Michael Xavier Gates was born on June the 13th, on a Friday. His dad thought he was a bad luck baby. But, he still had his manners. He had his ups and downs, but mostly downs. He always gets yelled at. When he goes to Tortuga High School, he always gets in fights. When he gets home, hes covered with bruises. Sometimes, most of the time, I mean all of the time, he gets suspended.

" I believe it is because he was born on Friday the 13th," his dad states. " He's has a very bad temper, he fights, A LOT, and gets suspended at every school, his grades in everything except gym was bad." He says. The door creaked open.

His dad was amazed. Michael didn't have any cuts or bruises! " Oh, hey dad…" He said. Michael was actually smiling… SMILING! Until, he saw her. It was his dad's girl friend. She had blonde hair, hazel eyes, and crooked teeth, and she was really chubby. Michael looked nothing like that. He had BLACK hair, BROWN eyes, STRAIGHT teeth, and an 8-pack. Who couldn't like him? He went to his room, bumping into her shoulder, not saying sorry.

A few hours later,

"Michael, someone is here to see you," his dad said. He ran to the door. He looked out the door and there stood Keira Kinover. He liked her but she didn't know. She liked him but he didn't know. " Hey, were going to the beach, wanna come?" Keira asked Michael. " Yeah, sure," he answered back. When they were on the beach, Keira got shot with a dart… Michael sprung to his feet. "Who's there?" he asked, a little freaked out.

It revealed himself. "Who are you?" Michael asked. It spoke. "I'm Errison, I'm hunting down Keira, now get outta my way you little runt!" Errison knocked Michael out. Before that he noticed something was happening to her.