A small red ant scurried along the sidewalk next to Namimori Middle School. Shitt P. halted her bouncing way of transporting herself to pause and examine this new specimen. It was curious that she could spot from afar. Nonetheless, she removed her sunglasses and carefully picked up the ant with the tip of her lens.

She lay down on her stomach to be level with the insect, to try to communicate with it. "Piru?" she asked, holding her sunglasses closer. Shitt P. received no response. She stared intently at the miniscule ant, following its tracks all over her sunglasses. She poked her index finger in front of the ant to observe what would occur, and it started to climb. It tickled a bit, making her smile.

Shitt P. rolled around onto her back, facing the sky and still watching the unceasing little animal make its way around and around her finger. She wondered if it could get dizzy. Slowly, she moved her finger in a circle, forgetting how blindly bright the sun was today. She groped for her sunglasses near her and placed them over her eyes. Then, the ant was gone.

She sat up, searching all over her hands, slightly panicking. "Oh! Here you are." Shitt P. discovered the red ant on the ground again. She retreated to a catlike position, closing in on the insect. It didn't seem to move as quickly as it was a few seconds ago…

Shitt P. poked it with a different finger this time, but it wouldn't budge. She nudged it with a bit more force, but all the insect did was roll over. Suddenly, she smacked it with a closed fist. The ant looked exactly the same. Disappointed, she rolled herself into a ball and bounced away.

At a distance he deemed safe for the UMA, Gokudera wrote down another detail in his notebook. Speaks to animals, preferably red ants. Does not need to talk to communicate. He shut his book confidently and proceeded to report to the Tenth.

Shitt P. is epic. Too bad she's in Vendice. :/ Couldn't resist adding Gokudera at the end. :P

/credit for the first Shitt P story lol. Jk. :P