Twilight Town has got to be one of the most boring places in the world. Scratch that, the universe.

Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating just a little, but for someone like me, this place is my idea of Hell.

I would happily live next to a volcano - that would certainly spice up my life. No, I'm not suicidal…adrenaline junkie might be more appropriate.

Well, that's what my friends call me. Hah, I earned the nickname when I decided to set the chemistry lab on fire.

Hey, if you had been in my shoes that day you would have done the same thing. Seriously, that was one boring lesson we were having. Come to think of it, that must have been the day I discovered how wonderful fire can be.

For one, it most certainly is not boring and for two, fire just fascinates me for some reason.

Yep, I'm also a pyromaniac but, before you start running, I am a skilled one. I have never accidently set anything on fire. Everything that has gone up in flames due to me has been on purpose.

So with that information, I'm sure you can guess what I'll do when one of my 'friends' decides to throw my favourite lighter straight through the window of the abandoned mansion.

Of course, like a dog fetching a stick, I scaled the tall metal gate and went after it. I had plenty of other lighters at home but I had history with that lighter.

I jogged to the front door, passing broken and eroded pillars. Ivy crawled up the old building, encasing the brick in its green leaves.

I tried opening the door and surprisingly, it swung open with ease. I admit I was expecting it to either be locked or to squeak open like something out of a bad horror movie.

I paused, looking into the mansion. The open hallway was almost empty except for some broken bits of furniture.

"Heey! Axel is scaaaared!" I heard someone shout behind me and start to giggle with laughter.

I grinned. Sorry Demyx but you've asked for it now.

"You're right, I am. Why Demyx, being the good friend you are, surely you'll go and get my lighter for me?"

His giggling ceased. Hah, he hadn't seen that one coming.

"I'm sure," I continued, still grinning, "You're not afraid of all the stories. Like the one about the man that saw the devil here, or the girl who disappeared. They don't scare you, right?"

I saw him gulp and take a step back.

"So, are you scared?" I wanted to make him say it and admit it while my other two friends, Zexion and Marluxia, were there. Demyx wasn't actually all that bad but being the evil guy that I am, I just couldn't resist taunting him.

"..Yeah.." I heard him mutter while Marluxia snickered beside him.

Satisfied, I turned and walked into the mansion. I probably could have taunted him for longer but my lighter needed saving!

My trainers squeaked slightly as I trailed across the dust-caked marble floor. I had the strange feeling that I should be quiet even though I knew full well nobody lived here. Or did someone live here?

Bad, bad thoughts Axel! I mentally told myself. I couldn't let fear get the best of me. I would never hear the end of it from the other guys if I ran out of here screaming like an idiot. Not to mention, my lighter would still be here.

Okay, focus. Marluxia threw the lighter through one of the upstairs windows. It was the first window on the right if I remembered correctly. I proceeded up the staircase and turned right.

The door at the end of the hall was slightly ajar. I pushed it open and saw a hole in the window that was opposite me. Almost directly below it was my lighter.

I rushed over to save my little fire starter - yes I know I'm completely in love with that thing - and cradled the little metal object to my chest. Again, utterly in love.

Tucking the lighter safely in the pocket of my black jeans, I turned and looked at the room I was in. It was probably a bedroom once, what with the bed and wardrobe.

Feeling pretty proud of myself for retrieving my lighter, I stalked across the room to the door, already plotting what I would throw through the window that belonged to Marluxia….and maybe something of Demyx's as well, just for the fun.

A small sound drew me out of my corrupted mind. I stopped walking and strained my ears, listening for any sound. I could hear the others joking around outside and birds twittering in the trees.

My heart nearly flew out of my chest when I heard the sound again. It had come from somewhere in the room and my instincts were saying wardrobe.

I suspiciously eyed the piece of furniture. It had no drawers; there were just a set of long double doors. It was definitely big enough for an animal to fit in; hell, I bet I could have fit in there.

It had sounded like a whimper…maybe there was a dog in there, or maybe it was just a mouse? Maybe it was person….

Well, only one way to find out. Carefully, I tip-toed towards the large wooden structure, still listening for the noise. I rested my hand on the handle and slowly pulled.

The first thing I saw was feathers. Was a bird in here? I swallowed and pulled the door further. The feathers were attached to wings, of course, but I'd never seen a bird with wings this big before…

Peering in, I saw that I was wrong; it wasn't a bird. It was a human with wings. I gasped.

I had found an angel.