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The Future's Hope
by Sailor Chronos

Chapter Two: A Legend Reborn

Serenity's mouth dropped open, and she automatically raised her hands to cover it. Then her hands started to shake. "Mother... Father... No..." Tears fell from her eyes. "It's happening again," she whispered, reliving the horrible memory when the Black Moon had attacked, all those years ago. "It can't... IT CAN'T HAPPEN AGAIN!"

She ran toward the place where the Palace had been.

"Princess, WAIT!" she heard Alyssa shout after her, but she didn't stop. She couldn't stop, not until she found out... Heedless of her new white dress she ran through the streets, past the people who were timidly emerging from their homes, clambering over piles of rubble that had once been walls, until she came to what should have been the archway that led to the Palace's main entrance.

There was nothing there. Just an empty, flat circular area. It was as if a giant had shoved a spatula underneath the Palace and picked it up, like Jupiter would have done with a cake.

Near panic, Serenity looked around wildly. "The underground chambers... they must have survived..." But the only entrance she knew of to the underground complex had been hidden deep within the Palace.

"HALT!" A gravelly voice caught her attention. She whirled to see a humanoid form standing a short distance away, aiming some rifle-like weapon at her. "This area has been secured in the name of the Syrollan Empire! Surrender or be destroyed!" The creature was dressed in a plain grey uniform, but its skin was a pale blue colour and its eyes were a metallic silver. "Surrender or be destroyed!" it repeated.

Thoroughly confused and frightened, Serenity shook her head and took several steps backward. There was nothing she could do. Everyone was gone. There was no more Mako-chan to make treats, or Ami-chan to help her with her studies, or Tuxedo Kamen to get her out of scrapes like this...

The creature fired a blast at her feet, knocking her down.

She was alone...

"NNNOOOOOO!" she screamed.

The crescent moon on her forehead burst into golden brilliance.

The Second gaped at the text that flew across the hologram. "Sir, these energy readings have just jumped off the scale!"

"I thought the energy source had been destroyed." The Captain's voice was grim.

"It was, but a new one has just appeared near the lead Cyberoid. It appears to be natural in origin!"

"Natural?" The Captain cupped his chin with one hand as he read. "How is this possible?" After a moment he raised an eyebrow and asked softly, "Second, do you believe in magic?"

His Second just stared.

Serenity was encompassed by light. When she opened her eyes she saw her Chibi-Moon compact floating in the air before her. She hadn't used it since she had helped the Senshi defeat Nehelenia in the past. Wide-eyed, she reached toward it. Would it still work? Would she be able to use it to protect her world as her mother had done so long ago?

When her fingers drew near, the compact flared with light... and changed. The pink heart grew somewhat larger. The gold star/wing shape on the top retracted, leaving the crown, and at the same time a gold border formed around the heart along with large winglike shapes on each side. It looked, in fact, very similar to the centrepiece of her mother's crown, but without the red jewel in the middle.

Gingerly she took it in her hand and flipped it open. The interior decoration was pretty much the same, except the star design on the bottom was now a crescent moon, and the crystal was no longer pink, but silver.

The light around her faded. The robot creature, or whatever it was, seemed to have been disoriented by it, so she decided to put her new brooch to the test.


Red ribbons sprouted from the brooch and wrapped themselves around her to form a fuku. With a flash of silver a choker, tiara, hair ornaments and crescent moon earrings appeared. Her Sailor fuku was almost the same as it used to be, except her boots and the trim on her gloves were now red instead of pink, and the hem of her skirt was white.

She faced the creature, who was aiming its weapon at her again.

"This place is under my protection! I will not forgive you for disturbing it! For love and justice, I am the pretty Sailor-suited soldier -" She hesitated; she wasn't "chibi" any more, yet she felt a little guilty for using the name that her mother had made famous. "- SAILOR MOON! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

It fired.

With a yell she dove out of the way, and had to keep dodging as it continued to loose blasts at her. She was foolish. It had very accurate aim, plus she had no weapon. It would only be a matter of time before she got tired. How could she defeat the thing?


A blazing golden arrow pierced the robot's chest, causing it to sparkle violently before falling to the ground. Serenity looked...

Standing a short distance away were four Sailor Senshi, who appeared to be somewhat older than her. Their fukus, boots and gloves were of the same style as Eternal Sailor Moon's, except the skirts and bows were like those of the Inner Senshi. Instead of round or heart-shaped jewels in the centre of the bows there were golden stars.

Before she could speak, there was a noise nearby. Four more of the robots were approaching. "What... more of them?" she stammered.

The new Senshi stepped forward. The first one had curly red hair tied into a bun with a yellow ribbon, two long thin braids down her back, and her skirt was dark pink. "I am the Senshi of flowers, Sailor Ceres!" She made a fist with her right hand. "ROSE..." - her hand glowed pink as she flung it out - "...SPEAR!" A thorn-like projectile whizzed through the air and decapitated one of the robots.

"I am the Senshi of acrobatics, Sailor Juno!" cried the second, who had close-cropped green hair with a triple braid tied up behind her head, and wore a light green skirt. She leaped into the air brandishing a staff, and proceeded to dismember another robot with it.

"GEM... SHOWER!" A torrent of hailstones surrounded a third robot and froze it solid, and it fell to pieces. The pale blue-skirted Senshi smiled as she tossed a ball in one hand. "I am the Senshi of gemstones, Sailor Pallas!" Her blue hair was wrapped into a bun with a hair-tie that had four small spheres dangling from it.

The fourth had a red skirt, and her thick red hair was tied behind her with a series of gold clips. "And I am Sailor Vesta, the Senshi of animals. FLAME... WHIP!" A slender tongue of fire flew out of her fist and destroyed the remaining robot.

There was a pause.


Serenity gasped. The first machine was still functional! Paralyzed by shock, she watched it drag itself up.

"Any time now?" Ceres prompted.

"I... I can't!"

Juno snorted. "Huh, I thought you'd be better than this, after what I've heard."

"Give her a break," Vesta admonished. "It's not every day that you see your home vanish. Come on, Princess, do your stuff and let's go somewhere where we can talk properly."

"But... I don't have a weapon!" Serenity protested. "I don't even have Luna-P! All I have is..." She stared at the robot, who was struggling to find its rifle, and remembered. She DID have something: her Crystal Carillon. But what good would it do against this?

Concentrating, she held her hands out and the delicate bell appeared. As she reached for it, it glowed and transformed into a larger version of her old Pink Moon Stick. Like her brooch, its crystal was now silver. Words formed in her mind.

Gripping the rod, she pirouetted with it.


A double spiral of heart-shaped crystals flowed around the robot, and it exploded into hundreds of blue fragments.

"Yatta!" shouted Pallas, hopping up and down happily.

The rest of them stared at her in embarrassment. "Isn't that supposed to be Sailor Moon's line?" Juno grumbled.

The embarrassed Second gulped. "The squad has been destroyed, Captain. I don't understand. The technology we detected isn't advanced enough to harm our Cyberoids."

The Captain just smiled. "It seems that taking this planet will be a challenge. I like that. Stand down and await further instructions."

Ordinarily, she would have been exultant at her new-found power. Instead, Serenity looked dejectedly at where the Palace had been. "I hope they didn't suffer too much."

"BAKA!" Juno whacked her on the shoulder. "So the Palace is gone, but there's no proof that they're all dead!"

Ceres glared at Juno severely. "She's right. We should try to find out what really happened."

"And then we teach whoever it is not to mess with us!" Vesta said.

The Princess frowned and looked her companions over. Something about them seemed very familiar. "Hold on. I thought I recognized your hairstyles. You're the Amazoness Quartet, aren't you?"

Pallas grinned and gave the "victory" sign. "Bingo!"

"We're the Sailor Quartet now," Ceres said firmly. "Sworn to protect the Princess. That's you. Let's go somewhere safe and we'll explain."

"Fine." Serenity looked up at the sky as a breeze ruffled her fuku, and sighed before detransforming. "Times change. If you four can become Senshi then so can I. We'll find out what's going on, and I'll make certain I live up to the name... Sailor Moon."