Hey! This is K. C. Ellison with a new fanfic! I'm taking AK1028's Fairly Odd Christmas Carol challenge! I hope you enjoy it!

"The Fairly Oddparents"


"A Christmas Carol"

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

Kellen Ellison as the Narrator

Remy Buxaplenty as Scrooge

Timmy Turner as Mr. Crachit

Phillip O'Connell as Fred

Poof Cosma as "Tiny" Tim Crachit

Henry O'Connell as Marley's Ghost

The Tooth Fairy as the Ghost of Christmas Past

Nacey O'Connell (under the pseudonym "Anna Smith") as Fran Scrooge

Alex Johnson Ibrahim, Sr. as Fezziwig

Veronica Star as Belle

Gabriel Gerard as Belle's Husband

Cosmo Cosma as the Ghost of Christmas Present

Trixie Tang as Mrs. Crachit

Faith von Strangle as Miss Crachit

Juandissimo Magnifico, Nacey O'Connell, Alex Johnson Ibrahim, Jr., Alicia Grey, John and Pete Pichu as some partiers

Jorgen von Strangle as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Helen Ibrahim as a Theif

Wanda Cosma as a Pawn Broker

Chester McBadbat, Tootie DeLisle, and Binky Abdul as some Business People

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