Beauty. The one word that describes me. But, I do not believe it describes me. Instead, it is the one word the others think when they see of me.

It is not my fault I am beautiful. It is not my fault those girls glare at me when the boys stare. It is not my fault I am like this. Nothing is my fault.

For some reason I never have to prove myself. No one ever cares if I did not do as well as the other girls at school. My pretty face. That is all that anyone ever sees.

They may not care, but I do. I do not just want to be the pretty girl.

I know I am judged for who I am. Not because I am part Veela but rather because I am different. I know they think I am nothing. They think I am only a shell. They think there is nothing inside of me. There is no intelligence, kindness, or love. I am only beauty.

Beauty. My best quality, and the thing that will destroy me.

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