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"Normal Talking"



Conversations between Allen and his Noah


Smirking to himself, Neah hopped into the shower to prolong opening the door; he knew it'd irritate all those who were waiting outside the door to the apartment. With the hot water cascading down his back through his silver-white locks, he began humming the song his host would sing all the time. He had to admit, it was a decent song, especially when his host played it on the piano or sang it. Then again, he mused, his host always had a certain knack for anything music-related… He'd have to ask him why when said person came back from eating.

Relishing the feeling of the hot water once more, Neah turned off the faucets and grabbed a towel to cover his waist. Hearing the knocking become even more persistent- he hadn't thought that it could be any more 'urgent sounding', but who was he to underestimate these people?- and sighed.

Beginning phase one, Allen, the Noah reported to his host.

Excellent, Allen replied through their link almost immediately. I look forward to watching it. By the tone in Allen's voice, Neah knew that his host's sadistic tendencies were showing. 'As long as it's not directed towards me,' the Noah thought absent-mindedly, heading to the door to deal with the mob undoubtedly waiting outside.

Unlocking the locks and putting a temporary halt on the protection seals on Allen's door, Neah opened the door, and because of the steam from shower still having yet to dissipate, it clouded around him and flowed out of the door. Controlling the emotions on his face, Neah made it to where he looked mildly annoyed at being interrupted from his shower. Knowing his host, this probably would be his reaction.

Of course it would be, Allen replied, sounding as if he was chewing on something while he conversed with Neah through their link.

"Yes?" Neah replied, his voice perfectly mimicking his hosts'. Outside he could see that it was a mob, and it was being lead by Komui and Link.

"Is that all you have to say?" Link roared, the his face becoming redder by the second. "You've locked yourself in your suite for this long without even coming out!"

Allen, who was observing Link in his rage, noted amusedly, The two dots he has on his head stand out even more when he does that.

Neah snorted inwardly. His host could be incredibly amusing at times. On the outside, though, his face still held the slightly annoyed, yet polite expression that was Allen Walker.

"Its called taking vacation, ever heard of it, Link-san?" Neah asked, knowing of his host's approval when the snort came through their link.

Link's eyebrows shot upward, as did many others in the mob. Allen Walker did do sarcasm from time to time, but never of this offense. Something was definitely up.

Neah watched with hidden amusement as the crowd murmured about 'Allen's' sudden personality change. If only they knew.

"Do you need anything else?" Neah asked, being somewhat polite again. This merely enraged Link again, and Neah was seeing a repeating pattern: ignore what Link, and watch him explode.

Not one for patience, is he? Allen mused through their link, and Neah snorted inwardly.

No, I don't believe so, considering how red his face is at the moment. Neah replied to his host, enjoying every moment of his freedom. The only thing that would make it better is if… Neah stopped. Something's not right.

What is it, Neah? Allen asked, the amusement layering his tone wiped away with a serious edge.

I'm not sure, Neah replied. It's as if someone's trying to break into headquarters, like when you were with Bak… Neah's eyes widened as a thrum of energy echoed through the hallways. Oh dear, that's definitely not good.

Neah, what's wrong? Allen asked again, the worry leaking through his voice. What's happening?

Someone's trying to come through the Ark. And it isn't an order member. The solemnity in Neah's voice rang throughout the connection. This was definitely not good.

Oh Lord, came the quiet response from Allen, and Neah could see his hosts' face paling. I'll go check it out. Allen responded, and the sounds of footsteps came through their link.

Neah did not like what was happening. Generally, he didn't care what his host was doing or where he was going, and would more or less sleep unless they were hunting Noah. But ever since they had come to the future, Neah's involvement had been steadily increasing. 'If this keeps up, they might sentence him to death.' A frown marred Neah's face, and completely disregarding the large mob outside- he would later realize that he had forgotten them- went back into the room, closing thee door behind him with a firm click.

Going over the repertoire of seals in his hosts' collection, he selected the one that would be able to transport him right to the entrance of the Ark. Quickly copying the seal down on a piece of paper, Neah activated the seal on a wall and, grabbing a few things that he and his host would need for the fight he knew would happen, he strutted through the seal, anticipating what was yet to come.


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