Bridgette and Geoff. What more can I say. They're just too darn cute.

We got the afternoon…

Hazel eyes fluttered open as afternoon sun peeked through the clouds. Long golden locks drifted across the pillowcase as Bridgette rose. She looked over to her right and saw the strong back of her husband and smiled. Pulling the sheets closer to herself, she watched his back rise and fall as he slept. The young woman fell back onto the bed and let her mind fill with the thoughts of late last night and early that morning. She loved being with him. Intertwined, joined as one.

She reached hand out and grazed her hand along his deeply tanned back. The sunspots and freckles on his back made a pattern that she traced over and over. He stirred. Bridgette straddled his back. "Good Morning, Schoompy-Boo." Geoff perked up feeling his wife on his back and turned over.

He rubbed the hair out of her eyes and kissed her in-between the eyes. She closed her eyes as he kissed all over her face. This was always Bridgette's favorite; it made her feel like a little girl. His quick warm kisses on her forehead, cheeks, chin, earlobes, in-between her eyes, and on her lips sent electric shocks over her body. Then, those shocks seemed to burst and warm her body like a bonfire. Geoff sent his kisses lower to her neck and her collarbone and even lower to the top of her breastbone. He stopped.

Bridgette's eyes slowly opened as she was asking "Why did you stop?" His answer was rubbing his hands down her slender sides. He skimmed his hands down her slim body and strong hips; his callused hands contrasting with the silky skin on his wife. Chill bumps raised across her skin wherever his fingertips touched. He put one last kiss on her navel and laid his head back down.

She pressed her body against his. "So what did you want to do today Bridgey-Bear?" He asked while tangling his hands in her straight mane of golden hair. She shrugged. "We got the afternoon." She shrugged again.

"Let's do nothing then." And, that's exactly what they did. The blond and the blonde lay in bed all day doing nothing but loving each other…

Capri, she's beauty…

"You're the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life." Geoff whispered to his newborn baby girl. He pulled her knit beanie the hospital issues off of her head. Blonde whorls of hair seemed to soften underneath her father's touch.

Tears began to form in the corners of Geoff's eyes. How could he help create something so precious, so perfect, and so beautiful? She was just a miracle in herself. After nine long months, seventeen hours of watching Bridgette in extremely painful labor, and watching her give a natural birth; Geoff was so amazed that one woman could do all to get the most beautiful creature in the world. He kissed his daughter's forehead.

Her eyes slowly opened to reveal these soul-melting eyes. The perfect mix of Geoff's baby blue and Bridgette's olive green, their little girl's eyes were the color of Caribbean waters. "Hi little one." Geoff said while giving his daughter a kiss on her tiny forehead.