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Damsel in Distress

Chapter 3

Jack and Crow were riding so fast that they weren't even watching where they were going, until they almost crashed into another runner. The rider dodged their runners swiftly.

"What do you think you are doing?" a throaty, French accent demanded. She pulled off her helmet and long, blond hair swished out, going with the wind. Her emerald eyes sparkled with fierce indignation.

"That is illegal riding. You could have killed someone!" she snapped at them, her rrs rolling. She looked them over.

"Who are you?" she asked suspiciously. Crow recoiled slightly.

"Whoa, lady, sorry, we were just in a hurry," he said defensively. Jack, on the other hand, had no time for manners.

"Get out of our way," he said impatiently. Sherry's eyes flashed.

"I asked you for your names," she repeated. Her white glove covered hands tightened on her handlebars.

"Don't tell me what to-" Crow cut Jack off. "You're that Sherry girl. The one Akiza accidentally let slip about," Crow reveled. Sherry's eyes widened.

"The psychic duelist? Yusei Fudo's friend?" she asked. Crow nodded.

Sherry looked thoughtful. "I am still in her debt," she informed him. Crow smiled, surprised.

"Well, that's convenient. Akiza's been kidnapped," he told her. Her eyebrows arched.

"What about Yusei Fudo? He cares about her, no?" she questioned.

"Yup," Crow affirmed. "He's already after her," Sherry narrowed her eyes.

"Où? Where?" she asked urgently.

"An abandoned building on the outskirts of town," Jack cut in, after listening to the whole conversation with a mulish expression on his face and being uncharacteristically silent. Sherry replaced her helmet on her head and revved the engine.

"Merci," she nodded to both of them. "Et au revoir!" she called as she sped off.

"Hey, wait!" Crow called, but the dust cloud thinned and she was gone.

Jack snorted. "Yusei, Akiza and that Sherry girl," he grumbled. "Why can't they just stay home and duel?"

Sherry's blond hair flew as she raced to the location. She knew exactly what Crow was talking about, knowing the city pretty well, even though this wasn't her hometown. Another runner was on her right.

"Where are you headed, my lady?" Ellsworth called. Sherry glanced beside her.

"Do you remember Yusei Fudo's friend, the psychic duelist?" she asked. "The female who saved me?" Ellsworth nodded.

"Well, she is in danger and I owe her," Sherry explained.

"I understand, my lady," Ellsworth said. "Do you wish for me to accompany you, my lady?"

"That won't be necessary, however, you should come around after a while," she decreeded. Ellsworth nodded again, and headed in a different direction.

Sherry continued toward the abandoned building. She spotted a red runner ahead and sped up. The rider turned around and his blue eyes widened from behind his visor.

"Sherry?" he called.

Sherry caught up to him. "Salut, mon ami," she greeted him.

"Hey," he replied. "Listen, I'd love to chat, but Akiza's in trouble."

Sherry smiled. "But that is precisely the reason why I am here," she said as her emerald jewels met his aquamarine ones.

"Really," he stated. He sped up, but Sherry caught up to him, again.

"She saved me and I would like to repay her," she explained.

Yusei nodded. "Then let's go," he said as they both headed towards the building that was in front of a glorious setting sun.

A/n: Sorry, I haven't gotten Sherry's character down, I don't know her that well. BTW, Sherry hasn't met the others yet, like Jack and Crow, she just knows Akiza and Yusei. One more thing, they haven't met Visor/Dark Glass yet, either. So, this is all somewhat AU. I'm pretty sure everyone understood the French, even if you're summer-schooling the subject.