There are other people in this house…Conan couldn't have known about this…but the tall guy probably did! He didn't want us to stay out 'cause he wants us dead so he can take credit! George was walking down what seemed to be an endless hallway, with multiple twists and turns. I KNEW we shouldn't have trusted that tall guy!

Where IS everybody? I should have run into SOMEONE by now! This house can't be THAT big. Mitch was checking all the rooms when he heard footsteps getting closer. He jumped into the nearest room and hit some big guy. Mitch's heart skipped a beat as he slowly turned to see the guy who he had been unfortunate enough to bump in to.

There were more footsteps. Conan had to put a hand over Amy's mouth to make sure that she did not scream as he yanked her into another room. Conan silently closed the door and waited patiently for the footsteps to fade or pass by.

Amy was holding her breath. She was so terrified that even Conan wasn't making her feel better. This wasn't a good idea. No more haunted houses! The footsteps were drawing closer and Amy could feel tears forming in her eyes. Please go away, please go away, please go away! Amy silently pleaded. Suddenly, the footsteps stopped and Amy could hear a faint clicking. She bit her tongue to prevent herself from screaming, but she still felt the tears starting to run down her cheeks. Amy looked at Conan and saw him staring intently at the room's door. There was one more click, and all went silent for a moment. And that was when Amy heard it.