Within 10 minutes, everyone, except for Kaitou Kid, was back at the Kudo mansion. "So who's gonna start?" asked Harley.

"As my partner and I only heard things and did not find anything of particular interest, I would say that someone else should. How about you, young girl? What happened to Jimmy Kudo? How did you end up with those two?" Hakuba interrogated Amy.

"Well, Jimmy told me to climb a tree. When Conan said something into the badge, about a kid, the guy found us. We climbed and climbed and climbed, 'til we were at the highest point of one tree, and then we crossed to another. We climbed that tree too. It was really high, higher than any of the buildings. Then he told me to hold on, and we jumped. We were on this…um…it was a…" Amy stammered.

Mitch stepped up. "It was a hand glider. It was white and so was everything else he was wearing." Hakuba's eyes widened. "He talked to Rachel, and then gave Amy her badge back."

"Oh. I forgot that…I dropped my badge and the bad man got it." Amy piped up. "But somehow the guy who was acting like Jimmy got it. I forgot what he was called though…"

"Kaitou Kid." Hakuba cursed.

"That's it!"

"What was the thief doing here?" Hakuba said quietly. "Little girl," he said a bit louder, "did Kid happen to mention what he was doing here?"

"Not that I remember…" Amy answered, tapping her chin with her index finger. "And my name is Amy, not 'little girl'" she added.

"So close, how didn't I figure it out?" Hakuba cursed himself.

"What does this have to do with the man in black?" George asked. Hakuba looked at George as if he just remembered why he was there with them in Jimmy's house.

Hmmm…Rachel, did you and your partner find anything?"

"My name is Mitch. And I'm not just her partner, I'm a detective!"

"Right. Well, was there anything important or suspicious that happened?" Hakuba asked, getting impatient.

Rachel answered hesitantly, thinking very carefully. "Not that I can think of. Mitch and I were mainly discussing the possible direction that he could have gone, and Mitch was guessing about how far he would be. That's about it, other than Jimmy turning out to be the Phantom Thief'." She turned to look at Mitch. "Is there anything that I missed?"

"No, that's all that happened." Mitch replied. "The only ones who seemed to have seen anything were Conan, Harley, Ai, and Amy. Amy already gave her statement, so that just leaves those three."

"No, Mitch. There was one other person who saw him." Conan corrected.

"The kid with the cat?" Harley asked. Conan nodded.

"We should find him, he could help us if he saw something, or if there is something else that he knows. But first, let's finish with our reports." Conan instructed. "Me and Harley ran into him. He said he was looking for his cat. I told him we were on a case, and he asked if we were working with Jimmy Kudo."

"We did run into him." Amy interrupted. "I wonder if he ever found his cat…"

"Amy, this is a detective case! Let Conan finish his story!" George scolded.

"Oh, sorry."

Conan nodded. "Anyway, he wished us luck and left. We continued walking when we heard Ai talking. After checking the badge, we saw her talking to Gin-"

"Gin?" Rachel asked.

"The man in black." Conan answered.

"How did you know his name?" Rachel demanded.

Conan ignored her. "We hid in the bush. Gin was about to shoot Ai when he was attacked by a cat. The kid was there. Gin got up and yelled at the kid before walking away." Conan concluded.

"That's it? He just walked away? What about her?" Hakuba interrogated.

"We had pulled her into the bushes." Harley answered.

"Ok, what about you? How did you find him?"

"Luck." Ai lied calmly. "And he tried to shoot me so that he could get away."

"Why didn't you call for help?" Rachel asked fearfully.

"That would have been a little obvious, don't you think?" Ai answered, keeping her calm tone. "And he didn't succeed, so what is the point?"

"You could have been killed! And even if you say that it didn't happen, it could have!" Harley exclaimed. "And if by some miracle he missed, we could have gotten him if you had called for help!"

"Harley, you were in the bushes. Why didn't you call for help? And, more importantly, why didn't you grab her sooner?"

"I could have used more help." Hakuba looked smug. "If I had called for help, he would have caught us, and the same would have happened if I grabbed her sooner. I would have jumped out if he had attacked, but she was doing a very good job of keeping him still. If I have made any noise, it would have meant death for all three of us."

Hakuba nodded. "And I take it Amy's story comes after this chain of events?" Amy nodded, and Rachel looked at Hakuba.

"Now what do we do?"

"Now we find that little boy."

He walked through the streets swiftly. Where is she? What does she know? Gin turned right, then left, and then continued past a few houses. Out of the streetlights, his Porsche was waiting. The shine of the black paint gleamed when Gin flicked his lighter. He lit his cigarette and got into the car. He cranked the engine once, twice, three times. Each time, it failed to catch. Gin cursed. His car was not old. The only explanation was that someone had drained that battery. He was stuck there. Gin got out of the car and slammed the door angrily. He walked off into the night, disappearing into the dark like a shadow.