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A Fairly Odd Christmas Carol

Stave II

Kellen: Remy Buxaplenty had just gone to sleep when he heard the clock chimed once.

Remy: 1:00. What did O'Connell say again?

(He looks around and finds nothing.)

Remy: Just a dream.

(He tried to go back to sleep when a large, bright light coming from a beautiful blue haired fairy.)

Remy: Tooth Fairy? What are you doing here? My teeth are perfectly fine...unless you are the spirit O'Connell said was coming.

Tooth Fairy: Indeed. I represent the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Remy: Long past?

Tooth Fairy: Your past, Remy.

Remy: Oh. Must you be so bright? (notices the cap she is holding) Do me a favor and put that light out!

Tooth Fairy: This light is that of truth. You would dare snuff out the truth?

Remy: Sorry. I just wanted some sleep.

Tooth Fairy: Be careful Remy...I'm here for your reclamation. Please take my hand. We shall be invisible and silent as a grave.

Remy: If you insist.

(He takes her hand and both are taken to a school house.)

Tooth Fairy: Remember this place?

Remy: Yes. This is the school where I grew up.

Tooth Fairy: Do you know the way in?

Remy: "Know the way in." I know the way so much I could follow it blindfolded!

(Inside the school house, Remy and the Tooth Fairy see Remy alone reading a book.)

Remy: Can he see us?

Tooth Fairy: He can neither see nor hear us. Tell me, why were you so alone?

Remy: Mom died giving birth to me. Dad held a grudge on me for it. He said "I was lucky to even be born." I only found solace through books. Rowling. Snicket. The list goes on and on.

Tooth Fairy: But you had no real friends.

Remy: The people who made those great works of literature; they were my friends.

Tooth Fairy: Let us visit another Christmas Day from your youth.

(The image of young Remy reading turns into an older Remy laying on a bench. Then his sister runs to him.)

Remy: Anna...

Anna: Remy, guess what? You're coming home!

Young Remy: Home? But what about Father?

Anna: Father isn't the same as he used to be. I asked him to bring you home and he agreed! That's why I came! You'll never have to come here again!

Young Remy: Thanks, Anna.

Tooth Fairy: You know her?

Remy: She was my sister. She was always on my side. She asked for more time, but Father decided to put me down for apprenticeship.

Tooth Fairy: What ever happened to her?

Remy: She died giving birth to my nephew, Phillip.

Tooth Fairy: Yes, I remember her now. Come. There is more to be seen.

(Remy and Tooth Fairy are now in a warehouse.)

Remy: I apprenticed here.

(They see a bald African-American man speaking on a cell phone.)

Tooth Fairy: Remember this man?

Remy: It's Old Master Ibrahim!

Ibrahim: Alright Remy, pens down. It's Christmas Eve. Let's clear the workplace for the party. (Everyone moves desks and furnishings to make space for a dance floor.) You enjoy yourself tonight. You work hard, but your still young. Live a little and have some fun!

(Later that night, there was a festive party going on. Mr. Ibrahim danced with his wife and their three daughters stood by watching, when Young Remy saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.)

Remy: It can't be...Veronica?

Young Remy: Care to dance?

Veronica: Sure!

(Remy and Tooth Fairy watched Young Remy and Veronica dance.)

Tooth Fairy: How long has it been since you last danced, Remy?

Remy: I don't know. Dancing is such a waste of time...

Tooth Fairy: You didn't think so then.

Remy: Back then I had a reason.

Veronica: You've grown up since you first came. You used to be so gloomy.

Young Remy: I had a change of heart.

Veronica: Careful, changes can be overdone.

Ibrahim: Sorry for butting in! I better go find my wife before she dances with another man!

Tooth Fairy: Ibrahim is such a silly guy!

Remy: What makes you say that?

Tooth Fairy: Look at him! He's so happy and yet he dances like a monkey! But there are a few more things that I am going to show you.

(Remy and Tooth Fairy are at a park.)

Remy: No! Not this Christmas!

Tooth Fairy: Why not?

Young Remy: Sorry I'm late, Veronica... I've been busy at work I forgot!

Veronica: AGAIN!

Young Remy: I've always taken most of my time for wok during the holidays.

Veronica: It seems that the golden idol has misled me again. All you think about is money.

Young Remy: I may be older, but my love for you is still the same.

Veronica: That's the point: our love, it's getting old. I miss the days where we wildly expressed our love. Marriage can only happen between two people. I have no other choice...but to end our relationship. I hope you're happy with the life you've chosen. (she walks away)

Remy: I almost followed her.

Tooth Fairy: Then WHY didn't you?

Remy: When father passed away, I was given a small fortune. I felt that for both of us to be happy, we needed to have a lot of money. I dreamed of finanical success...and got it.

Tooth Fairy: Marluxia once said, "Along the road lies something you need, but to claim it, you have to lose something precious." Come and let us see what you have lost.

(Remy and Tooth Fairy appear in the house of Gabriel and Veronica Gerard and their three kids.)

Remy: Veronica?

Tooth Fairy: Correct!

Gabriel: Hi honey!

Veronica: Hi sweetie!

Kids: Daddy, can we open our presents?

Gabriel: I told you to wait until Christmas.

Kids: Ahhh...

Gabriel: I ran across one of your old friends on the street.

Veronica: Who? Remy?

Gabriel: Yes. I noticed that his partner Henry O'Connell is gone. I later realised that he had just died.

Veronica: Poor, poor Remy...

Remy: THAT'S ENOUGH! (he takes the cap and smothers the Tooth Fairy)

Tooth Fairy: Truth lives! Truth lives! Truth...truth...

(He continues pressing down until he finds himself on his bed, strangling the sheets!

Remy: What a horrible nightmare! Please...let me (goes back to sleep)

End Stave Two

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