Chapter 2: The Friendly Neighborhood Creeper

When I first woke up, my first thought was "Today's the day." I got dressed (A/N use your imagination for clothes and makeup my wonderful readers! Cuz I don't have one XP). I put my iPod on shuffle and the first song I got was replay by Iyaz. Soon I fell asleep and woke up when Grant nudged me and said "We're here.

I looked up and saw our new house. I quickly got my suitcase, my mom said , "You can each have your own room."The one I chose was nice. It was on the 2nd floor with a balcony outside.

Macey came in and said, "Nice room Cam."

"Thanks," I said "where's yours?"

"Right next to yours"

So we went to Macey's room and I noticed that all her stuff was already unpacked (how does she do that?). It was pretty much like mine, except hers didn't have a balcony. I looked outside and saw a pool so I put on my tankini, and called Macey and she put on her bikini and met me at the pool. Grant came too and we began to swim around, and I snuck up behind Grant and pushed him down into the water. Macey was floating on her back, which was the perfect opportunity for me and Grant to flip her. I told Grant what to do, and then, before you know it, we were all pushing and flipping each other (thank god for water proof makeup or Macey would've killed me for making her wet).

Suddenly, I heard a loud THUMP come from over the fence, so, obviously, I looked in the direction of the noise and so did Macey and Grant. We looked over the fence and saw a boy lying in the bushes. He had dark brown hair that was made for his green eyes, and a light tan that complimented them well.

"Hey, I'm Zach. Zach Goode." He said while standing up, like falling into a bush was the most normal thing in the world.

"Hi, I'm Cammie, this is my brother Grant-" I started.

"Older brother," Grant corrected.

"By 6 freaking minutes! Get over it!"

"I'm still older!" He whined.

"Fine. Whatever." Giving in because he was giving me a migraine. "This is Macey."

"So what were you doing, looking at us, and suddenly falling down from that fence?" Typical Macey. She never was one to beat around the bush. Just getting straight to the point.

"Uh, well…umm-"

"Zach, honey? Come inside for dinner now!"Someone said, I wasn't exactly sure who, but it saved his butt from getting a thorough investigation, courtesy of Macey.

"OKAY! See you guys later," obviously relieved he could get away.

Then I looked at my watch (waterproof, of course), it was 7. Huh, I didn't realize it was dinner time already, oh well. My mom ordered pizza for us, which was a good thing because, believe me, my mom can't cook. She actually burnt spaghetti once because instead of turning it off, she kept it on and drove to the mall for about an hour. Next thing I know, I smell something that was very unpleasant, so I rush to where the odor was coming from, and I see some black sauce threatening to bubble up and choke me with its awful odour. Maybe she ordered pizza because Macey is here, or maybe it was because we just moved and we're celebrating, either way, I'm glad we got pizza.

I got ready for bed, looked out the window and saw Zach with his shirt off! So I'm next to him, huh? This will be very interesting. Then the most awkward thing happened, Zach caught me staring, and he smirked at me. Oh boy. Wonder what will happen…