicious.

Like any fugitive, she didn't go straight for the main, giant door but opted for the back door. When she arrived there, she saw numerous destroyed ovens on her right and silently wondered what had happen. Thinking that she would probably never get an answer, she proceeded to opening the door at a very slow pace. When it was fully open, she checked the kitchen apparently. Nobody was in sight so she welcomed herself in. Immediately, she felt there was something wrong with the kitchen, like there was bad sense all over it. She knew from experience that trusting her instinct was always a good thing and took a few steps back till she was outside the door again.

"And what may a lovely lady like you doing here?"

She froze upon the silky voice at her back that clearly belonged to a man. Her eyes widened. A lot of things went through her head at that moment. Run and flee or stay and fight? Like just now, she wasn't in the mood to dirty her clothes even if it's for food and shelter. So run and flee then. She began gathering the winds at her feet when a pair of hand held her against another's body. Her waist was hold securely to ensure she couldn't run away and her mouth was covered by a hand. Screaming was out but that didn't matter. She didn't to need scream anyway.

Sebastian who was holding the brunette didn't wince when a cut suddenly appeared at his cheek but merely stayed in place. Blood trickled down his cheek to his lips. He absent mindedly licked it. The figure under his arm froze. "To be able to hurt without moving an inch, you must be something other." The tiny figure froze more if that was possible. Sebastian smirked. "You're not a demon since I could not sense a demonic aura from you. I do not smell other aura from you so you must be. . . human."

Mikan's eyebrow went up behind her bangs. He's going to find out, he's going to find out, he's going to find out, she keep chanting in her head. Her finger dug deep in her gown. Her knuckles turned white from the pressure she put on it. He's going to find out. With that thought in mind she did the only thing she knew what to do.

Bite the guy's hand and imagined the wind stabbing the guy from behind.

She heard flesh being sliced and silently scored! Judging from the guy dropping his arms it worked and the best part is, he moved several feet away from her. She let out the breath she didn't know she was holding and turned around facing her momentary-captor. He had a raven colored hair, wore a tail coat and a black pant. She couldn't tell what sort of eye color he had due to the dark. Underneath the coat are a white shirt and probably a vest and a black tie. He had a white glove on each hand and was wearing a smirk.

The thing that puzzled her was the fact he wasn't even down on his feet, writhing in pain or better, dead. How was that possible? She was sure to she had struck him, at least that's what she deduced from the blood that now stained his otherwise white shirt. Yet he didn't look a hair out of place and most of all, he was wearing a damn smirk.

"How?" she finally said when her voice came back to her.

He didn't answer and kept on smiling. Suddenly, she swore his eyes turned bright red for a moment there. "May I have the pleasure of knowing your name, dear lady?"

As expected, she didn't say anything and. . . .flee. Again, she gathered the wind on her feet and jumped high on the roof. One of Sebastian's eye brows went up. He knew human were capable of jumping but not that high. When he saw the girl was about to run away, he too was about to jump on the roof when suddenly the girl slipped and fell. To the ground. Twenty feet from the roof.

It wasn't a surprise that she fainted.