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The atmosphere inside the game room was pretty dark.

Ciel had proposed that they play a prototype board game from one of his companies while they 'talk'. He said it was still in a testing stage. Mikan had her eyes narrowed at him for the next five minutes. She didn't enjoy being a guinea pig concurred when he gave her that I-Don't-Care-Just-Go-Along-With-It face. Though since it wasn't anything that involved killing or hurting, she guessed she could live with it. Plus he said something about it as a payment for living in his house or something like that. She wasn't paying much attention at that part due to the god-given chocolate mousse Sebastian made. Really, the guy should be imprisoned for making such heavenly confections.

The game was called 'Stranger Danger' and was pretty dark because it contained thing like losing a leg hence you can only move have a step and things like that but she found that exciting. The thought though was enough to be disturbing but she shrugged the thought away. She had always had a sort of dark humor courtesy of two out of her three best friends ever since living at the Institution.

The board was placed on top of a small, round table between them which had them facing each other. Both of them sat on a one seater sofa. Sebastian was watching the whole thing with a quietness as expected from a butler when his master is having guess. Currently, it was Ciel's turn. Ciel rolled the dice on the board and it landed on the number '6'. He leaned foward to move the piece that looked like a tall hat.

"So, tell me everything."

Mikan rolled the dice. "What everything? Specify, please." Oh look, it landed on '6' as well. She smiled when it landed her on the column that forces the opponent to stop for a turn. She rolled the dice again.

Ciel raised his eyebrow in an arrogant/pissed way. "Start from when it all happen."

Mikan didn't raise her eyes from the board and let out a small sigh. "I can't remember much though."

"Never mind that."

She let out another small sigh and closed her eyes. She drew her legs up to her chest and hugged herself. She began.

"I lived in a mansion for sure before it happen. It was big and it was on the country side. It was somewhere on the outskirt of England." A fleeting image of her playing on the grass appeared in her head. "When I was a kid, I thought what I could do was magic. I could move things, jump extremely high and could cut things with just imagining it. I can't remember much of my childhood but I do know my parents could do it as well. My mom could disappear from one place to another in just a second and my dad had this sort of ability that can shield himself from me and my mom's power. When they found out I had a power too, they told me that it was a secret nobody could know."

"Remember Mikan, if you people know about your magic then they'll take you away from us," said her mother on one evening.

"Okay mommy!"

"It was night when it happen."

Five year old Mikan was wondering in the hall at sometime at midnight. It was raining cats and dogs. She clutched her teddy bear close to her chest. She had a nightmare and was afraid of the thunder and she wanted her mommy and daddy because only daddy and mommy can make bad feeling go away. Suddenly, a thunder struck out outside. Light shone for a brief moment on her. She quickly kneeled on the floor and cupped her ears. She didn't like the sound. Not at all. From the fear, tears fell.

Unknown to her, a hand was creeping up at her. She cried and cried so hard it rang in the hall. Then, the hand fell on top Mikan's shoulder. She screamed. Her eyes went wide and she quickly jerked away from it. She turned around and found out it was actually one of the maids. Her name was Hanna. "Young Mistress, what are you doing out of bed at this late of night?"

Mikan ran into the maid's arms. Her tear-filled eyes held onto the maid's. "I want to go Mommy and Daddy! I had a bad nightmare about bad people coming to get me! Please Hanna, please take me to their room! I'm scared! I'm so scared! Please Hanna, please..." Mikan hugged the maid tighter.

Hanna petted the brunette's hair softly. "It's okay Young Mistress, I'll take you away to Mistress and Master now oka-" Blood suddenly came pouring out of Hanna's mouth and stomach and the maid fell to the floor.

Mikan could only stare at her maid's body on the floor. Her hands were shaking. Red liquid slowly poured out on the floor and around Mikan and Hanna. She hesitantly touched the maid. "Hanna, what's wrong? Are you sick? Hanna?" she added with a weak voice. She moved her hand to the head. Mikan gasped away when she saw her hands were covered with warm, red liquid.



"She's dead."

Mikan turned her head to the voice. It came from the window that was open. Wasn't the window closed just now? Winds came swaying into the hall. It made her long hair swish around. Mikan got up though her legs were shaking and held her teddy bear tighter. She couldn't see anyone because it was so dark. It was midnight after all and she never really had the 20/20 vision. "Dead? What's dead?" she asked to nobody in sight.

"Dead means she'll never come back."

Mikan could only react by raising her eyebrow before a sharp pain came to her neck.

Mikan raised her head from her knees and look to Ciel but he could tell she wasn't actually looking at him.

"After that I was taken to the Institution. It was there where the experimentation was done to people like me. 'Alice'. That was what they called our power. In the Institution, they told us we were born for greater good and we were there to learn how to control our power. Then they told us that one day soon, they were going to take over what was really our rights."

And then she laughed.

She laughed like a crazy maniac but soon the laugh dimmed till it was completely gone. "But almost everyone knew it was total bullshit." Mikan snorted and that motion raised an eyebrow from Ciel. "Almost everyone. The people there are literally divided to two groups. The 'Support' group and the 'Resistant' group. The Support group were the kids who've been through hell on earth because of their power enough that they agree with the Institution's ideal. They were the group you don't want to mess with because most of them had powers beyond your imagination."

"Then there were the 'Resistant' group. It's mainly the group of people who sent their whole life inside the place plotting to our freedom like me and my friends did. We couldn't do much most of them time because everyone was a forced to wear a limiter to control our power. Some of us who were is the Institution's bingo book had to wear devices that literally shocks them when they show signs of disobedient and trust me, they always know. So in the end, it took us a long time to hatch the perfect plan with of course some help."

Ciel tilted his head to a side on the 'help' part but otherwise said nothing. Mikan, too warped in her story barely noticed any movement. She was inside her world now and in no way coming out soon.

"Finally came a week ago when one of my friends-" Mikan's voice was starting to break. It was obvious she was about to crack but she continued "-who had the ability to make almost anything with anything figured out a way around and through the limiter. There was no time for plan B. No time for hesitation. No time for second guessing. No time for anything and...so we fought. We fought with everything we got. We destroyed as many things as possible too." Then, her eyes darken with silent rage. "The Institution was surprised like hell when we rebelled and they weren't pleasant. They fought too. Hard. We had no choice but to struck for the kill. It was decided before that we'll try not to kill but we were fighting for our lives that day and they were ready to kill us so it was kinda like an eye for an eye. It was a war and it wasn't pretty."

Mikan let go of her knees and instead clutched her hair. Her fist were white. "There was blood everywhere. Bodies no matter where you go. It didn't matter if they were dead or not, they were still on the floor with blood. It took everything we got not to puke everything on the floor but we managed to destroy the barrier around the place and that's when we were attacked the hardest. I was too busy thinking how to fight them off and how escape, I didn't notice my friends were already starting to hold them back. For me."

The hand clutching her hand clutched so hard blood was seeping through the skin. It flowed from her head down her hair. Mikan's voice pitched higher, almost sounding hysterical now. Suddenly, she stood up and accidentally knock the board on the floor. "THEY WERE MY FRIENDS! THEY WERE MY FRIENDS AND THEY LIED TO ME! THEY TOLD ME THEY WERE COMING ALONG. THEY TOLD ME WE'LL BE ESCAPING TOGETHER BUT THEY DIDN'T! THEY DIDN'T AND THEY MIGHT BE DEAD FOR ALL I KNOW! I COULDN'T EVEN PROTECT MYSELF! THEY WERE MY FRIENDS AND I LET THEM DOWN!" She huffed for breath. Her chest were steadily rising up and down.

Ciel was taken aback when Mikan started shouting. Sebastian's face didn't say anything except of the widening eyes. Both of them were clearly lost for words. Both of them didn't know any words of consolation. All they could do was kept silent. Slowly, a pregnant pause broke inside the game room. Nobody said anything. Nobody knew what to say but it was clear that Ciel and Sebastian were waiting for Mikan to start talking again when she felt like it. That 'felt like it' turned out to be two minutes later. This time, there were no more shouting. Instead, she sounded tired.

"I let them down. We were supposed to get out together and I let them down..." Her shoulder shook. She place her head between her knees and quiet sobs were heard. It didn't stop for a long time.

Ciel looked down at the sleeping Mikan. He had Sebastian carry her to the long sofa inside the game room after she cried herself to sleep. He was really mad that she fell asleep just like that. He knew that crappy experience can make you tired. Even more so when you have to tell it to someone. He sighed. He's been sighing a lot these days. Then, an impulse came to him. It made him want to raise his hand and swipe away the leftover tears on her face. He was about to do it too when her eyes began to flutter open.


Ciel pulled his hand back. He cleared his throat and stared down at her. He didn't bother asking her how she felt 'cause that is definitely a stupid question. "Now what?"

Mikan didn't answer and instead stared at him. Her head was cleared from sleep and the memories of just now came up to her mind. Making up her mind about Ciel's question, she slowly got up from the sofa and the blanket covering her just now pooled at her ankle. Unknown to her, Ciel looked like he was barely holding back from pushing her to the sofa but when she stared at him again, his face was calm.

"When we made plans to attack, we made an agreement that if one us escapes, that person would try to run away as far he or she could. At first, we thought that it would be better if that person tried their very best to save us but we didn't even consider it. Nobody wanted anybody to come to the place."

Ciel nodded to himself. He suppose she was going to run-

"But I won't run. Not in a million years."

It was safe to say that his jaw dropped.

"I'm not going to run. Even if I have to die in the process, I'll save them. I'm only one person but I'll try. I'll try," she added but it sounded like it was for herself. Then, she glared at Ciel as if to contradict her.

Ciel could only stared at her glaring eyes. He saw no hesitation, no lied, no deceit. Why? "Why would you do that? They practically risk their lives for you and now you want to throw it away?" His voice was downright rude and cold but he couldn't have the space in his mind to care.

Mikan was taken aback by the question but she couldn't really be mad at him. It was natural for someone to ask that question. "I guess-" she said slowly, as if thinking every word carefully "-I don't have the heart or the strength to avoid the guilt that I know I would carry for the rest of my life if I ever turn my back on them. Plus if I ever turn my back on them, I'll always wonder what would or could have happen if I had tried to save the lives. That's my answer, I guess."

The unexpected happen next. Ciel laughed. He laughed. He laughed like a deranged patient who had just manage to escape from his wards. Sebastian who had been watching everything from the side was shocked. It was showing on every inch of his face but he quickly covered it with a smirk.

Mikan was too stunned by the cold laugh that she couldn't say anything. Anything she would have wanted to say just died in her mouth. It took a few seconds later for Ciel to stop laughing though he still had some left.

"Nice, Sakura-san. Very nice." Then the laugh died completely. Mikan felt the temperature went a few degrees downward when he pierced her with a look. "I usually don't care for such things but I'm interested. Show me you can do it. Show me you have the strength to persevere. Show me that you meant what you said." He nod his head at Sebastian and turned his back. Too bad he didn't get to see a determined smirk growing on her face.

Sebastian bowed to Ciel and then Mikan. "Miss Sakura, let me escort you to your room." To Ciel he said, "I will be with you shortly, Young Master."

Sebastian opened the door for Ciel and the aristocrat took no time in exiting the room. Mikan went next and was followed by Sebastian. Mikan walked through the hall and was in front of Sebastian thus she didn't see the demon's practically splitting from the wide smirk he wore and looked like it won't be gone soon.

The girl in front of him had made the infamous, wall flower Ciel Phantomhive interested at something. Even when doing his job or going through his revenge he was still never excited let alone interested. Only focus and determination. Sometime even hatred and disgusts but this newcomer had made his Young Master interested in something. It was truly...delicious. Sebastian unconsciously licked his lips. If what this little girl in front of him would do as she says, then he was in for an interesting show that would rid of his boredom that's been looming over his head ever since the curry contest ended.

He knew his master and him would be looking forward to see what happens next.

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