Michael soon woke up, but he was in a lab. He tried to speak, "Keira, where are you?" but all that came out were barks... He didn't know what had happened. He looked in a mirror and saw he was a black, looked like he was glowing, wolf. What did that man named Erison do to me? he thought. Michael ran into a room and saw Erison ejecting Keira with a black liquid. There was a man standing beside him. " You know I don't like doing this Lou," Erison said. "Well Erison, too bad," Lou said. Erison saw Michael and signaled with his eyes to hide next to the door. Lou must be forcing to do this stuff, Michael thought. Lou walked out and Michael jumped on him and tore him to shreds. All that was left were the eyeballs. He ran in the room. "Hey, Michael come here," Erison said. Michael barked. "I was forced to shoot her with a dart by Lou, he's Satan's son," Erison said. Michael was feeling like he got hit with a ton of bricks! Erison understood him! "Let's get her out of here," Erison said. "We need to be careful, though," Erison said. Michael went back to human. "By the way, Michael, when you kill Satan's son, you become his son, and your real dad forgets all about you." Erison stated. "What?" Michael exclaimed. He was flabbergasted. "Ok, lets just home," Michael said, angry. "Whoa, there tiger," Erison said. "Don't get angry or bad things will happen." "Ok..." Michael said, baffled.

And the search continues... Dun DUn, DUN!