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Checho's eyes sparkled for an instant, then his whole face and unfurled neck-fringe flashed a brilliant blue-white, launching a very wide beam directly at Bellalani. In addition to being wide, it was also very quick. Though she tried to dodge it, the edge of it gave her a good, hard clip, sending her spinning down to the ground.

"'Lani!" Cade yelled, turning his back on his opponents and starting to run in her direction.

"Uh...uh...uh! That's just not done, my fine neanderthal!" Blaine positively beamed with self-satisfaction. Raising the book again, he turned to his companion, "Checho? If you please? Aagaru!"

Like Bellalani, Cade nearly dodged the beam. The blow reminded him of a time in high school, when he had still been on the football team. A particularly powerful tackle had cracked a few of his ribs, tore some muscle, and really knocked the wind out of him...that's what this felt like. A direct hit would have taken him out. As Blaine and Checho chortled away, Cade grimaced and raised himself up on his hands and knees...the book directly under him. Glancing over, he saw that 'Lani had also gotten back in the air. He was pleased to see she looked more pissed-off than scared.

With a nod, she sped quickly in the direction of her foes, her hands out in front of her, with her thumbs and forefingers touching. Cade spoke the words...Nijiru!

The mamodo girl's form took on a momentary multi-colored aura before it all rushed to her hands and exploded in a shimmering beam of bright light, filled with multi-colored sparks and flashes. The beam was heading directly into Checho's face. Blaine squeeked and quickly uttered a new spell...


Again, Checho's face and frill glowed blue-white, but this time the glow lifted off of his face, turning translucent and growing a good bit wider but retaining the general shape of face and a glowing projection of his own face over his real face. The nijiru hit the shield and exploded into a shower of jewel-like sparks. Checho smirked, and his shield smirked along with him. As he moved his head, the shield moved easily as well, always remaining directly over his face and upper body. Cade snarled in frustration, but dove behind a picknick table for some cover. Bellalani glared down at the other mamodo.

"Checho! You little jerk! I'm really going to enjoy cleaning your clock, mister!"

The demon boy laughed a sibilant laugh, "Hsshsshss...sorry, 'Smellalani', you're narrow butt is going down! Maybe I'll steal your lunch, too...just for old time's sake!"

The flying girl seethed in anger, and began flying rapidly around the iguana. All Checho had to do was turn in place, his face-shield always between them.

"Your spell is weak, princess! I probably didn't even need to block it!"

"Well, you're spell may be bigger, but like you, it doesn't have that much of a punch! Anyone else's spell might have taken me out right there...yours was like being hit with a pillow! A big, soft pillow!"

Checho balled his fist and shook it at his foe. Unfortunately, his arms were currently hidden under his neck frill, so she didn't even see it. Gritting his teeth, he spoke to his partner.

"Pillow, eh? Why...I'll show you! Blaine! Again!"

"'Please' and 'Thank You', if you don't mind, my dear boy," Blaine replied, casually.

Checho rolled his eyes, "Please!"

"Aagaru! Aagaru! Aagaru!"

Bellalani dodged the first one completely, the second rapid fire again clipped her wing, but the third was a direct hit, sending her crashing into a nearby hillside, in a cloud of dust and glitter. Cade grabbed a nearby rock, and flung it hard right between Checho's shoulder connected with a satisfying 'thud'...and even more satisfying scream of pain from the mamodo.

Blaine actually laughed a bit, "Come now, Checho, old bean...stiff upper lip! Time to buck up and finish off the enemy! Stop you're crying, you big baby!"

A second rock flew forward, but not at Checho. It connected with the windshield of Blaine's car, cracking the glass like a giant spider's web. Blaine's face grew as red as his suit, and tears soon came to his eyes as well...tears of rage!

"Oops! Sorry! I was aiming for your fat head!" Cade yelled at the odd duo. His partner momentarily forgotten, they turned their attention on the biker.