In Memory of the Silmarils
by Sauron Gorthaur

A/N: Since I have received several requests from readers of "In Honor of LOTR" to do a Silmarillion-based acrostic poetry collection, here is "In Memory of the Silmarils." An acrostic poem is one that takes a word (in this case SILMARILS) and uses each letter of the word as the starting letter of each line. Cheers! - SG


Shining with trees' light, mingled silver and gold
In Fëanor's heart, pride and doubt take their hold
Lust of a Vala brings their brilliance down
Morgoth's jewels burn from his dark crown
A terrible Oath dooms each blood-tainted one
Riding the heavens, one to a star is turned
In fire, the second is eternally burned
Lying under waves, the third forever is gone
Sought for in vain by Fëanor's last son