"I'm telling you the place isn't haunted!" Conan said for the tenth time.

"How do you know that?" Mitch asked.

"Yeah…how DO you know that Ku-" Conan kicked Harley. "Ow! Conan!" Harley said teasingly.

"Well…it's only logical. Remember last time? It was just the family, NOT a ghost." Conan said, struggling to keep calm. "And I don't think Jimmy Kudo would be happy to know a bunch of little kids were breaking into his house." Conan added quickly.

"Yeah…you would know." Harley said with a grin.

"Well, what's that supposed to mean?" Amy asked.

"Oh! Uh, Jimmy is my...uh…cousin! Kinda distant cousin…but I haven't seen him in a while." Conan struggled.

"WHAT? YOU DIDN'T TELL US?" The whole Junior Detective League exclaimed at once.

"No wonder he's so good." George said pouting.

Harley's grin got a little wider. "Yeah, but I'm sure they've talked recently…isn't that right Conan?" he said teasingly.

"Oooooh what did he say? Where is he? He must be proud of his little cousin and the Junior Detective League!" Amy said excitedly. She had completely recovered from the shock of Conan being related to the famous Jimmy Kudo.

"Umm…yeah he's glad we're doing a great job taking care of crimes while he's gone…and he's on a top secret mission-case-thing. Even I'm not allowed to know it's so secret." Conan said carefully, watching Harley start laughing again.

They got to Conan's old house, and Harley looked at Conan with a smile and said, "You first, little Kudo." Conan sighed, knowing that he wasn't going to convince everyone to turn back, and led the group into his currently uninhabited house.