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The Christmas party was a huge success; well at least it was in Lenalee's opinion. It had been a long time since she had seen Allen smile the way he did, considering what had happened with the Earl. To see the look of happiness on her friend's face was worth it, even if it might have been the last one they all would spend as a group. She didn't let this get her down, though; she was determined to make Allen's sixteenth birthday the best one he'd ever have.

Lenalee had it all planned out, and it started with waking Allen up and giving him a special breakfast. But that went out the window when she had gone to get Allen for his breakfast. Upon knocking on the exorcist's door, she had not gotten an answer. As it was unlocked, Lenalee opened the door to find that there was no one in the shower, and the bed was unoccupied.

Sighing, Lenalee went down to the cafeteria; maybe he was there. But alas, the teen she was searching for was not in there, and upon asking Gerry if Allen stopped in here, he replied negative, that not many people had been in here at all.

Not knowing what to do, Lenalee sat at a table, head in her hands. Where could Allen be? She knew the white-haired exorcist could hide well, but this was ridiculous. Between Allen's bedroom and the cafeteria, she had looked all over headquarters, but still couldn't find him. Lenalee, not knowing what to do, decided that she would have to give up her hunt. Going into the kitchen, she made some coffee for her niisan and the others, all the while thinking of places where her orphaned friend could be.


Said orphan was currently on the roof. He referred to it as avoiding people, but both he and the fourteenth knew what it really was: he was hiding from his friends. After all these years, Allen still couldn't face his friends for a long period of time, the exception being last night, though he didn't spend more than a half hour at most with any one of them in particular. It didn't help that the last of his friends to die -oddly enough, it was Kanda, who had lived to a rather short age of thirty-five- died on his thirty-fifth birthday. Allen almost wished that he was back in the future again, not being able to see any of his friends, let alone Tyki.

Sighing, Allen hummed the lullaby to himself that he, by now, knew by heart, the song that was practically engrained in his soul. He remembered a brief memory of when he taught Tyki how to play the piano- he was a fast learner- and the first song he learned after mastering the basics was that lullaby. A small smile of sadness came onto Allen's lips, and he couldn't help but remember the past. Technically, he was in it right now, but looking back and remembering his own past didn't help him any; in fact, it might've made it worse.

So caught up in his thoughts, he almost didn't catch the small golden object that was flying around his head. Turning to face the golden sphere, Allen smiled, for the small golden sphere was Timcampi. Timcampi, after fifty more years of loyal service, had died out. Allen, of course, had buried him, giving his small friend a proper burial. This had been before the lead on Tyki's ware bouts, and so he was left alone for another decade.

"What's wrong, Tim?" Allen asked, to which Timcampi buzzed around his head a little more before floating a little ways away from him. His tail motioned Allen to follow him, and Allen did so, albeit a little confused, Timcampi led Allen back to his room, where the golden sphere promptly locked the door. Allen became even more confused as to what his little companion's actions were leading to.

"Tim?" Allen asked, slightly nervous at what the golden communicator was doing. When Timcampi was done, Timcampi flew right in front of Allen, and opened his mouth wide. Out came music sheets with the music to an unfamiliar song. Allen then had a faint idea of what Tim was asking him to do.

"Ah, do you want me to play the song, Tim?" Allen asked. Timcampi nodded, and Allen looked back towards the music sheets before he activated the joint innocence of himself and of the fourteenth's. At first he had been wary of the combined innocence, but once he had gotten used to it, he had found that it was a more peaceful way for the Noah's to die. He's weakened them with his Crown Clown, and then, with Harmony (or so it had been named by the fourteenth), he'd give them peaceful deaths, although he suspected that they didn't actually die, rather, they went into an eternal slumber.

Little did he know, as he played his innocence, the whole Order was listening to the melodic song. And, through means which are not meant to be known, the Noah too.


It was rather surprising, that, on Christmas, when they were opening gifts (the Earl believed in giving gifts on Christmas), the Noah family heard a beautiful tune being played on the piano. Tyki, at once, knew who it was, and basked in the beautiful sound of his love's playing. The one thing he had missed during his slumber was the sound of the piano playing as he read. He kept an eye open, though, as he observed the reactions of the other occupants in this room.

Lulubell, he knew, was an intelligent woman, and almost nothing went by her; so it wasn't any shock when he saw the slight widening of eyes from her before they closed to enjoy this beautiful music. Road, in her own way, was enjoying the music as well. A lollipop in her mouth, she was playing with the dollhouse the Earl had gotten her; he could see that she was setting up the dollhouse in a certain way, and he almost laughed when he saw who she was putting where. Somehow, she had managed to place the Noah exactly where they wanted to be at this moment; what caught his attention most was where Road put him. He was in his own room, his own little figurine lying on the bed with something in his hands- most likely a book. There was also a baby grand piano- he had learned to tell the difference between the pianos, thanks to Allen- and, looking a bit closer, he saw who was sitting at the piano.

Smiling and shaking his head at the sight, Tyki pulled out a book from his inside pocket, one he'd been patiently waiting to read. Shogun was the title, and it was given to him by Allen at their last Christmas- only a few months later had he stopped the bullets from killing Allen. Now that he thought about it, he realized that Allen would have survived the bullets, because the Noah inside him wouldn't let himself be killed until all the others were killed. A frown appeared on the Noah of Joy's face; the two probably could've still been together; and his poor love probably didn't even realize it.

Opening the book, Tyki began to read, unaware of the whispering between Lulubell and Road.

"Ne, ne, take a look at this." Road said to Lulubell, who glanced at the dollhouse. Inside, she saw a pretty accurate description of where everyone wanted to be, and who wanted to be with. She raised an eyebrow at the room meant to be Tyki's; it was a stylish room, made for two. On the bed, Lulubell could clearly see the Tyki figurine reading a book as he usually was. But that wasn't what caught her attention; what caught her attention was the baby grand piano in the bedroom, and the person who was playing it.

Sitting on the floor next to Road, she asked a question, which everybody in the room, save for Tyki, as he wasn't listening, heard. "Why is Allen Walker in there, Road?" She asked with an amused glint in her eyes.

"Well…" Road began, smiling childishly. "It's a clue for you all." The Noah of Dreams replied cryptically.

"A clue? To what, if I may ask." Lulubell asked again, though she already had an idea. More or less, she was doing this for the benefit of those who were listening.

"To Tyki's seclusion, of course!" Road answered, catching the Earl's complete attention.

"Who's in there?" He asked Road, his usual smile on his face.

"Allen-kun!" Road responded happily.

"Allen Walker?" The Earl asked, slightly incredulous. What did the Destroyer of Time have to do with Tyki-pon? "What does te Exorcist have to do with Tyki-pon?" The Earl asked Road, who grinned mischievously.

"You'll have to ask Tyki~!" She sang, not giving the answer the Earl was looking for. The music was still playing, though the part that was being played was mysterious sounding, only adding to the Earl's irritation.

"Tyki-pon, why is he in your dollhouse room?" The Earl asked, only to get no response. The Noah's and the Earl looked over to see one Tyki Mikk, who was so absorbed in his new book that he didn't even hear the conversation that was going on around him. And so, for the next handful of minutes, they all took turns trying to get the Noah's attention, to no avail.

There was a missed note in the playing of the piano, and while those who were trying to get the attention of the Noah didn't mind it, Tyki did. Tyki's head looked up, a small frown on his face.

"He missed a note," Tyki said aloud, and the other occupants in the room sweat dropped slightly. They had been trying to get his attention for over five minutes, and the thing to snap him out of his book was not one of them, but a mistake on the music? Lulubell just sighed, which caught Tyki's attention. "Is something wrong?" He asked, oblivious to the calls he had been given earlier.

"Tyki, we've been trying to get your attention." She stated. "For five minutes." Lulubell gave him an annoyed look, and Tyki had the decency to look somewhat sheepish.

"Really?" He asked. "What about?"

"Why is Allen Walker in your room, Tyki-pon?" the Earl asked.

Tyki's eyes widened. "Allen's in my room?" He asked incredulously. Lulubell shook her head.

"In Road's dollhouse, Tyki," She said, to which Tyki slightly deflated.

"Oh," He responded, looking over to Road's dollhouse. Indeed, it was the same scene again, as Road hadn't changed it from when he first looked at it, his little Love still playing the piano. "What about it?"

"Road said that he was a clue to your seclusion, Tyki-pon," The Earl explained as if he was talking to a five-year-old.

"Is that so?" Tyki asked, an amused look on his face. "And if he is?" He asked the Earl, a smirk adorning his face.

"Why is he in your room?" The Earl asked, starting to get annoyed.

"Why isn't he in my room?" Tyki replied with a smirk, though inwardly he was laughing as he saw the Earl's expression grow more irritated and more annoyed.

"Answer me straight, Tyki!" The Earl demanded, practically yelling at the Noah of Joy. And that's what Tyki did. The smirk on Tyki's face was off instantly, and a dead look replaced the mirth-filled eyes he had had only a few seconds ago. The Noahs were a bit surprised, seeing the character change in Tyki.

"I don't have to answer you, Earl," Tyki replied coldly, making some of the occupants in the room flinch. The piano had stopped playing, and, with a snap, Tyki closed his book and stood up. He left the room, a silence replacing his presence. It was that way for a while, until a snort was heard. Everyone looked towards the source of the noise.

Road merely grinned at the looks she was getting. "Did you know," She said, standing up from her place on the floor. "That Tyki was bi?" Picking up her dollhouse, she left the room, inwardly laughing her ass off at the expressions of her family.


Allen stopped playing, smiling lightly. He had played the piece well, besides that one mistake. Unbeknownst to him, a certain Noah was snapped out of his reading to answer questions. The exorcist had sneezed, and he wondered of someone was talking about him.

"What a pretty piece…" Allen mused to himself. "Hey Tim," He asked. "Do you know the name of the song?" The flying golden sphere shook its body negative, leaving him to wonder what it was called.

There was a knock at the door, and Allen stood up from his bed, deactivating his Harmony. Opening the door, he found a smiling Lavi, an exasperated Lenalee, and an annoyed Kanda (which wasn't new, really).

"Yes? Is there something you wanted?" Allen asked, not realizing that he just set off a fuse.

"Something we wanted?" Lenalee exclaimed. "I've been searching for you since nine this morning! Do you know what time it is now?" She asked, her hands firmly on her hips. "Its five o'clock at night! Five!"

Allen blinked, his eyes widening a bit. "Five o'clock? How can that be? I came back to my room at eleven thirty this morning." Lenalee's eyes widened at this as well.

"What have you been doing for the past five and a half hours where nobody could find you?" Lenalee asked, some of her anger consumed by confusion and worry.

Allen walked back to his bed, thinking. Lavi took this as an invitation to enter his room, and he dragged Kanda in with him, with Lenalee following after closing the door.

'What happened?' Allen wondered, taking a seat on his bed. The three other exorcists took seats on the various chairs and couches he had around his room. Lavi, of course, was the one to comment on it.

"Man Allen, you're living pretty good to get a room this size," Lavi commented, looking around the room for the first time, as he had never really been inside before. Allen had a four-poster bed with storm gray sheets, and with canopy's near the head of the bed. There was a mini refrigerator with a table that could fit four; a mini-kitchen was attached, including a sink, stove/oven, and pantry. A sitting area (where the three visiting exorcists were currently at) that had a dark gray and navy blue couch, a navy blue chair on the right side of the couch, and a storm gray comfy chair on the left. There was a plasma tv on the wall across from the storm gray comfy chair, and below the tv was a fireplace that was currently lit. Lavi knew there was a master bathroom somewhere in the area, but he wanted to find out why Allen had such a room in the first place.

"God, it's like this is an apartment," Lavi exclaimed, with Lenalee nodding her head in amazement. "How'd you manage to get something like this?" Lavi asked, turning to the white0haired exorcist.

"Probably a bribe of some sort," Kanda said, gaining a glare from Lenalee.

"No way! They wouldn't bribe Allen, would they?" Lenalee proclaimed before looking to Allen for reassurance. Allen rubbed the back of his head, a sheepish look on his face. "The Order bribed you to stay here?" Lenalee asked, her eyes wide.

"Sort of…" Allen replied, laughing weakly. Kanda raised an eyebrow at this.

"What do you mean by 'sort of' moyashi?" Kanda asked, making Allen frown when his cursed nick name came up.

"Well, how do I put it in simple words for your small brains," Allen retorted, glaring at Kanda. "The Order, who knew my Shishou was Cross, wanted to make sure I stayed here, rather than wondering around like he did." 'Although,' Allen thought. 'That's exactly what I did after I killed the Earl. Lost all contact with the Order, basically.' Shaking his head, he continued his explanation. "And so, they offered me this apartment like room to stay in while I didn't have any missions. Though I would've returned here anyway, but there wasn't any need to tell them that after I was given this room, though." The white-haired exorcist finished, the last part an evil type of sweet.

"Basically, The Order made sure one if its more powerful tools was comfortable and happy so it wouldn't stray away from them and join the enemy. Am I right?" Lavi asked, summarizing up what Allen had told them with the simple.

Allen laughed bitterly, surprising the other exorcists. "Yes," He replied, his voice bitter now, and he looked towards his friends. "And that's why you were chosen as the next Bookman, Lavi," Allen said, and for a moment, the three exorcists could see a flash of silver light Allen's eyes, before it disappeared.

"But," Allen continued, making the others tense a bit. "That doesn't explain why you were looking for me, Lenalee." Allen quickly changed the subject back to what it was for, and, though they wouldn't admit it, the other three exorcists were glad.

A frown came back to Lenalee's face as she remembered why she was there in the first place. "That's right! I was looking for you all day, and you were here the whole freaking time!" Lenalee exploded, making Allen and Kanda wince. Lavi just smiled. "What were you doing that kept you in here for so long?" Lenalee asked.

"Well, I remember coming back in here to take a nap. But then Tim came and showed me this piece of music. At first it was unfamiliar, but as I played it, it kept on sounding familiar…" The last part was said more to himself rather than his friends. The three had caught all of it, though.

"Wait, you were the one playing the piano earlier?" Lenalee asked in shock. Allen blinked and nodded his head, confused.

"Why? Was there something wrong with that?" He asked, unaware of who exactly heard it.

"No, it's not that," Lenalee said, still shocked. "It's just that everyone in HQ heard that song. And we've been getting reports from other headquarters, saying that they could hear a song being played on the piano throughout their buildings…" Lenalee drifted off, watching Allen's reaction.

Allen, meanwhile, was surprised, before he remembered a key factor. He was playing it in Harmony, which meant that it was projected over many regions. And based on the fact that the other headquarters heard it as well, there was a chance that the Earl had heard it too… Allen paled at the thought. The Earl hearing that probably wasn't all that good, if the Earl realized that it was him playing the piano. His Noah would be revealed too early, unlike the original timeline. That definitely couldn't happen.

Pretending to still be shocked, Allen quickly made an excuse. "I didn't realize that it echoed throughout all the headquarters. That was really unexpected." There was an awkward silence before Allen's stomach interrupted them with a large growl. Owner of said growling stomach blushed slightly.

"Well, I think it's time for a snack," He said, getting up. Walking over to the door, the world started spinning. Allen, though, kept walking, making sure that his friends didn't notice. It seemed to work, until he was stopped by a hand grabbing onto his elbow to steady out his uneven footsteps.

"Oi, are you alright moyashi?" Kanda asked, holding into Allen's elbow. He was making to follow the exorcist when he noticed that the boy's footsteps were off. Knowing that was a sign of dizziness, Kanda grabbed onto Allen's shoulder before the kid passed out on his own two feet.

"Don't worry Kanda," Allen falsely reassured the man. "I'm fine." Kanda's eyes narrowed, and his grip on Allen's elbow became tighter.

"Oh really?" The swordsman asked. "Then tell me why you were about to fall over your feet." Allen heard a gasp, and from the corner of his eye, he saw that it was Lenalee.

'I shouldn't have underestimated him,' Allen thought to himself, trying to come up with an excuse. He knew the cause of this, of course: playing without Him drained his energy levels. Luckily, he was able to come up with an excuse.

"I'm just really hungry, that's all." Allen told the unbelieving swordsman. He seemed to buy it for now, as he let Allen ago. The white-haired exorcist breathed a sigh of relief that quickly became a sharp intake of breath. The blue-haired exorcist had only let go of Allen to carry said person bridal style.

"K-K-Kanda!" Allen squeaked at the sudden lack of presence under his feet. "What are you doing?" A blush appeared on his face.

"Isn't it obvious?" Kanda asked with a straight face. "You almost collapsed because of your dizziness; you're in no shape to walk down that far. You either deal with this, or you stay here." Allen looked Kanda in the eye and could see truth. 'He's honestly worried about my health. That's really kind of him.' Allen thought to himself. He sighed on the outside, showing the man his resignation.

Shifting to make himself comfortable, Allen looked back up to see the swordsman raise an eyebrow.

"What?" Allen asked. "Since you're going to carry me there, I might as well make myself comfortable. After all, it'll take a little while to get there. Right?" Allen smiled a warm smile, on he usually reserved for Tyki, and he caught the faint blush that appeared on Kanda's face. Inconspicuously, he snuggled up towards Kanda to become warmer. Said swordsman only tightened his grip.

Meanwhile, Lavi was trying to hold back his victory shouts. "I knew it!" He whispered to Lenalee, who was smiling happily. "I knew Yu liked Allen! And he finally made a move!" Lavi crowed, happy that his two friends were happy. If only he knew that there was someone else who had Allen's heart as well.


In his room, Tyki sneezed. 'I wonder if someone's talking about me,' The Noah of Pleasure thought to himself. 'Maybe its Allen…' He thought, a warm smile you usually don't see on a Noah's face appearing. It stayed there a while as Tyki continued to read Shogun, the fireplace lit, to give off the feeling of being with his Love again.


The two exorcists gad acquired odd looks as they walked down, though they all ignored them. Allen had managed to strike up a conversation with Kanda about Japan, and what they he had seen there.

"Personally, it's been one of my favorite places to visit, though I haven't been there too often. I really enjoyed viewing the scenery, especially when the sakura trees bloom." Allen explained, and Kanda nodded his agreement. By that time, the four exorcists had reached the cafeteria. Kanda had chosen a table for them to sit at and placed Allen on one of the benches.

"What do you want?" Kanda asked Allen, who hummed in thought. When he had a basic idea, he looked to Kanda.

"You might want to write this down." Allen told Kanda, who only raised an eyebrow in response. Allen sighed. "It's not going to be my fault when you forget something." The white-haired exorcist said before listing what he wanted to eat. "Let's see…a hamburger- medium rare, a side of steak fries with ketchup, large chocolate and vanilla malt, a large diet coke, two plates of takoyaki, and fifty sticks of dango." Allen smiled at the expression on the older man's face.

"Are you sure you don't want me to write that all down?" Allen asked with a smirk. Kanda gave him a glare before going to order for himself and Allen. Across from him, Lavi was laughing, while Lenalee was sighing with a sigh on her face. The Noah incarnate just smiled at his friends before looking over towards the order area where Kanda was listing off everything Allen asked for, plus his own. Allen snickered at the grief the older man must've been getting from Gerry. He could only imagine what was to come when the swordsman came back.

Five minutes later, the man came back, grumbling. Allen smiled smugly at the man with an 'I-told-you-so' face. Kanda glared at the sixteen-year-old-teen. Allen just laughed, and joined in on Lavi's conversation about shoes, which, Allen thought, was a rather weird topic, though it was amusing to watch how animated Lavi was.

About ten minutes later, all the food came out, and Allen smiled, impressed at the older man. Kanda had managed to get him everything he had asked for. Lavi just gawked at the amount of food, and Lenalee just laughed.

"Man, how do you eat that much food Allen?" Lavi asked, eying the amount of food in front of Allen. Said person swallowed the mouthful of food he had before answering the red-head.

"Lavi, in case you've forgotten, I'm a parasitic type, and my innocence eats up a lot of my energy," Allen explained, taking a sip of his diet coke. 'Not to mention I have someone else inhabiting my body who eats as much as I do without innocence.' Allen thought to himself, referring to his other inhabitant, who snorted at the thought.

Other than that, their Christmas dinner was spent in relative peace, the four teens enjoying themselves even if some (cough*Kanda*cough) didn't show it. It was when they four were walking back- Allen had insisted that he could walk now that he had eaten- when the earthquake took place.

The four exorcists rushed towards the source of the commotion: the Ark. There were more exorcists who had been at HQ coming to see what was going on. Allen paled as he saw the source of the earthquake: the Earl was at the entrance with the Noah at his side: Road, who had a dollhouse? In her hands, Lulubell, who was looking amused and annoyed at the same time, Tyki, who had, Allen noticed, the copy of Shogun under his arm. Also, there was Skin, who looked pretty much the same as he always did, and Jasdevi, who had maniacal grins on their faces.

It appeared that the Earl was looking for someone, and Allen, who knew he had some part in this- call it a gut feeling- stepped forward.

"Good evening, Earl," Allen greeted, as he always did. He could hear Him silently laughing at what was going to take place. Allen, too, knew that something comical was going to happen, though he may be on the butt end of said comedy.

The Earl's head snapped towards Allen. "Allen Walker. Why are you in Tyki's room?" The Earl asked bluntly. The other occupants in the room spluttered at the idea, while, on the Noah's side, Road looked amused, and Tyki- who was part of this conversation- was too busy reading his book to realize where they were, and who was talking with the Earl.

Allen's reaction, to say the least, made up for the rest of those who didn't react: his expression was confused for a second, but then it changed from confusion to shock and from shock to embarrassment. The poor boy's face went redder than a tomato's.

"W-what are you talking about?" Allen asked, still flustered.

"Look at this Allen-kun!" Road exclaimed, jumping in front of Allen. The exorcists tensed, ready to attack at any time, though Allen was relaxed.

Road put down the dollhouse- as it turned out to be- and opened it up. There Allen saw all the rooms on what must've been the Ark they were living in. All the rooms were filled up with realistic furniture, and Allen could see all the Noah in their preferred places.

'All it's missing is your room,' Allen said to the Noah inside him, who agreed. That was when Allen caught the source of the Earl's visit.

The room Allen was looking at was Tyki's room, Allen could tell right away; it was designed as the Noah would prefer it to be. On the small four-poster bed, Tyki was reading one of his books by the fireplace. There was a piano not far away from the bed, and Allen saw that there was a little figurine of him sitting on the piano bench, playing.

'So that's what he meant,' Allen thought, observing the piano some more before smiling again. "That's a beautiful baby grand in there," He commented, and Road nodded her head in agreement. The other occupants who were paying attention sweat-dropped.

Allen looked up, seeing the Earl's questioning look. "I don't know why I'm in his room. Why don't you ask him?" Allen told the Earl, motioning to Tyki, who was still reading his book.

"Already tried that~!" Road said, a smile on her face. "The Earl asked, and when Tyki wouldn't give a straight answer, he got mad. Then Tyki snapped too, which was funny; he doesn't snap too often, and whoever is on the receiving end gets scared shitless." Road chimed, her sadistic side showing. Allen nodded in agreement.

"That's true; it's always is amusing to watch him snap." Allen replied, not realizing the impact of the words he had said. Had the white-haired exorcist known the Noah before he joined the Order?

"What did the Earl say about talking about people as if they weren't there even though they're in the same room, Road?" A new voice reprimanded the Noah of Dreams as though Allen hadn't even spoken a word. Everyone looked up to see Tyki, who had put down his book for the moment. Road merely grinned at Tyki.

"And what have I told you about joining in on people's conversations when you don't even know what's going on, Tyki?" Allen asked, raising an eyebrow.

The reaction was somewhat comical (in Road's opinion, at least). Tyki's eyes widened all the way, and he snapped his head towards the sound of the voice, wincing when his neck popped the wrong way. The Noah blinked before a large smile came to his face.

"Allen!" Tyki cried, shocked yet extremely pleased at seeing him. And then he jumped the poor unsuspecting exorcist. Allen squeaked at the sudden weight that attached to his body very quickly. He would've fallen over if Tyki had not balanced himself at the last second. The Noah of Joy now had a very firm grip on the white-haired exorcist, and said person didn't even bother to try and escape.

Said person put his hands on his hips, and to the (rather, no very confused) Order members, he looked quite feminine. A frown was on his face.

"What? You didn't realize that the Earl and I have been talking for over ten minutes?" Allen asked. Tyki had the decency to look somewhat sheepish.

"Excuse me," Howard Link spoke up, and there was a frown on his face. "But would you explain why you are holding Allen Walker intimately?" That's when the rest of the Order members saw how close Tyki was to Allen.

"That's easy," Tyki replied. "He's mine." And then Tyki did something that shocked both sides (save for Road, who knew what was happening already). He took hold of Allen's chin and tilted it upwards before planting his own lips on the younger ones in a deep and passionate kiss.


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