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AK1028: Thanks for the review! Jorgen likes to scare people straight. That's what he did with Timmy (though the way he did it was wrong). Thanks for reading this story!

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A Fairly Odd Christmas Carol

Stave V

Kellen: Remy was still screaming as he was being dragged deeper into the pit. He kept his eyes shut, not knowing if he was going to live or die.


(He opened his eyes and saw that he was back in his bedroom.)

Remy: My room...I'm alive! Thank you, spirit. I'll keep my promise. I'll live in the past, present, and future; the trinity of spirits will live in me. I swear this on my knees, Henry O'Connell!

(Remy went back to bed and cried himself to sleep.)

Kellen: The next day, Remy was lying in a bed all scuffled up, with blankets half covered all in a mess and pillows stained with his tears. He woke up to the sun shining on his face and the sounds of people on the street.

Remy: 9:00. Morning. (gasps) What day is it?

(Remy ran towards the window where he saw a boy walking by.)

Remy: Hey, kid!

Boy: Me?

Remy: Of course you! What is today's date?

Boy: Why it is the 25th of December!

Remy: (to himself) Christmas Day! I didn't miss it! The spirits did it all in one night! (to the kid) Excuse me, do you know the butcher shop at the end of the street?

Boy: Of course!

Remy: (aside) Young AND intelligent. (to the kid) Is their prized turkey still hanging there?

Boy: The one as big as me?

Remy: Yes!

Boy: It's still there!

Remy: Could you go and buy it for me? Tell them to bring it back here. I'll give you $100; an extra $500 if you do it within five minutes!

(The boy leaves to perform the task.)

Remy: I gotta get dressed! I've never been this happy since I dated Veronica! Merry Christmas and a Happy New all in the world!

(Five minutes later, the boy returned with a deliverer carrying the turkey.)

Deliveryman: You sure this isn't a prank?

Boy: I swear he was up there!

(Then, a smiling Remy answered the door wearing winter clothes.)

Deliveryman: This boy says you want to buy this turkey?

Remy: Yes, indeed. (He gives the boy $600.) Great job.

Boy: Thank you! (he walks away.)

Remy: Here's the money for the turkey. Deliver it to Timmy Turner's house in time for Christmas dinner. Tell them it was delivered from a friend.

Deliveryman: You got it!

Remy: (he gives the deliveryman an extra $100) Merry Christmas!

Deliveryman: Same to you!

(Later that day, Remy passed by a caroler asking for money and gave her $50. Then he met the boy who he turned away yesterday.)

Boy: Mr. Buxaplenty...

Remy: I've decided to donate some money. How's about... (he whispers into the boy's ear, which excited the boy)

Boy: Are you serious?

Remy: Anything to help the poor!

Boy: Thank you, Mr. Buxaplenty!

Remy: My pleasure! Come to the office, I write the check there.

(Meanwhile, the deliveryman had just arrived at Timmy Turner's house.)

Deliveryman: You Timmy Turner?

Timmy: Yes.

Deliveryman: (he hands the turkey to him) This is for you.

Timmy: I didn't order this!

Deliveryman: This turkey was bought by someone else. He asked to deliver it here in time for dinner.

Timmy: Who?

Deliveryman: He asked to remain anonymous.

(Inside, everyone gathered around the turkey.)

Trixie: Anonymous?

Timmy: That's what he said.

Trixie: Do you know who could've sent it?

Timmy: No idea.

Faith: We must have go it by mistake.

Timmy: I thought of that, too.

Poof: It has our address on it, though.

Faith: What are we going to do with it?

Trixie: We're going to have the happiest Christmas ever.

Poof: And God bless us, everyone!

Everyone: And God bless us, everyone!

Remy: (to himself) Okay, I donated to the poor, gave the Turners a good dinner, all that's left is... (he knocks on the door of Phillip O'Connell's house.)

Phillip: Uncle Remy?

Rachel: What does he want?

Phillip: I have no idea.

Remy: May I come in?

Phillip: Sure! Oh...Rachel, this is my uncle. Remy, this is my wife...Rachel.

Rachel: Pleasure to meet you.

Remy: You surprised to see me?

Phillip: Yeah. You said that you were coming yesterday!

Remy: I take back what I said about Christmas being a humbug. By the way, your wife is beautiful.

Rachel: Thank you.

Remy: I was in love once...and you two have a strong bond together. One more thing, is my invitation to have dinner with you still available?

Phillip: Of course! I'll just set up another plate for you. (he heads for the kitchen)

Remy: Rachel, do you like games.

Rachel: I love games, especially "Similes."

Remy: Me too! If you ever get "tight as..." the answer is a drum.

Rachel: So it is.

Remy: When I look at you, I see my lovely sister...who I miss very much. Well, let's have a good time, shall we?

(The two headed into the kitchen.)

Kellen: The next day was business as usual for Remy. However, Remy was the only one in the building.

Remy: Late again, Turner.

(Just then, Timmy burst through the door.)

Remy: Do you know what time it is?

Timmy: 9:18?

Remy: What are you doing here at this time.

Timmy: I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen again.

Remy: I've should have done this a long time ago. Timmy Turner...I'M DOUBLING YOUR SALARY!

Timmy: Double my salary?

Remy: Merry Christmas, Timmy! But that's just the start. I'm going to assit your family any way I can. Poof will walk again, and you have my word for it!

Timmy: Wow...I don't what to say. Thank you sir!

Remy: No problem. Oh, go buy some more wood for the furnace.

Kellen: Years have passed by. Remy and Poof (without his crutch) are walking together to do some Christmas shopping. Remy Buxaplenty was better than his word. He became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man as the city of Dimmsdale knew. As for Poof, who did not die, Remy became a second father to him.

(They pass a European-American man under 6' wearing a Missouri Tigers winter jacket and blue jeans named Kellen Ellison, sitting on a shop windowsill. He waves to Poof and Remy before turning his attention to the readers.)

Kellen: It was said of Remy Buxaplenty that he knew how to keep Christmas well. If any man posess the knowledge, may that truly be said of us...all of us. And as Poof observed, "God bless us, everyone."

(Kellen jumps down and blends in with the crowd.)


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